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GroundingMedical Reports

How To Easily Add Grounding To Any Health Service You Offer Your Community

    For those who offer services in the healthcare and wellness industry, adding grounding to your normal services offers an entirely new dimension of support to your clients, customers and patients — and it’s a positive outcome they can immediately feel! If you have ever felt the relief of grounding first hand, then you already know how instantly supportive it can be and how resilient it helps your body feel. Literally helping to center you no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how stressed out you feel, even in the midst of a panic attack, ...
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GroundingOrganic Lifestyle

Hate Going Barefoot? 27 Fresh, Alternative Ways To Get You Outside Grounding This Spring

    We just passed the spring equinox here in the northern hemisphere, which means our days are now longer than our nights… woot! Spring weather usually means folks are more likely to get outside, get active, go on walks, resume hiking and biking and jogging, plant springtime gardens, catch up on yard work, take food outside to eat on picnics… you name it. Getting outside in that fresh air is so very good for you. And you know what is even better for you than that? If you can be grounded while doing all of your favorite springtime activities. ...
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Why Nothing Can Do What Grounding Can Do For Your Health

    Clear air is awesome and nurturing. Nutrient dense foods and raw juicing is powerful and cleansing. Meditation is relaxing and centering. Pure filtered water is hydrating and supportive. Nutritional supplements can be balancing and healing. But inevitably, with every holistic healing modality I worked with prior to grounding, there would be some patients who benefit greatly and some who get absolutely no results whatsoever. Some people heal with a certain diet. Some heal with a particular physical therapy exercise. Some heal with a prescription medication, some with a life saving surgery, some with a chiropractic adjustment, some with ...
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Healthy MindframeOrganic LifestyleSoul Healing

I’m 50 Today! Musings On Turning A Half Century Old + 7 Longevity Tips

  Well today I turned 50!  Woot! So here is how I am approaching my very first day of being 50. Or at least how I’ve thought about it in the past few months leading up to it — who knows how I’ll feel a year or two into it.  But for now, my thoughts are this: I don’t want to be an older woman trying to hold onto being young. I always found it depressing to hear  “OMG you’re 50?!?!  You look 10 years younger!”  Or to hear people try to cheer me up by saying “you look FANTASTIC ...
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Healthy MindframeHealthy WeightMedical Reports

Improve Your Mental Health Naturally, Starting With Your Next Meal

    Did you know that gluten is a neuro-irritant — meaning it causes inflammation in the brain and has been linked to cognitive decline, even directly to dementia?  I wrote this article for you back in 2014 to help explain how dementia could be considered a gluten-induced condition. More recent evidence suggests that not only does the brain inflammation that gluten causes affect your brain, it might also be affecting your mental health, including causing or worsening mood disorders like depression and anxiety. As someone who has struggled with anxiety her entire life, I am very interested to read ...
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ElectrosensitivityHealth VideosHealthy MindframeMedical Reports

6 All Natural Ways To Relieve The Chronic Pain You’ve Been Dealing With For So Long

    Last week, I touched on the role of CBD oil in relieving pain on the skin from Shingles — it’s quite effective! — so hop over here to read that article if the chronic pain you live with is dermatological.   But today I want to go a little deeper — literally — into chronic pain and things you can add onto your current conventional treatments to help get even more pain relief.  After attending a medical conference about cutting edge treatments for pain and pain management breakthroughs, I was shocked to hear how very little we can ...
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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

The Latest Studies on CBD Benefits Include Enhanced Natural Killer Immune Cell Function

    I have long been a fan of supporting our Endocannabinoid system, with organic CBD and CBD derivatives.  The latest research has just boosted my commitment to offering safe, effective, pharmacy grade USA grown organic hemp CBD products, because of its effect on our Natural Killer immune cell function. Natural Killer (NK) immune cells do exactly what you think they would do — they scour our body continuously for invading viruses and other pathogens to kill them before they have a chance to make us sick.   They can recognize when our cells have been invaded by a virus ...
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Healthy MindframeIntuitive MedicineMedical ReportsSoul Healing

5 Important Ways To Feel Loved And Boost Your Heart’s Health This Week

    It’s Valentines Day this week, and regardless of if you spend it with a person you love, a pet you love, doing an activity you love or giving yourself much needed break and some healing alone time on Valentines, any and all of these things can benefit your heart function, so it’s a great time for my annual review on all the ways you can support your heart’s health. I’ve got you covered on how to boost your heart health from every single angle!  Physically, energetically, emotionally. Let’s go:     1.  A Heart Boost From Grounding To ...
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Grounding Improves Your Relationship, Even Boosts Your Sex Life (Re: Valentine’s Day!)

    With Valentines Day coming up next week, I thought this might be the perfect time to talk about why my favorite holistic healing therapy of all time — grounding — can boost your partner’s health, even boosting their sex drive and fertility! More on that below. Did you know that grounding together might just be the best Valentines date you could plan?  Getting grounded routinely is probably helping your relationship in more ways than you know!  First of all, just by touching your partner, you can actually donate electrons to them.  It’s true! When you were a kid, ...
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GroundingHealthy MindframeMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

Sick Of Winter? Me Too. 3 Reasons You Are Going To Feel Better Soon

    I’m sick of being cold. I’m sick of the shorter darker days. I’m craving to be outside and luckily this spring I have a whole line up of awesome free healing articles for you on my blog that will help you get outside and feeling the best you’ve ever felt.  If someone has forwarded you today’s article, you can sign up right here to get one free article each week directly into your own inbox.     Today we are going to start with why I know you are going to instantly feel better soon, as spring is ...
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