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Healing ArtworkIntuitive MedicineMedical ReportsSoul Healing

Heart Resonance: Why Attuning With Others Boosts Our Own Health

        Well folks, this week I’m turning 48. And because I am so incredibly grateful for the love that is present in my life as I get closer and closer to a half century ride on this planet, I’m dedicating this blog post to the healing power of attuning our heart energy with each other. We all intuitively can feel that connecting with others boosts our health, right? How much better do you feel after a warm hug from a friend, the comforting squeeze of a partner’s hand, or the joy of laughing around a dinner table …

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ElectrosensitivityMedical Reports

What Happens To The Human Brain During EMF Exposures

    Today I’d like to share with you some recent medical studies that help tell us what EMF exposures are doing to our brains. First, let me tell you about an article published in Forbes last fall which shows that even the United States Department of Defense is taking EMF radiation — and it’s effects on the human brain — seriously. If you have teens, family members, co-workers, friends or other loved ones that scoff at you when you mention how cellphone radiation and other man-made EMF radiation sources are affecting your ability to think… this is the blog …

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The Effects Of EMFs on Your Body & How to Naturally Defuse Them

    This is a fundamental truth in medicine: the basis of how our body functions is through it’s conductivity. Every single cell in your body is conductive, every single organelle inside of each cell, every single cell membrane, the extracellular fluid around each cell, the intracellular fluid inside of each cell… yep, it’s all conductive. Which is why grounding is so powerful — the moment one single cell in your body touches the earth, this amazing conductivity grounds your entire body from head to toe, just like flipping on a light switch — in one instant — ahhh…. you …

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Female HealthHealing ArtworkHealthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineMedical Reports

Valentine’s Day Special Edition: Heart Health From Every Angle… Mind, Body & Soul

  Our minds and our hearts are inextricably intertwined. Mostly we can feel this on an emotional level — we can literally feel the people we love making our hearts feel warm and protected and expand in our chest. And sadly even people we are hurt by or scared of, we can feel that too — our hearts can feel colder or constricted or pound with fear in our chests. Some of you are also aware that electrically — the brain and the heart each have an electrical field and that these electrical fields overlap. This gives our brain’s electrical …

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Medical ReportsSoul Healing

What Is Stress Sensitization? It’s The Reason This Pandemic Is Traumatizing Us All

    If you’ve had a history of trauma, or a history of greater stressors in your life before the coronavirus circled the globe (and honestly who hasn’t? Any serious illness or injury, the death of a loved one, a divorce, recent unemployment, increasing financial struggles, legal troubles, etc… we all have them) then medical studies have actually shown that this pandemic actually is harder on you. So if you feel like you are struggling to deal with the stressors that this global pandemic has caused, there is good reason. It’s not you. It’s your trauma. We’ve known for a …

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Healthy MindframeMedical ReportsSoul Healing

A Medical Study Reveals How To Boost Circulation To Your Brain, In 12 Minutes Flat:

  I’m so excited to share this medical study with you today… very rarely does one simple study make such and immediate and profound impact on my wellness like this one today did. Don’t just skim through this and discount it — give yourself 12 minutes today to silence your mind in the easiest, most effective way ever. And by doing so, you will measurably increase the blood flow to your brain in areas that are critical for cognition and emotional regulation… in fact, this one technique has been previously shown to decrease anxiety and depression while improving sleep. But …

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GroundingMedical Reports

3 Important New Findings That Will Help Protect Your Eyesight For A Lifetime

      I get asked quite a bit about how to protect against age related vision loss, like macular degeneration and glaucoma, so when I read this recent study in the medical literature, I just had to share it with you. Turns out there is a dried berry you can eat that has actually been shown to protect your eyes — and I’m always looking through the medical literature to share with you uplifting, healthy, holistic ways to protect your health. I’m going to tell you about this study, about another very interesting study on how to help prevent …

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GroundingHealth Videos

Why Don’t I Feel Anything When I Am Grounding? Here’s Why:

    The next online health class I am running is my Chakra Healing Online Class, which starts on Monday (more on that below, I’d love to have you join in if you’d like to work with a physician on your core alignment and feeling how that impacts the health of your body!) So in honor of my upcoming chakra class, today I’d like to answer a question I get asked quite often that I feel is related to your internal core alignment — why don’t I feel anything when I am grounded? I also get asked just as often, …

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Healthy MindframeSoul Healing

Your 2022 Healing Mantra, Say It With Me

  Hello you! Welcome to 2022. This is just a remind for you to remember as you start a new year of your life: your body is completely new — inside and out — every few years. All of your organs (except for one) completely regenerates, repairs, and optimizes on a continuous basis. Some parts of your body are so fresh and new that they are only one day old… the cornea of your eye, for example. Your cornea can completely regenerate every 24 hours. Some parts are a little older… the lining of your intestines, for example, are about …

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Healthy MindframeHealthy WeightMedical Reports

Your Ultimate Guide To A New Year, New You & A New Metabolism

      It’s no secret that one of the most popular New Years resolutions of all time is to lose weight. In my medical opinion, losing weight is not about reducing calorie intake, and it’s not honestly even predominately about what you eat at all. Although making nutrient dense food choices is a crucial part of your long term health, the type of weight gain I see most commonly is actually driven by stress. A combination of poor sleep, high cortisol levels, and a decrease in metabolism all combine to make losing weight, or even staying at the same …

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