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Healing ArtworkHealthy MindframeSoul Healing

My Artistic Interpretation Of The “Pale Blue Dot” We Are Spinning On Together

    As a physician, our entire body is literally like a miracle to me… and the fact that all of it, almost every bit of it, comes from cosmic dust and stars — it’s so damn magical.  We are wearing solid, tangible bodies — I love the term earth suits — and we run a life spark through that body that brings the elements of stardust to life. Researchers estimate that we are approximately 97% stardust, formed over 13 billion years ago.  Scientists used infrared spectrography to survey almost 200,000 stars and found that 97% of the same elements ...
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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

This All Natural Sweetener Has Been Found To Increase Heart Attack Risk

    Today I want to share a medical study that was just published in the European Heart Journal last month (June 2024) that suggests even natural sweeteners may not be that great for us.   All Natural Sugar: Xylitol   In this study, researchers found that increased concentrations of the all natural sweetener xylitol in the blood was significantly associated with increase incidents of major cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke.  In fact, they found that xylitol affected platelet response and increased clot formation after a single drink of a xylitol sweetened beverage. It didn’t take much to ...
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GroundingOrganic Lifestyle

How To Avoid A Tick Bite And What To Do The Minute You Get One

    Well we are well into summer, which hopefully means all of us are spending more time outside than ever!  Unfortunately, ticks carrying the Lyme disease bacteria (Borrelia Burgdorferi) have been found in all 50 states, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only something that folks in the northeast have to be concerned with.  But as much as I detest ticks, I really don’t want you to limit or stop your healing practice of connecting to Mother Earth outside daily because of a fear of ticks. To me, this healing practice of grounding is as crucial as eating ...
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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

The Immense Anti-Aging Benefits Of Simply Touching The Earth

    I recently attended a cutting edge medical conference on geriatric medicine and aging, full of updates on the latest medical research on what contributes to aging and what reduces our decline in function as we age. And again and again, every single factor that contributes to aging that was discussed at the meeting  had me sitting back in my chair thinking… “grounding would help with that.” One presenter talked about how the main component of aging is increased inflammatory cytokines and yep… we have studies that show grounding significantly reduces the levels of inflammatory cytokine levels in the ...
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Healing ArtworkSoul Healing

My Latest Painting… How I Painted It & Why I Bothered

    Have you ever curled up in the fetal position and just wanted to no longer exist?  Just dissolve into the floor and no longer be?  Of course you have, you are a human being and you’ve been traumatized as we all are in different and horrible ways.  I’ve spent so many early mornings, so many late nights curled up like this on my shower floor, vomiting down the drain from anxiety and pain and unable to stand. This painting is my attempt to comfort you in those moments.  Trauma and pain have a very intense way of releasing ...
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Healthy WeightMedical Reports

Your Waistline Is Telling You That You Are Under Chronic Stress… Here Is What To Do About It

    An expanding waistline is actually a very common response to stress, and it signals that you are producing too much cortisol as a response to prolonged stress.  I think of fat accumulation in the central abdominal area not as a marker of being overweight as much as it’s a marker of stress and high cortisol levels.  So instead of monitoring your eating, maybe what you should be monitoring is your cortisol and stress levels.   Because stress weight gain is different from other forms of weight gain — it typically centers in the abdominal area and is the ...
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Medical ReportsPositive Parenting

6 Ways To Protect Your Skin While Enjoying That Summer Sun

    Well it’s closing in on summer and I hope you have moved some of your indoor activities outside to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine and grounded earth waiting outside to boost your health.  If you need help, read through this idea list and pick one to do outside today: Hate Going Barefoot?  27 Fresh, Alternative Ways To Get You Outside Grounding This Spring This naturally brings up concerns about skin cancer and photo aging effects from sun exposure — but don’t let that stop you from going outside.  A large medical study published in the Journal ...
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GroundingIntuitive MedicineOrganic Lifestyle

Dehydration Sneaks Up On You, Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms Right Now?

    Is it warming up where you live?  It’s starting to get warm where I live, and I’ve noticed feeling drier and more dehydrated the past few days.  That reminded me to remind you: drink your water.  All year long, but especially as it heats up outside. Known as the Elixir of Life for good reason, water is absolutely critical to our well being in every way.  In fact, a recent study published in eBioMedicine found that dehydration, measured by how concentrated the salt is in your bloodstream, is actually a risk factor for premature death. Almost just as ...
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Healthy Weight

Working With Your Brain, Not Against It, For Easier Weight Loss

    If you get my weekly newsletter (and sign up here if you don’t!  It’s a fabulous, free, uplifting health resource!) than you already know I turned 50 this year.  On my birthday I shared my mindframe heading into the second half-century of my life, along with some holistic longevity tips: I’m 50 Today! Musings On Turning A Half Century Old + 7 Longevity Tips Well turning 50 had me noticing perimenopausal symptoms — there is no more denying it — and with that has come a bit of weight gain.  I found myself routinely internally shaming myself for ...
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Exactly What A Grounding Detox Really Is, And Exactly What To Do About It

    I get questions all the time from readers who are told that the negative symptoms they feel while grounding are a “grounding detox.”  They are told that the tingling electrical sensations they feel, or the resultant restlessness, anxiety, insomnia & headache, are all part of the grounding process and that if they continue, it should go away. But then it doesn’t, and they email me asking for advice. So today, I want to share with you what I tell these folks — there is no such thing as a grounding detox. What you are feeling is a measurable, ...
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