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Health VideosMedical Reports

Why Your Fascia Is Your Best Friend + 3 Ways To Support It For A Lifetime

      Did you know your entire body is held together with a fiberous network of collagen called fascia? And did you know that this fascia is all semi-conductive, and gets grounded immediately the minute your body touches the earth? And did you know that this conductive interwoven collagen dense system is basically an alternative delivery system that interconnects your entire body? This is why grounding does not depend on circulation to affect your entire body from head to toe.  It doesn’t depend on digestion, or lymphatic flow, or even nervous system functioning — it is because our connective …

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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

When It’s Too Cold To Exercise, Do This Instead — For Similar Health Benefits!

    I love anything that boosts circulation because I know how crucial it is to get healing blood flow throughout your entire body… carrying much needed nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and organ systems of your body.  So I’m a big fan of the health benefits of movement and exercise, as I’ve blogged for you here: Try Not To Sit Still For More Than 2 Hours At A Time Today, Here’s Why Moving Your Body Helps Your Brain Function Better, Immediately. How To Discover Your Play Style, And Use It To Improve Your Health       …

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Healthy MindframeMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

Winter Is For Hibernating, So Let’s Fix Your Sleep Right Now

      Winter is the perfect time to soak up as much restorative sleep as you can, and eliminate your sleep deficit. Sleep is absolutely crucial for optimized physical health. I am ferocious about protecting my sleep, because I know that sleep is non-negotiable and absolutely essential for longevity. And the good news is, that no matter how bad your sleep is right now, you are only ever one night away from a good night of sleep. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with insomnia or how big your sleep deficit is. Every single night is an opportunity …

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Healthy MindframeOrganic Lifestyle

Making Way For The New: Start Off 2023 By Decluttering Your Home

  I can think of no better way to set the stage for a brand new year, 2023, to be full of expression and growth than to simplify and declutter at the start of the year. You need space to expand, it’s as simple as that. Clutter stops growth and expansion, and it affects your health, both mentally and physically. I want you to feel like your living space — whether it is a single room, an entire apartment, or a massive multilevel home — just wraps you up in a big hug of safety and security and joy, with …

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Healthy Mindframe

Your 2023 Healing Mantra: Say This Every Day & Have The Healthiest Year Yet

    Hello you! It’s almost 2023. This is just a reminder for you to remember, as you start a new year of your life:   Your body is completely new inside and out every few years.   All of your organs (except for one) completely regenerates, repairs, and optimizes on a continuous basis. Some parts of your body are so fresh and new that they are only one day old… the cornea of your eye, for example. Your cornea can completely regenerate every 24 hours. Some parts are a little older… the lining of your intestines, for example, are …

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Healthy MindframeHealthy Weight

The Two Best Ways Fast: Why It’s Easier Than Dieting & How To Do it

  This is the third and last blog post on losing weight easily and naturally — and that’s because this is the very last week you can sign up to join my in my 5 day Weight Reset Class! The first article was on losing stress-related weight. The second was on naturally boosting your metabolism. This last one will be a quick intro to fasting — a great lifestyle modification that has long term benefits that are hard to beat: decreased heart attack risk, decreased diabetes risk, decreased cancer recurrence rates, even boosted longevity. I review all of these benefits …

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Healthy Weight

8 Highly Unusual But Effective Ways To Release Unwanted Weight

  Last week I shared with you a few tips on how to release weight that accumulates during times of stress, which happens to most of us over the holiday season. Stress weight gain is different from standard weight gain because it is stress-hormone driven. So focusing on rebalancing your adrenals — not dieting — is what works best. But today, I want to give you a few more tips on releasing regular, non-stress related, weight gain. Normal weight gain over time usually reflects a decrease in metabolism, so I’ve got a fantastic list of actionable tips — taken directly …

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Healthy WeightIntuitive Medicine

Stress Weight Gain Is Different Than Other Forms Of Weight Gain, Here’s Why

    Gaining weight (or losing weight) unintentionally is a common response to chronic or acute stress. And stress weight is different from other forms of weight gain — it typically centers in the abdominal area and is the most stubborn type of weight to release. In fact, a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association found that most of us have experienced a significant weight change thanks to the stress of the pandemic.  The poll revealed that 60% of Americans report undesired weight changes as a result of this stress. But I’m here to help. You can definitely reset your …

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Healthy WeightMedical Reports

Holiday Eating And Drinking: What Party Foods To Eat (+ Why You Crave What You Do)

  Holiday stress isn’t just stress over picking out the perfect gift, figuring out how to afford travel (damn it’s so expensive!) or balancing social commitments. Most people report that being surrounded by rich holiday foods, alcohol, impulse eating, and weight gain during the holiday season adds a significant amount of stress as well. So as holiday season gets underway I wanted to give you a few tips on how to navigate this tricky but wonderful time of comfort food, decadent desserts, and celebratory toasts.   If there was ever a time that people worry about their weight, it’s during the …

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Healthy MindframeMedical ReportsSoul Healing

Sharing A Thanksgiving Meal Just Might Make You Healthier… The Healing Power Of Connection

    You can already intuitively feel that connecting with others boosts your health. Think of how much better do you feel after a warm hug from a friend, the comforting squeeze of a partner’s hand, or the joy of laughing around a dinner table with your children. Sharing space with a loved one for even one minute is enough to completely turn a bad day into a good one. But it’s not just something you intuitively know, it’s something that has been medically studied and shown to actually protect you health. Medical studies have even shown that increasing your connection to others not only improves …

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