Diagnosis and Treatment

Are you Electrosensitive?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting relief is as simple as understanding how highly conductive the human body is and how to protect and nurture that exquisite conductivity.

After all, your conductive health is your biggest ally in healing and maintaining robust wellness for a lifetime.

As a physician, my top priority is to foster the innate healing potential of every single one of my patients.

Grounding has consistently been shown in the medical literature to boost the body’s ability to heal and is one of my favorite go-to healing recommendations.

Connecting to the earth is the most natural form of healing there is!

But with modern society’s rapid and persistent rampage on creating ever stronger and stronger electromagnetic fields that affects our body’s ability to function, I want to make sure that our connection to the earth stays as safe as possible.

Because even as our environment declines, we must find ways to preserve our healthy connection to the earth outside.

As a medical doctor, I took a solemn oath to first and foremost do no harman oath I take very seriously.

In today’s incredibly electric world, a world filled with layer upon layer of electromagnetic fields, we can no longer afford to be caviler about the impact this has on the human body.

As you know, it is now well established that many people are sensitive to EMFs and reporting deleterious health effects in increasing numbers. As a physician who keeps on top of the medical literature, there are many studies now showing health effects from manmade EMFs and unfortunately grounding does not protect against these effects.

Here are some medical studies that may be of interest to you:

This gives rise to concerns between grounding and EMF sensitivity.

The EMF community is concerned about introducing additional currents to the body through grounding cords, and the grounding community has offered misinformation suggesting that grounding immunes the body from EMFs…
…a claim that I disagree with and talk more about in my interview here and on this informational page right here. 


The truth is that the very thing that makes grounding so powerful is that we are fully conductive human beings…

… with every single cell in our body completely conductive and ready to receive the earth’s healing energy.

And the very thing that makes us so susceptible to EMF exposures is that we are fully conductive human beings…

… with every single cell in our body completely conductive, which means we are affected by the electromagnetic fields around us.

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified man-made EMFs as potentially carcinogenic (category 2B) with many countries establishing Electrohypersenstivitivy (EHS) as a diagnosable and treatable illness, with guidelines on treating electrohypersensitivity published and updated routinely.

On this page I’m going to go into why man-made EMFs are an issue, give you tons of ways to decrease these exposures in your own home, and then provide a hands-on guide that will give you all the tools you need to figure out if you are Electrohypersensitive (EHS) and how to address it with your own in person physician.

Exposures to mandmade EMFs are causing increasing health issues, yet exposures to natural sources of EMFs (the Schumann frequency, from the earth) is an absolutely crucial component of maintaining long term health in living tissues.

The reason that both artificial, manmade EMFs and natural, earth produced EMFs affect our health so much is that every single cell in your body, every fluid in your body, every cell membrane in your body, every organ system in your body… every single inch of you from head to toe (except your hair!) is conductive.

Conductivity is the basis of how our body functions.

Everything from your thoughts to your feelings to your sensory experiences to your heartbeat to your breath to your speech to your digestion to every movement you have ever made is all only possible because you are conductive.

So while natural earth EMFs soothe and heal you, bathing your conductive body in supportive energy fields, manmade EMFs disrupt and sicken you, artificially imposing polarized disruptive radiation fields around you.

Here is a great diagram, taken from this great article published in Science Of The Total Environment in 2019, showing this issue: we need earth’s energy to be healthy, while manmade electrical fields make us sick:


The solution is simple: reduce exposures to man made electrical environments in your home and work space, and increase exposures to the earth’s natural energy fields by grounding.


So today let me help you do this, by giving you tons of positive solutions.

I’m going to share a quick overview on some of the concerns to be aware of, and then give you a great list of resources on actionable things you can do to decrease toxic man made EMF exposures & increase healthy natural exposures to the earth’s energy, as well as give you lots of resources to print out and share with your doctor, so you can go even further.

Here are some blog posts I’ve written to help you get started:

Let’s start with 5G.

The good news about the extremely high frequency of 5G cell phone radiation (the 24 GHz to 52 GHz range) is that it does not penetrate your body further than your skin. The wavelength of this type of radiation is so short, it has very low penetration potential, reaching into the skin only.

Medical studies show this wavelength penetrates the skin anywhere from 0.4 mm (conservative measurements) to 0.75 mm (highest measurements.). A comprehensive review article presented at the International Conference on Communications in June 2015 shows that above 20 GHz, the penetration depth is very shallow.

