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7 Anti-Aging Daily Routines That Are Absolutely Worth Doing

    Well hello there!  I’m getting older.  This past weekend was my birthday! 49 — it feels like a transition year, the perfect year to get everything sorted so I can jump into my 50s feeling my best… or at least that’s the goal. To celebrate, I wanted to share my daily wellness routines that I do to keep improving my health and boosting longevity — each one of these are scientifically backed with research so that I know it is worth my time.  And yours. Watch this 3 minute video and I’ll run you through each of them …

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GroundingHealthy MindframeMedical Reports

How Grounding Boosts Your Mood + 10 Ways It Fits Into Your Day Today

      We’ve know for a long time (and honestly common sense and personal experience tells you this as well) that time spent outside lifts your spirits. In fact a double blind medical study published in 2015 found that participants who were grounded had measurable improvements in mood that were significantly higher than the sham-grounded participants. We also know that inflammation in the body worsens mood and even plays a role in clinical depression.  A medical study published in 2016 found that increased inflammation in the body worsens symptoms of clinical depression, and this one published in 2019 backs …

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Healthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineMedical Reports

Can Cutting Out Bread Actually Improve Your Mental Health?

    Long time readers of my blog already know, since I blogged about this almost a decade ago, that gluten is a neuro-irritant — meaning it causes inflammation in the brain and has been linked to cognitive decline, even dementia.  I wrote this article for you back in 2014 to help explain how dementia could be considered a gluten-induced condition. More recent evidence suggests that not only does the brain inflammation that gluten causes affect your brain, it might also be affecting your mental health, including causing or worsening mood disorders like depression and anxiety. As someone who has …

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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

Sick Of Winter? Here’s Why Spring Will Instantly Help You Feel Better

      I’m sick of being cold. I’m sick of the shorter darker days. I’m craving to be outside and luckily this spring I have a whole line up of awesome free healing articles for you on my blog that will help you get outside and feeling the best you’ve ever felt.  If someone has forwarded you today’s article, you can sign up right here to get one free article each week directly into your own inbox.   Dr. Koniver’s Free Weekly Newsletter   Today we are going to start with why getting outside and listening to nature will …

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Intuitive MedicineMedical ReportsSoul Healing

Connecting With Others Protects Your Own Heart’s Health… Here’s How

      We all intuitively can feel that connecting with others boosts our health, right? How much better do you feel after a warm hug from a friend, the comforting squeeze of a partner’s hand, or the joy of laughing around a dinner table with your children. Sharing space with a loved one for even one minute is enough to completely turn a bad day into a good one. Medical studies have shown that increasing your connection to others not only improves your health, it actually increases your longevity. I feel this has something to do with the fact …

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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

How Grounding Makes Sex Feel Better & Boosts Your Libido Too

    With Valentines Day coming up next week, I thought this might be the perfect time to talk about why my favorite holistic healing therapy of all time — grounding — can boost your sexual health! If you are struggling with infertility, if you are struggling with getting in the mood, if you are struggling with pain during intimacy, here are some of the reasons you might want to consider grounding to help reverse all of that:   6 Ways Grounding Makes Sex Better:         1. Improved Circulation & Increased Blood Flow:   I think it’s …

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Health VideosMedical Reports

Why Your Fascia Is Your Best Friend + 3 Ways To Support It For A Lifetime

      Did you know your entire body is held together with a fiberous network of collagen called fascia? And did you know that this fascia is all semi-conductive, and gets grounded immediately the minute your body touches the earth? And did you know that this conductive interwoven collagen dense system is basically an alternative delivery system that interconnects your entire body? This is why grounding does not depend on circulation to affect your entire body from head to toe.  It doesn’t depend on digestion, or lymphatic flow, or even nervous system functioning — it is because our connective …

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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

When It’s Too Cold To Exercise, Do This Instead — For Similar Health Benefits!

    I love anything that boosts circulation because I know how crucial it is to get healing blood flow throughout your entire body… carrying much needed nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues and organ systems of your body.  So I’m a big fan of the health benefits of movement and exercise, as I’ve blogged for you here: Try Not To Sit Still For More Than 2 Hours At A Time Today, Here’s Why Moving Your Body Helps Your Brain Function Better, Immediately. How To Discover Your Play Style, And Use It To Improve Your Health       …

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Healthy MindframeMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

Winter Is For Hibernating, So Let’s Fix Your Sleep Right Now

      Winter is the perfect time to soak up as much restorative sleep as you can, and eliminate your sleep deficit. Sleep is absolutely crucial for optimized physical health. I am ferocious about protecting my sleep, because I know that sleep is non-negotiable and absolutely essential for longevity. And the good news is, that no matter how bad your sleep is right now, you are only ever one night away from a good night of sleep. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with insomnia or how big your sleep deficit is. Every single night is an opportunity …

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Healthy MindframeOrganic Lifestyle

Making Way For The New: Start Off 2023 By Decluttering Your Home

  I can think of no better way to set the stage for a brand new year, 2023, to be full of expression and growth than to simplify and declutter at the start of the year. You need space to expand, it’s as simple as that. Clutter stops growth and expansion, and it affects your health, both mentally and physically. I want you to feel like your living space — whether it is a single room, an entire apartment, or a massive multilevel home — just wraps you up in a big hug of safety and security and joy, with …

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