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GroundingHealthy Mindframe

7 Quick Ways The Earth Can Reset Your Mood Whenever You Need It

      A few weeks ago I shared these tips in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, so today I wanted to share them here with my readers too! If you feel run down, tired, discouraged, sad, anxious, or any other mood that you just want to shake, getting grounded outside for a few minutes is probably the quickest way I know how to do it.  Exercise can help, a really good night of sleep can help, even medications (when appropriate) can help, but if need support right this very minute, grounding can shift your mood by supporting brain function — …

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GroundingMedical Reports

The Real Reason Grounding Works: The Healing Power of the Earth, Finally Explained

      Today’s video contains possibly the most important information since the “re-discovery” of grounding in the first place… it’s finally answering the question: how does grounding work? All I’ve read about in the popular media is a mysterious “electron transfer” which actually can not be directly measured.  Want to truly understand grounding way beyond an electron reaching you?   Just watch the video below and I’ll tell you myself. In a nutshell: every single part of the natural universe conducts a natural energy current known as a Direct Current (DC). This DC circuit of energy flows through everything, …

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ElectrosensitivityHealthy MindframeMedical Reports

Moving Your Body Helps Your Brain Function Better, Immediately. Here’s How

    A recent medical study caught my eye, so today I am excited to share it with you here.   Researchers were looking at how movement helps to boost memory, and found that there are literally immediate benefits to your memory function after exercising just once. Published September 2020 in Scientific Reports, this study finds that one session of exercising (cycling on a stationary bike was the exercise used in this study) significantly improved motor sequence memory — immediately! This is super encouraging, because it was not looking at just the long term benefits from exercise (which of course …

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Healthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineSoul Healing

How To Find Inner Clarity And Use It To Stick To Your Long Term Health Goals

Last winter I attended a wonderful medical conference in which I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Terry Wahls speak. She is so impressive, with the amount of medical experience, knowledge and wisdom she possesses… particularly in the field of autoimmune disorders and how diet impacts our body’s health.  Visit her website here if you are interested in learning more about that. That’s not what I loved most, however.  The part I loved most was when she talked about helping patients get clear on why they even want to do the work of healing in the first place. She walked …

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Healing ArtworkHealthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineMedical ReportsSoul Healing

Optimism Literally Improves Your Body’s Health, 10 Ways To Boost Your Outlook Today

    I really enjoy providing content that is uplifting and encouraging, and that is because I know that feeling encouraged literally boosts your physical health. Here are a few healing articles you could start with that I’ve written in the past to uplift you, if you need a little boost today: Medical Decisions Can Be Overwhelming, Here’s An Easy Tool To Help (+ free printable) Reduce Your Overwhelm In 3 Breaths, Right Now With Me The One Big Health Secret I Learned In Medical School Higher Morale, Longer Life Span Boost Your Connection To Others To Boost Your Health …

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Health VideosMedical ReportsPositive Parenting

How To Discover Your Play Style, And Use It To Improve Your Health

          Play is not only a relief and a respite from the seriousness that stress, illness and trauma bring to our lives, it is actually therapy.   Play time is therapeutic time, point blank.  Child psychologists use this healing tool often, because play is a child’s way to express and release any inner turmoil or fears that the child doesn’t even consciously know they have.   But it isn’t only therapeutic for children, it’s therapeutic for adults too. In fact, I would argue that engaging in some form of play daily is one of the best things you can do to safeguard …

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Medical ReportsPositive ParentingSoul Healing

Childhood Trauma Is Scary, Here Are 3 Things That Can Help Your Child Be Resilient

      There is so much hurting our children.  Bullying and isolation and social media pressure and scary headlines that include school shootings, piled on top of the normal stressors of navigating growing up and figuring out a career goal and growing from a child’s body into an adult body and all the growing pains in between, as well as getting adequate nutrition and adequate sleep and it’s just all so stressful. So today I wanted to offer something positive that we can do to protect the physical and mental well being of our children for the rest of …

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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic LifestylePositive Parenting

All The Health Benefits Of Nature, But In An Urban Setting? Yep, Here’s How

      I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing medical study today that is super relevant to my favorite holistic healing modality of all time — grounding. This fabulous study suggests that adding even a very small greenspace to an urban setting boosts immune function in a measurable and meaningful way. Published in Science Advances in October 2020, researchers found that by adding a small green play area to urban playgrounds, they boosted the immunity of the children using the play area. Researchers in Finland added a very small, low cost green area in the corner of …

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Intuitive MedicineSoul Healing

How Your Intuition Impacts Your Body’s Health And How To Optimize It

    Intuition is in our cellular structure… literally. There is a physical biology behind intuition. Using intuitive guidance is actually in the design of our cells, in the design of our DNA, it’s in the design of our existence. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, pioneered the ground breaking revelation that it is not our DNA that is a master template that our bodies are wired around, but it is actually the exact opposite: DNA stands to serve as a resource for incoming information and directives to use as a raw material for expression. This is the science of epigenetics — …

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Medical Reports

How To Avoid Getting Dehydrated As The Summer Heat Sets In

      Known as the “Elixir of Life” for good reason, water is absolutely critical to our well being in every way. Not only are we primarily made up of water (over 70% of our body is pure water!) but water has a healing property that goes way beyond simple hydration. Today, I want to share with you all the different ways that we can use the power of water to support your Well Being from the inside out. One of the most important ways is that it supports our grounding practice — allowing your body to literally be …

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