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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

6 Ways You Can Do To Make Spending Time In The Sun Safer, Do You Know Them All?

      This spring, I’d love to encourage you to move as many of your indoor activities outside as possible, and if you missed it, this blog post on 10 activites you should definitly be doing outside will help give you ideas for that! This brings up concerns about skin cancer and photo aging effects from sun exposure — but don’t let that stop you from going outside. Here’s why: A large medical study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that folks who avoided sun exposure actually had a shorter life span… with a decreased life expectancy
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GroundingSoul Healing

Don’t Let Earth Day Pass You By Without Grounding, Here’s Why…

    This Friday is Earth Day. It only happens once a year so don’t let it pass you by. Earth Day is not just for the earth… it’s equally for you and for your own health, if you include grounding in your plans. Here’s why you will want to take a few minutes to connect with the earth this week — please share and let’s make this Earth Day transformative and healing, not just for the earth but for our physical health as well, by including grounding. The earth provides such a beautiful platform for us to have a
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Healthy WeightMedical Reports

Just In Time For Easter: How To Eat Chocolate To Boost Your Metabolism

      I’m really excited to tell you about today’s medical study, because I love chocolate so much and I particularly love milk chocolate. Most medical studies seem to focus on the healthy properties of dark chocolate (for good reason, as dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants) but I can’t seem to make myself fall in love with dark chocolate. But milk chocolate? Ummm yeah, can’t get enough. So this interesting medical study caught my eye. Published in the FASEB Journal, June 2021, researchers found that eating milk chocolate daily reduced the amount of calories that study
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How To Deal With Bugs This Spring… Yep, Including Ticks and Tick Bites

    Ticks carrying the Lyme disease bacteria (Borrelia Burgdorferi) have been found in all 50 states, so don’t be fooled into thinking its only something that folks in the northeast have to be concerned with. But as much as I detest ticks, I really don’t want you to limit or stop your healing practice of connecting to Mother Earth outside daily because of a fear of ticks. To me, this healing practice of grounding is as crucial as eating or hydrating or breathing to stay healthy for an entire lifetime. The earth has food, air, water, and conductive support
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GroundingOrganic Lifestyle

Surfaces You Ignore Daily That Ground You (And The Ones That Won’t)

    I recently received a great question from a reader asking me to demonstrate with a ground test meter that I was truly grounded while touching cement. Good idea. Not only do I show you that you absolutely are grounded when touching cement in the video below, but I show you 15 different surfaces — besides just grass — that you probably walk by each day and didn’t know could ground you. At the end, I show you the very strongest way to ground out of them all — yes, an even stronger ground connection than standing barefoot on
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GroundingHealthy Mindframe

10 Activities You’ll Probably Do Today That You Should Definitely Take Outside

      So it’s officially spring, and today I want to encourage you to think about all of the activities you are already doing each day, in a new way! Simply take them outside and do them grounded, and you will add a deep layer of healing support to anything that you do. Grounding has to be the absolutely easiest way to add therapeutic healing to your daily routine: no cost, no stress, no effort, and completely painless… enjoyable, actually! And the medical literature backs this up — with a published medical study that finds grounding to be “a
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GroundingOrganic Lifestyle

18 Fresh Ideas To Get You Outside, Protected & Grounded This Spring

      We are coming up on the spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere, which will be this Sunday, March 20th. Spring weather usually means folks are more likely to get outside, get active, go on walks, resume hiking and biking and jogging, plant springtime gardens, catch up on yard work, take food outside to eat on picnics… you name it. Getting outside in that fresh air is so very good for you. And you know what is even better for you than that? If you can be grounded while doing all of your favorite springtime activities. And
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Healing ArtworkIntuitive MedicineMedical ReportsSoul Healing

Heart Resonance: Why Attuning With Others Boosts Our Own Health

        Well folks, this week I’m turning 48. And because I am so incredibly grateful for the love that is present in my life as I get closer and closer to a half century ride on this planet, I’m dedicating this blog post to the healing power of attuning our heart energy with each other. We all intuitively can feel that connecting with others boosts our health, right? How much better do you feel after a warm hug from a friend, the comforting squeeze of a partner’s hand, or the joy of laughing around a dinner table
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ElectrosensitivityMedical Reports

What Happens To The Human Brain During EMF Exposures

    Today I’d like to share with you some recent medical studies that help tell us what EMF exposures are doing to our brains. First, let me tell you about an article published in Forbes last fall which shows that even the United States Department of Defense is taking EMF radiation — and it’s effects on the human brain — seriously. If you have teens, family members, co-workers, friends or other loved ones that scoff at you when you mention how cellphone radiation and other man-made EMF radiation sources are affecting your ability to think… this is the blog
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The Effects Of EMFs on Your Body & How to Naturally Defuse Them

    This is a fundamental truth in medicine: the basis of how our body functions is through it’s conductivity. Every single cell in your body is conductive, every single organelle inside of each cell, every single cell membrane, the extracellular fluid around each cell, the intracellular fluid inside of each cell… yep, it’s all conductive. Which is why grounding is so powerful — the moment one single cell in your body touches the earth, this amazing conductivity grounds your entire body from head to toe, just like flipping on a light switch — in one instant — ahhh…. you
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