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GroundingHealing ArtworkHealthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineMedical Reports

A Winter Solstice Sleep Checklist, To Ensure You Get The Best Sleep Ever

    This weekend brings us the winter solstice (and honestly thank goodness because for my sanity I really need the days to start getting longer again) and the darkest day of the year should naturally be a time of hibernation and restoration… i.e. good quality sleep. Sleep is so important to your long term well being that you literally can’t live without it… sleep is non-negotiable and absolutely essential for longevity. And the good news is, that no matter how bad your sleep is right now, you are only ever one night away from a good night of sleep. …

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Healthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineOrganic LifestyleUncategorized

The Perfect Way To Welcome In A New Year: Declutter Your Life First

      Cleaning before guests arrive for the holidays? Include decluttering in the process. I can think of no better way to set the stage for a brand new year, 2022, to be full of expression and growth than to simplify and declutter now. You need space to expand, it’s as simple as that. Clutter stops growth and expansion, and it affects your health, both mentally and physically. I want you to feel like your living space — whether it is a single room, an entire apartment, or a massive multilevel home — just wraps you up in a …

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Women Need Time In Nature To Reboot, Here’s Why

    There are so many wonderful reasons for women to connect with Mother Earth — and they are medically studied, with strong evidence that the earth offers clinically significant benefits. That’s why grounding is one of my favorite recommendations to treat a variety of female health issues as well as protect future wellness. Today I wanted to run through my favorite 7 reasons I love grounding for women… just a quick overview for you along with lots of resources to dive deeper into any topic that calls to you. Please share this list with the women in your life …

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Healthy MindframePositive Parenting

I Want You To Think Of One Way To Be Playful Today. Here’s Why

  Play is not only a relief and a respite from the seriousness that stress, illness and trauma bring to our lives, it is actually therapy. Play time is therapeutic time, point blank. Child psychologists use this healing tool often, because play is a child’s way to express and release any inner turmoil or fears that the child doesn’t even consciously know they have. But it isn’t only therapeutic for children, it’s therapeutic for adults too. In fact, I would argue that engaging in some form of play daily is one of the best things you can do to safeguard …

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Healthy Mindframe

A Simple But Truly Effective Way To Immediately Decrease Your Stress

  Today I want to share another way to decrease holiday stress — and it’s so simple there is not a place or situation on earth you can’t use it… 3 deep breaths. Read this article to know why stopping to breathe is the best thing to do when your in-laws drive you crazy or a topic of discussion at the thanksgiving table raises your blood pressure. In medicine, we know it only takes three deep breaths to significantly support vagal nerve tone, which helps modulate your autonomic nervous system. Meaning your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and brain …

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Healthy MindframeMedical Reports

One Simple Thing You Can Do To Protect Your Brain Throughout Your Lifetime

Do you eat fish regularly? Do you take Omega 3 fatty acid supplements? You may want to consider it, because the role of Omega 3 fatty acids in protecting our brain health is becoming more and more robust. Today I wanted to round up my favorite medical studies for you on how fatty acids impact our brain function so you can see why it’s one of my absolute favorite supplements to recommend. Here are my top three reasons why I take fish oil every single day myself:     Protecting Brain Volume:   The medical literature suggests that higher levels …

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GroundingPositive Parenting

Here’s Why I Left Conventional Medicine (I Spill It All In This Interview)

      Today I’m sharing an interview with you that I recently had with Kids Who Explore. started by an amazing mama Adrianna Skori who resides in Alberta, Canada. She created Kids Who Explore as a fabulous resource for parents all over the world who want to incorporate nature into their child’s life. I highly recommend exploring her website! There are lots of upcoming events, both locally and virtually, along with a blog and podcast that are both filled with inspirational ideas and tips to get your kids connecting with nature. The company has the mission of “allowing nature …

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Healthy MindframeHealthy WeightMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

This Statistic Really Surprised Me About Fast Food (+ Quick Alternatives)

    I am always finding something interesting in the medical literature, but I have to say this one surprised even me. A study, published by the National Center for Health Statistics, found that on any given day, over 1/3 of all adults in america aged 40 – 59 years old (37%) are consuming fast food. One out of three! That’s 85 million adults eating fast food on any given day. And sadly, for younger Americans that number is even higher — almost half of Americans (45%) aged 20 – 45 years old are eating fast food on any given …

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Healthy Weight

The Party Foods I Reach For Most To Stay As Healthy As Possible During The Holidays

    Well this weekend brings Halloween, which means that the very next day we are going to be hearing holiday music 24/7 with a very quick slide towards Thanksgiving and many other holiday events. And as uplifting as holidays can be, they are also incredibly stressful and emotional. Holiday stress isn’t just stress over picking out the perfect gift, or traveling in the midst of a (hopefully resolving) pandemic, or balancing social commitments. Most people report that being surrounded by rich holiday foods, alcohol, impulse eating, and weight gain during the holiday season adds a significant amount of stress …

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Intuitive MedicineSoul Healing

How To Hear Your Body Tell You What It Needs

  Every single one of us gets a constant stream of information coming to us from a deep, internally knowing of what is best for us in any moment of time — call it a gut hunch, call it a “felt sense,’ call it your inner truth, call it your intuition… whatever you call it, you can learn how to drop your awareness out of your monkey mind and into a deeper awareness that resides in your body. Our bodies are always speaking to us about what is going on inside of us, and all we need to do is …

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