In fact, anything above 10 GHz can not reach past your dermis. That’s why this medical review, published in 2015, reports that although EHS include systemic symptoms, the inflammatory response is actually in the skin, with skin biopsies revealing matocytosis.


So why do folks with EHS have systemic symptoms?

Because a skin deep exposures is still a massive full body exposure, since the penetration of radiation into the skin is enough to affect, in turn, every single organ system in your body. Although the skin keeps super high frequencies from going deeper into the body, if the skin is affected, every organ in your body is affected.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It weighs the most (about 8 lbs of you is just your skin!) and it’s about 22 square feet of you. Your skin represents and protects every organ in your entire body.

It has nerve endings that go directly up to your brain… that’s why you may feel tingling and/or pain if you are EHS, and why you might develop a headache or have migraines triggered after radiation exposures. It’s why your brain might become overstimulated while you are out and about amidst all the cellular and WiFi signals all day long, and why you might experience fibromyalgia or other heightened pain states after prolonged exposures.

Your skin has blood vessels that run through your entire dermis and epidermis, called capillaries, which bring mast cells, macrophages, red blood cells, immune cells and other cells (plus the plasma of the blood) right up to your skin to be radiated by 5G and other radiation sources. These irradiated blood cells and immune cells then go right back to your heart, circulate to every other organ system in your body, and you can feel sick, flush, have a pounding heart rate and/or rapid, shallow breathing.

Some people get really hot and dizzy because you have this radiation running throughout your skin and exposing all the nerves and blood to this radiation while it is being neutralized in the skin.

Your lymphatic system flows through your skin as well. In fact, there are more T cells (a lymphocyte that has immune function) in your skin then there is in your entire blood stream. So your immune system and your lymphatic system are both exposed to this 5G radiation (and other sources of radiation) all day long, even though 5G doesn’t technically absorb past the skin.

So with chronic exposures, your immune system is stressed out and you may find yourself picking up on colds and illnesses more frequently, feel run down, or feel bloated, stagnant, fatigued. Over time, your stressed out immune system could give rise to more frequent auto-immune disorders, and even cancers.

Even muscles are represented in your skin, as there are arrector pili muscles that make your goosebumps rise… so literally every major organ system in your body, is represented by the skin: your brain, your circulatory system, your lymphatic system, your immune system, and your muscles. This is why you can have whole body symptoms from prolonged 5G exposures — even in the higher 24+ Hz band frequencies — even though this radiation is never penetrating any deeper than, at most, 0.75 mm of your body.

So now for some solutions.

We want to deal with this ever-increasing, ambient, background electrical smog that we are exposed to every day by protecting ourselves from it. And here is the good news… we can.

By employing these strategies, you can dramatically decrease your exposures to man-made EMFs and increase your exposures to healing earth EMFs, dramatically protect your conductive health and boosting your well being.


It’s simple – just run through these strategies, in this order:

1. Remove man made EMF exposures if possible

2. Reduce man made EMF exposures that can’t be removed

3. Shield from man made EMF exposures that can’t be removed or reduced

4. Ground to the earth to get your daily dose of good, healthy, natural frequencies

5. Boost the resiliency of the body in other ways, including through key supplements

Let me walk you through it:

