I am Laura Koniver, MD

I Want to Help You Enjoy Healing

I am the Intuition Physician… Medical Doctor, public speaker, author, teacher, artist and inventor of eco-ethically crafted grounding tools.

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Dr. Laura Koniver

Laura Koniver, MD

Dr. Koniver is a holistic physician, grounding advocate, speaker and author of the bestselling book The Earth Prescription, beloved around the world and translated into multiple languages and foreign editions.  Dr. Koniver has been featured in many news and media outlets, writes a regular health column for the national organic lifestyle magazine MaryJanes Farm, and is featured in the motion pictures: The Grounded, Heal For Free, Down To Earth, and The Earthing Movie

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I truly enjoy giving presentations at meetings, live events, retreats, expos, and and also have so much fun appearing on film and in movies! I also enjoy speaking live at conferences, retreats and enjoy giving keynote presentations at large and small events alike!

I look forward to speaking with you about your event or film to see how I can support your vision. 

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The Earth Prescription is filled with hundreds of healing ways to connect to our planet outdoors, no matter what the season and no matter where you live. Whether you live in a city with only cement outside your door or if you live in extreme temperatures that keep you indoors – I’ve got solutions for you. Learn specific ways to use grounding to support healing, and get answers to your most frequently asked questions. Get excited for your next grounding moment! Grab your signed copy right here.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
"The Earth Prescription is a game changer."
Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD
New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
Dr. Emil DeToffol
"Dr. Koniver has nailed it with this well-researched publication."
Dr. Emil DeToffol, DDS
Founder of Less EMF Inc.
"Dr. Koniver's book provides everything you'll need to heal yourself and your family."
Dr. Sarah Seidelmann, MD
Author of Swimming With Elephants

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What They Say

Dr Laura Koniver is an undisputed authority on all things earthing. She does a wonderful job of disseminating the science and converting it into practical tips so we may all enhance our connection to that which is most vital and essential, our connection to Mother Earth.
Lloyd Burrell
Best-Selling author of Healing with Vibration
Thank you for this. And thank you for all you do. You are truly very gifted and you present your work in some of the most loving, positive energy I have ever experienced! And you have SO MUCH OF IT! I am truly overwhelmed.
Dr. Koniver is, in my opinion, the most reliable source of grounding information there is -- covering both the indoor and outdoor methods to connect to the earth. What she is doing for the health of modern mankind is simply outstanding.
Echan Deravy
Author, Speaker, Documentary Film Producer
Dr. Koniver's insightful presentation on grounding was one of the most popular talks at the Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium. Dr. Koniver skillfully integrates personal experience and practical advice with deep knowledge of cutting edge science, ensuring that this important information is as accessible and relevant to newbies as it is to experienced professionals. She is a leader in the growing understanding of the connection between human health and the Earth we can't wait to have her back to a future Symposium!
Alex Strauss
Founder, The Mindful Walker School of Wellbeing
As powerful as the information you share is, I can't help but feel it is your energy and the way you include sincere expressions of yourself that provides a deeper level of healing. It's as though you offer a clear, clean, unencumbered invitation, a calling forth to wellness, an invitation to my Truest Self to get onboard. I believe love is its own vibratory frequency and you ride that frequency. Love knows Love. From you I feel an unpressured invitation from Love to Love.