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Healthy Weight

Holiday Eating & Drinking Tips To Protect Your Health (+ Avoid Weight Gain)

    Holiday stress isn’t just stress over picking out the perfect gift, or traveling in the midst of a pandemic, or balancing social commitments. Most people report that being surrounded by rich holiday foods, alcohol, impulse eating, and weight gain during the holiday season adds a significant amount of stress as well. So well before the holiday season gets underway — a season that generally starts with Halloween candy binges and doesn’t end until after we ring in 2021 — I wanted to give you a few tips on how to navigate this tricky but wonderful time of comfort …

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4 Easy Ways To Use Your Breath To Feel Instantly Better — Do Them With Me Right Now

  In medicine, we know it only takes three deep breaths to significantly support vagal nerve tone, which helps modulate your autonomic nervous system. Meaning your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and brain all get calmed and centered and soothed… and pain significantly decreases as well. Because we can actively control our body’s air exchange through intentional breathing, there are lots of awesome ways you can play around with using your breath to calm you, invigorate you, increase your focus, decrease your anxiety, decrease your pain, increase your oxygenation, decrease stress and muscle tension, and more. I have done …

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A Dozen Unique Ways To Use Water To Improve Your Health, Right Now

    Known as the “Elixir of Life” for good reason, water is absolutely critical to our well being in every way.   Not only are we primarily made up of water (over 70% of our body is pure water!) but water has a healing property that goes way beyond simple hydration. Today, I want to share with you all the different ways that we can use the power of water to support our Well Being from the inside out. But first, I want to run through some of the surprising symptoms of dehydration, and I’d like you to tally …

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GroundingHealth VideosHealthy Weight

Getting Outside Today… A New Idea I Tested Out For You And Loved

Time for some uplifting content.   In fact, for the rest of the year, I am planning tons of fun, uplifting blog posts that include fun “trying it out for you” videos (like the one below!) free access to my health ebooks, and even some uplifting artwork that I am painting right now! So today, with this beautiful fall weather arriving, I want to encourage you to head outside and get moving! To walk the walk, instead of just talk the talk, my friend Stacy and I went to a local Nia class and to try out a new form …

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Healthy MindframeMedical Reports

Your History Of Trauma Is Making This Pandemic Harder On You Than Others

    If you feel like you are having a harder time dealing with the stressors that this global pandemic has caused than some of your other friends or loved ones, there is good reason. If you’ve had a history of trauma, or a history of greater stressors in your life before the coronavirus circled the globe (such as serious illness or injury, death of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, financial struggles, legal troubles, etc…) than recent medical studies prove that this pandemic actually is harder on your mental health. We’ve known for a while that a history of trauma …

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ElectrosensitivityGroundingHealthy MindframeMedical Reports

The Pentagon Already Knows That EMFs Are Impacting Brain Function… Here’s Why

    Adding to the most recent blog post I wrote for you on the harmful health effects of man-made EMF exposures, a new article published in Forbes last week shows that even the United States Department of Defense is taking EMF radiation and it’s effects on the human body seriously.   Especially the effects that man-made EMFs have on the human brain.   If you have teens, family members, co-workers, friends or other loved ones that scoff at you when you mention how cellphone radiation and other man-made EMF radiation sources are affecting your ability to think… this is …

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What To Know Before Bringing Grounded Touch Indoors To Your Loved Ones

  I was recently asked:   “If a sick person is lacking the earth’s electrons, can you donate your electrons to them by touching them?”   The short answer to this is: yes.   When you were a kid, did you ever walk around in your socks, rubbing them on a carpet repeatedly so you could sneak up to your sibling and shock them? (Or was that just me, LOL? My poor older brother.) If you’ve ever shocked someone when touching them, you know this on a large scale — you could literally feel the large quantity of electrons passing …

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ElectrosensitivityGroundingMedical Reports

Shielding: Your Ultimate At Home Guide + How To Diagnose Electrohypersensitivity With Your Physician

      In 2011, the World Health Organization classified man-made EMFs as potentially carcinogenic (category 2B) with many countries establishing Electrohypersenstivitivy (EHS) as a diagnosable and treatable illness, with guidelines on treating electrohypersensitivity published and updated routinely. Today I’m going to go into why man-made EMFs are an issue, give you tons of ways to decrease these exposures in your own home, and then provide a hands-on guide that will give you all the tools you need to figure out if you are Electrohypersensitive (EHS) and how to address it with your own in person physician. Exposures to mandmade …

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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

Immune Boosting Supplements To Know About Before Heading Into Fall And Winter

    There is a lot of information, and unfortunately a lot of misinformation, about using natural supplements to boost your immunity. Many supplements have anti-viral properties and are being extensively studied this very moment for their effectiveness in the face of our current pandemic, so I am going to link you directly to these studies so that you can read them for yourself. I also am giving you direct links to all the current clinical trials registered in the US National Library of Medicine that are being conducted for each supplement. Here are the top 10 most medically studied …

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Releasing Chronic Pain to Find Relief… 6 Ways That Work

    After attending a medical conference about cutting edge treatments for pain and pain management breakthroughs, I was shocked to hear how very little we can actually do to help treat chronic pain. Even the most advanced pain medicine specialists in the country stated that we can only treat about 30% of chronic pain, and that if patients feel their pain has lessened by about 30%, even with the most advanced surgical options and strongest pain relief prescriptions that we have… that is considered a total success. We were told that we should tell our patients that the left …

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