1. Remove:

Go through your living and work space to see what man made EMF exposures you can simply remove. Removing a source of man-made radiation beats shielding from it every day of the week.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Put your cell phone on airplane mode when you are carrying it on your body or in your pocket or purse to totally deactivate it as a source of radiation all together
  • Decrease the quantity of other radiation exposures in your home: gaming systems, baby monitors, computer printers, home surveillance systems, etc… examine the absolute necessity of each. Sleeping in a family bed is infinitely preferable to using wireless baby monitors, for example. Only install home surveillance systems outside of the home, or if you have a multi-level home, keep home monitoring to the first floor and not near any bedrooms
  • Use incandescent light bulbs instead of fluorescent or LED lighting
  • Do not use an electric blanket or electric bed frame, do not use electric heating pads, switch to using hot water bottles for soothing warmth and therapeutic heat
  • Remove wireless phones and go back to using old fashioned corded phones if you can, using traditionally corded phones that do not have the DECT style base
  • Remove microwaves in favor of toaster ovens if possible
  • Turn off your WiFi at night if you can
  • Shut off the electrical outlets in your bedroom at night (as opposed to simply turning off your bedside lamp — a plugged in appliance still has EMFs radiating out of the cord near your head all night long, even while it’s turned off.) To make this simple, unplug appliances or simply using an outlet kill switch like this one to turn appliances (light your reading light) on and off without unplugging them.
  • Use a hardwired Ethernet cable if you can
  • Make car time cell phone free time — this is a great rule to instill in children of all ages as well! Give them supreme rights to choose what music you listen to (yes even if you hate their music, let car time be music time, not screen time!) Make drive time for radio only (or playing music playlists with cell phone on airplane mode) and talking… trust me, when they become teenagers and are starting to drive, you’ll be so glad they have not coupled car use with cell phone use
  • Institute family game nights weekly that use board games instead of electronic gaming systems. Yes, there are some families out there that still play board games, Jenga, cards, etc… my teens still do! Yes I have to initiate it. Yes I do initiate it despite eye rolls…
  • Make sure every single person in your family — kids and adults alike — nurtures at least one non-electronic passion… from reading physical (paper!) books to playing basketball outside to painting to gardening to joining in on a Zumba class at the local Y

2. Reduce:

Reduce any exposures that can not be turned off or removed. Reducing radiation is easiest when you simply increase your distance from the radiation source — simply moving EMF pulsing items out of the bedroom, for example.

Here are some more ideas:

  • If you can’t remove or turn off your WiFi router, then make sure your router is installed in an area of the home that is as far away from all bedrooms as possible and cover it with a Router Guard to decrease the strength of it’s radiation output, while still keeping it functional.
  • Move gaming systems out of bedrooms, placing them in living areas & eliminating them from sleeping areas
  • Same with computers and cell phones — moving all charging cords out of your bedroom… placing them in living areas only and never charge or store them in sleeping areas
  • Use speaker phone & text — never hold a cell phone up to your head to speak on it. Holding your cell phone at arm’s length is infinitely better than holding it up to your head
  • Use laptops and tablets on desks, not directly on your lap
  • Move your main seating and sleeping areas 2 ft away from wiring in the walls. For example, position your sofa in the middle of the room instead of against a wall, move your kitchen table into the center of an eating space instead of against a wall, and use a headboard to create distance between the wall and your pillow. Two feet is ideal, but any space put between the wall and your body is helpful

3. Shield:

Now that you’ve removed sources of EMFs as much as possible and increased your distance from the ones you can’t remove, you can go further to decrease your exposures by shielding.

We already know that it’s absolutely possible to shield from radiation exposures and make it normalized — think of how standard it is for everyone to put on sunscreen or wear a hat and sunglasses when heading out in the sun. This is much the same thing. We can still navigate this world in a healthy way, we just have to be smart and aware about knowing that there are other sources of radiation exposures besides just UV rays from the sun.

Shielding works. There was an impressive medical study, published in 2017 in Immunologic Research, that followed 64 patients with autoimmune diseases (such as lupus and multiple sclerosis) while they slept shielded with a silver based sleep cap over their heads, for a total of 8 hours of shielding in a 24 hour period. The results? 90% of the patients reported a significant decrease in their disease symptoms. While this medical study was small and needs follow up studies to confirm, what I take from this is further confirmation that whether we label ourselves EHS or not, we are all electrical, conductive human beings that are absolutely impacted by the radiation around us.

To sleep shielded like these study participants did is simple — you place a shielding night cap on your head and then slip a shielding eye mask over your eyes, leaving your nose and mouth fully able to breath easily while blocking out the vast majority of RF frequencies from reaching your brain. Ahhh… you can feel the relief almost immediately.

Making small, simple changes like that that can dramatically reduce your exposures — for example, if you literally just place your cell phone behind a cell phone shield like this one while it is charging, you decrease over 90% of the radiation from that direction. It’s always the most powerful to shield a radiation source as opposed to shielding your body. If you can remove, reduce, or directly decrease a radiation source through shielding the source itself, it’s much better than trying to live in an EMF dense area and shield only your body.

But it can be effective to shield your body as well. While shielding your body, the key is to make sure you place the shielding material between you and the source of radiation. So if you have a lap top or cell phone in your hands or on your lap, you’ll want a shielding throw in between you and that laptop. But if you are out and about, and EMFs are surrounding you from all sides (such as while you travel or at work) you will want to wear shielding clothing that wraps 360 degrees around your torso, not just from one side.

