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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Make Sure You’re Ready For Fall

  The fall Equinox is this week, so we are officially headed into fall now!  And for so many of us, shorter days and longer nights means a dip in our mood. Fortunately, there are lots of great things to do to get prepared as the seasons change. Of course there are things like pulling out your sweaters and boots and knitting a scarf or two and planting a winter garden and getting the fireplace cleaned that you might look forward to this fall. But one thing that I get every year, and absolutely never look forward to, is a drop
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About Laura Koniver
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Tons Of Holistic Health Ideas To Help You Move Through Grief

    A few years ago I became a Death Doula. You would think as a physician we would be taught in detail about the death and dying process in medical school, but we weren’t. Not at all. We were taught how to pronounce someone dead, how to preform advanced life support to try to stave off death, how to sign a death certificate… but never about the intricacies of it: what the body feels and experiences as the soul prepares to leave it, what the dying process looks like, what order the organ systems shut down in and how
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GroundingHealthy MindframeHealthy Weight

Why You Might Want To Consider Grounding At Work

    Now that Labor Day is over and it’s back to work, I thought I’d write up an article about grounding in the workplace.  If you are not sure what grounding is, I bet you know how it feels. If you have ever felt the relief of walking on the beach or spending an afternoon gardening, then you already know how supportive grounding can be and how it can help mitigate stress. Especially at work, especially when you are putting in hour after hour in artificial light, you are likely to feel disconnected from the natural rhythm of the
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Healthy MindframeMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

12 Things To Do Throughout The Day Today, To Improve Your Sleep Tonight

    Just in time for the back-to-school season, I have pulled together a list of 12 things you can do throughout your day to improve the quality of your sleep tonight.  All based on the most current medical literature on sleep quality.  In fact, I recently returned from a medical conference where one of the lectures was on repairing sleep deficits. Something I was very interested in because I’ve always been a poor sleeper all of my life. The take home point that really stuck in my mind, and now when I have a sleepless night I remind myself
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Medical ReportsPositive Parenting

Save Time To Play, Even After Returning To School. It’s Essential For Health At Any Age

Play is not only a relief and a respite from the seriousness that stress, illness and trauma bring to our lives, it is actually therapy.   Play time is therapeutic time, point blank.  Child psychologists use this healing tool often, because play is a child’s way to express and release any inner turmoil or fears that the child doesn’t even consciously know they have.   But it isn’t only therapeutic for children, it’s therapeutic for adults too. In fact, I would argue that engaging in some form of play daily is one of the best things you can do to safeguard your physical health.   From physical
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Positive Parenting

5 Crucial Ways To Support Your Child As They Head Back To School

    It’s mid-august, and that means back-to-school season, so the next three blog posts are here to help support your transition to that this time brings. There can be a lot of stress associated with back-to-school season.   For some, back-to-school means an increased risk of in person bullying (as well as social media bullying) and scary headlines that include school shootings, piled on top of the normal stressors of navigating growing up and figuring out a career goal and growing from a child’s body into an adult body and all the growing pains in between, as well as
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Health VideosHealthy MindframeIntuitive Medicine

What To Do When Facing A Difficult Health Decision

    Several winters ago I attended a wonderful medical conference in which I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Terry Wahls speak.  She is so impressive, with the amount of medical experience, knowledge and wisdom she possesses… particularly in the field of autoimmune disorders and how diet impacts our body’s health.  Visit her website here if you are interested in learning more about that. That’s not what I loved most, however. The part I loved most was when she talked about helping patients get clear on why they even want to do the work of healing in the first
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Healing Artwork

One Of My Favorite Quotes To Help Release Anxiety

    Whenever I feel anxious (which is most of the time) it’s because I forgot that I am more than this one body, this one place in time, this list of things I have to do today. The minute I remember that I am a living soul, wearing a breathing earth suit made out of 13 billion year old stars, I can relax into the experience.    I talk more about that in my blog post a few weeks ago, showing you how I painted the Made Of Stardust art series. Back to my anxiety — and it always
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How Manmade EMFs Have The Opposite Effect That Grounding Does

  This is a fundamental truth in medicine: the basis of how our body functions is through it’s conductivity. Every single cell in your body is conductive, every single organelle inside of each cell, every single cell membrane, the extracellular fluid around each cell, the intracellular fluid inside of each cell… yep, it’s all conductive. Which is why grounding is so powerful — the moment one single cell in your body touches the earth, this amazing conductivity grounds your entire body from head to toe, just like flipping on a light switch — in one instant — ahhh…. you are
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Is It Safe To Get Grounded Around EMFs?

    This is one of the most common questions I am asked, so I thought today I’d write an article explaining how EMFs and grounding may overlap to cause some unwanted symptoms, and what to do about it to feel better and still get all the health benefits of grounding.   Is it safe to use grounding tools around EMFs?   We know from decades of medical studies on grounding indoors — through grounding tools — that were all conducted in urban areas and some even in hospital settings, the body goes into a healing state even with EMFs
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