This video is an awesome, quick 3 minute tutorial on how to measure shielding clothing to see how effective it is when you wear material that is blocking you from all sides.

For those that worry that shielding clothing doesn’t decrease exposures, you can see that you need a probe to accurately assess shielding clothing. There is a lot of misinformation out there and most of that is when people test one sided shielding tools or don’t have a probe to accurately reflect how well shielding clothing works.

It’s an awesome 3 minute video that will put your mind at ease, and you can watch it by clicking here.

Here are some more ideas on shielding for you to consider:

These are all super simple protective measures that everyone can do, and hopefully will become as mainstream as applying sunscreen to protect against radiation exposures.

In addition to these tips, I made a video for you to watch on tips to help shield your children and teens from radiation exposures…

…these tips aren’t just applicable to teens, but would work well with anyone that seems a little resistant to (or even openly defiant about, lol!) understanding that EMFs are harmful to our body’s health.

Watch it by clicking here.

4. Ground:

While shielding from man-made EMFs is wonderfully protective, simply removing radiation sources does not actually nurture and strengthen your own health, it just removes a toxic irritant. The way to boost your conductive health and increase your conductive well being and resilience is through grounding.

Grounding means touching the earth outside to get a daily boost of healthy, soothing, natural EMF exposures (the Shcuman Resonance… our bodies can’t live without it.)

While part of creating this healing oasis for your body in between exposures and stressors is to decrease radiation in the home as much as possible as we talked about above… an equally important part is to ground the body to expedite healing and boost resiliency.

When we shield our body from manmade EMFs, we are also reducing our access to healthy healing natural electrical fields, so we need to be especially good about intentionally seeking out a direct connection to the earth, to infuse our bodies with that healing energy that we need so much.

Grounding daily to reset the conductive health of your body is ESSENTIAL — it is not enough simply to remove EMF insults, you must replace those toxic frequencies with the natural healing frequency from the earth.

I’ve got you covered… here’s how:

  • First of all, you want to sign up here for my weekly newsletter right here... it’s full of holistic ways to remind you to connect to the earth outside and I send it directly to your inbox each week. That alone can be your weekly reminder to get outside and get grounded.
  • Second, get a crash course in finding out all the easy ways to get grounding outside daily around your own home — no matter where you live. Join my upcoming Earth Relief Online Class and make over your entire life in two weeks! If you are not yet grounding outside daily, it is not an exaggeration to say that this one thing can change your entire life. Join me and see.
  • Third, keep your motivation up year round. All you need is this one book: The Earth Prescription. This book will fill your mind, heart and spirit with exciting ideas on how to get grounded to support your health goals best, whether you want to sleep better, get more energy, feel more spiritually connected or even boost your creativity. My goal in writing this book is to get you aching to go outside and to inspire you with hundreds of ideas on what to do once you get there, no matter what the weather, no matter what the season.


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5. Boost:

Boost your health in other ways. Your health is multifaceted, so even though there will be EMF exposures that you can’t totally eliminate, you can boost your health through many many different approaches that allow you to be resilient despite less-than-ideal living situations.

By decreasing your other toxic exposures, you can make your body more resilient. Throwing out all your toxic household cleaners, toxic body care products, taking care to consume organic produce and non-GMO foods when you can, filtering your drinking water to remove fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals, getting nice deep restorative sleep, etc… all makes a difference.

By focusing on what you can immediately do to boost your health and resiliency with high quality sleep, high quality food, high quality water, fresh air and exercise… you become internally healthier and better able to withstand stressful outer environments.

As the 2016 EUROPAEM EMF exposure guidelines state:

“Anything that supports homeostasis will increase a person’s resilience against disease and thus against the adverse effects of EMF exposure.”

To that I say AMEN.

So when you feel overwhelmed or depressed by all the fear-based health scares and information out there about how this entire world is going to hell in a handbasket… focus on what you can control, which is to put some time and energy into boosting your own personal health in other ways:

  • Go through your pantry, bathroom, and laundry room. Remove toxic, synthetic, chemical laden foods from your pantry, toxic artificial body care products, oral care products and hair care products from your bathrooms, remove chemical laden home care and cleaning products as well as artificially scented and chemical laden laundry products, and absolutely never use toxic chemicals on your lawn. Reducing environmental toxins like artificial fragrances and toxic household cleaners and toxic body, beauty and oral care products also goes a long way to reducing the total burden you put on your body each day
  • Reduce total body toxic burden by eating less processed and artificial foods, and more antioxidant rich natural healthy foods. .
  • Wash your hands before eating anything to remove all the chemicals we pick up as we go about our day so you don’t get traces of them into your mouth with each meal.
  • Supplement with antioxidants that can help alleviate free radicals and oxidative damage, potentially decreasing risks from EMF exposures. Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), folate, and even Melatonin — these are all powerful antioxidants that help slow or even reverse damage from oxidation. I have all my favorite, very highest quality supplements in the world waiting for you in my EMF Mitigation Protocol right here.
  • Don’t drink enough water? Put a water filtration system right out on your kitchen counter and drink a big glass every single time you walk by it.
  • Don’t exercise enough? Start and end every single day with a walk outside in fresh air. Daily movement helps deliver much needed fresh oxygen and nutrients to all organ systems as well as aid in the removal of toxins and waste by-products. Exercise absolutely boosts your body’s health and resiliency!!!
  • Don’t sleep well? Take immediate measures to change that — put on blue light blocking glasses after dinner and wear them through bedtime, take melatonin at dusk every evening, use a light box every morning to reset your internal clock, and even go see your physician for a sleep study to see if a CPAP machine (or other sleep intervention) is right for you.
  • Need to lose weight? Join my upcoming Weight Release Online Class and I’ll help you reach your goals in a very uplifting, easy way.
  • Super stressed out? Join my upcoming Trauma Healing Class to let go of deep, buried and old emotional and physical wounds that are affecting your current health.
  • Notice you are breathing shallowly? It only take 3 deep breaths to literally boost the function of your heart and other crucial internal organs. Take 3 deep breaths right now. Use a chime routinely to remind you… I walk you through it right here in this video. Feel that? Do it daily.
  • Start reading books at night instead of watching TV.
  • Stop multitasking and let your brain focus on just one task at a time.
  • Start taking nightly epsom salt bath soaks.
  • Start going to your community sauna each week to relax tense muscle and boost your health (as I blog about here, routine sauna increases life span!)
  • Join a spiritual support group or get serious about finding a church or synagogue or meditation center that feels right the moment you walk in the doors.
  • Stop using social media and reach out to your real life friends to set up a weekly date.
  • Need a reminder to incorporate these healthy daily routines into your life? Hang this dry erase board up in your home and transform how you treat yourself and put a priority on your health.

And on and on and on. There is always something you can do to feel better, and better and better.

For weekly tips on how to continue to boost the natural, innate health we all have inside of us, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll continue to supply you with fabulous healing ideas that are all positive and encouraging, never discouraging or fear based.

I’ll also continue to post new videos that demonstrate how easy it is to incorporate grounding and other fun, uplifting holistic healing modalities into your modern lifestyle on my YouTube channel here (subscribe to get notified when new videos come out!)

More resources for any who thinks they may be Electrohypersensitive (EHS):

At a 5G conference I spoke at last year, it became really clear to me that most people are not quite sure if the are electrosensitive or not. And unfortunately for most, their physician had not asked about EMF exposures or taken EMF exposures into account when addressing health issues.

So… when will physicians become serious about the diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity? Soon.

There is a huge movement of physicians who are becoming aware and clear on how the non-stop onslaught of EMF exposures are affecting the physiology of the human body. So today, I wanted to give you some resource to share with your physician in order to help diagnose and treat you for any EHS symptoms you may be experiencing.

Here are some things you can do before your next doctor’s appointment to sharing with your health care professional:

1. Print out this medical guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of electrosensitivity to hand to your doctor:

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) has been recognized as a diagnosable disorder since 2012 in Austria, where they have very specific guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.

Print out or or send them the link to the 2016 EUROPAEM EMF Guidelines for diagnosing and treating EHS, found here, or print out and hand to your physician the Austrian Guidelines (released in 2012) for Diagnosing and Treating EHS here:

Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treating EHS

2. Fill out this electrosensitivity questionnaire and bring it to your next appointment:

You can pre-fill out the exact same questionnaire that is used for the evaluation of EHS by the Austrian Medical Association and bring this with you to your next appointment to share with your physician.

Just click the link below to print out and take it for yourself:

EHS Intake Questionnaire

3. Ask your physician for laboratory evaluation of EMF mediated inflammatory markers:

These markers can include blood levels of high-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP), immunoglobulin E (IgE), histamine. Salivary melatonin levels and salivary cortisol levels can also be tested.

Print out this article to give to your physician for them to consider these markers and others when evaluating patients with possible electrohypersensitivity… just click the link below:

Reliable Biomarkers Identifying EHS

4. Consider taking a EMF vacation to help rule out other causes:

You never want to ignore other, more easily treatable sources of illness and disease. Doing a non-EHS full work up for any symptoms you are having is always appropriate.

But similar to an elimination diet to figure out what foods are causing gut inflammation, you can consider an EMF vacation to see what symptoms resolve in the absence of persistent EMF exposures.

Camping in a remote location with no electronics for several days to weeks whenever possible, grounding your body to the earth in this natural setting to help expedite recovery, and then seeing what symptoms return when normal living arrangements are resumed can help really clarify what is EMF related and what is not.

5. Ground the human body to help increase resiliency, but use an EMF filtering & shielding ground cord for all indoor grounding applications:

Grounding the body is a natural healing state for all living things to be in, but for those with EHS you want to be sure you are not introducing any dirty electrical currents into the body via your ground cord.

Be sure all grounding tools are grounded with a PureGround filtering and shielding cord to preserve the purest ground connection possible without resonance to manmade EMF fields in the area while grounded.

I created a video to show you exactly why anyone who is EHS should only ground through a PureGround cord when using indoor grounding tools. Watch it by clicking here.

In this video, I talk about the issues surrounding indoor grounding and why if you ground indoors, you still should do all of the shielding measures we talked about above. Indoor grounding is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for shielding! It does not protect you from EMF exposures indoors! Some grounding businessmen like to claim that grounding neutralizes the effect of man-made EMF exposures but it absolutely does not — it provides healthy natural EMF exposures but does not cancel out man-made ones, something I demonstrate for you right here:

The human body is an incredibly resilient force of nature and we naturally go back to vibrant health when we allow our body to bounce back by giving it time to heal between insults.

The basis of life is a natural ability to repair and recover and a natural adaptability as well. But the body needs time and space, away from constant toxic onslaught, to do so.

Help spread awareness not only on the actionable things you can to help boost awareness of electrohypersensitivity in the medical community, but also all of the actionable things you can do to reduce your own toxic exposures to boost your innate resilient health… even without a physician’s recommendation!

Sharing this resource page with all of your loved ones will help them do the same.

Ready to dive deeper with me?

It’s absolutely possible to be EHS and safeguard your health, while still living in the modern world. In this class I will walk you through exactly how to do it, starting with a self assessment tool that will help you figure out if you are electrohypersensitive (EHS) and following up with a full week to walk you, step by step, through your living spaces to making them safer for you and your entire family.

Plus I give you tons of encouragement and additional tools to boost your health, decrease the reactivity and inflammation in your body from any EMF exposures that you can not decrease…

…as well as tools to give you the confidence to address EHS with your own in person physician, with free printables you can hand them to get the conversation started.

This 7 day online class includes:

  • Day 1: What is electrosensitivity and how to assess if you are electrosensitive
  • Day 2: Removing exposures you can remove (I’ll walk you through it!)
  • Day 3: Reducing exposures you can reduce (let’s do it together!)
  • Day 4: Shielding from remaining exposures: key concepts & actions to take
  • Day 5: Grounding to rebalance your conductive health with natural earth EMFs
  • Day 6: Boosting your body’s resiliency to mitigate exposures you can’t control
  • Day 7: How to talk to your physician about further in person diagnosing & treatment of EHS

Reserve your spot today and take action to protect your well being (and forward this to your family and loved ones so they can take it with you!) Taking this with an accountability buddy is a great idea so you can encourage each other and stick with it. And I’ll be your ultimate accountability partner, walking beside you the entire way:

It absolutely doesn’t have to be overwhelming, I’ll break it down for you into easily actionable steps that will leave you feeling empowered, not scared.

To your resilient, rebounding health!

xoxo, Laura Koniver, MD


PS — been told your electrosensitivity is just a “Grounding Detox”?  

No, it’s not — here is what it is and what to do about it: