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Healing ArtworkMedical ReportsSoul Healing

You Are Made Of Stars (My Latest Painting + A Round Up Of My Favorite Holistic Healing Articles)

    As a physician, every single cell in our body literally seems like a miracle to me. How it functions, replicates, repairs, lives, dies.  The fact that our skin is self healing, our bones fuse back together, we breathe and our heart beats while we use our body to do other things all day long without even thinking about it, how we create life, how little humans grow within us and are born. The fact that all of it, almost every bit of it, comes from cosmic dust and stars — it’s all just so damn magical. We are
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GroundingMedical Reports

Natural DC Earth Energy Shown To Improve Wound Healing In Skin

    The Power Of DC Energy For Skin Healing This is an incredible study, just published in March of 2023, that backs up what multiple medical studies on grounding have been demonstrating for years: time spent grounded to the earth boosts skin health and improves the skin’s ability to heal. When skin is injured, it naturally creates a small electric field of DC energy to help guide tissue repair.  This DC current allows cells to migrate along that mini electrical field, a healing property called electrotaxis.  Many of the cells of the skin required for healing are eelectrotactic, including
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GroundingMedical Reports

A Super Easy Way To Support Your Brain Health That You Can Do Right Now

      Today I’m sharing with you the latest article I’ve written on grounding, that has been accepted for publication by the American Journal Of Neurology Research. Because you are on my private mailing list, you get to read it (and share it) here first, before it’s available online or in PubMed.  And if someone forwarded this to you, you can also join on my private newsletter list right here! I hope you enjoy it!  It’s got some good food for thought in there, along with a tip of combining grounding with a few deep breaths to immediately support
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Organic Lifestyle

How To Deal With Summer Bugs… Including The Dreaded Tick Bite

    Ticks carrying the Lyme disease bacteria (Borrelia Burgdorferi) have been found in all 50 states, so don’t be fooled into thinking its only something that folks in the northeast have to be concerned with. But as much as I detest ticks, I really don’t want you to limit or stop your healing practice of connecting to Mother Earth outside daily because of a fear of ticks. To me, this healing practice of grounding is as crucial as eating or hydrating or breathing or wearing a seatbelt to stay healthy for an entire lifetime. The earth has food, air,
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Medical Reports

My 6 Favorite Ways To Protect Your Skin While You Enjoy The Sun

    As we slide towards summer, I’d love to encourage you to get outside and get grounded to our earth as much as possible. This brings up concerns about skin cancer and photo aging effects from sun exposure — but don’t let that stop you from going outside. Here’s why: A large medical study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that folks who avoided sun exposure actually had a shorter life span… with a decreased life expectancy that was shorter than even heavy smokers who bathed in the sun. What?!?! Yes. This was a huge study looked at
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Healing ArtworkSoul Healing

My Latest Painting On Letting Go Of Your Trauma Coping Mechanisms

    I painted this because I, like all humans, have gone through heavy, life altering traumas. And I, like all humans, have built up some impressive coping mechanisms to get me through. But sometimes those coping mechanisms are no longer needed. Sometimes we forget that the storm might have actually passed.  We forget to check to see if it is still even raining. So we walk in the dark heavy shadow of our walls and barriers, and we can’t even see the sun has started peeking out. I had an image of myself, walking with my umbrella over my
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Female HealthPositive Parenting

A Mother’s Love Capable of Helping to Protect Your Health As An Adult

      In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I want to share with you one of my all time favorite medical studies. It shows how a little TLC from your mom may actually help protect your health, well into adulthood. Published in 2005 in Dialoges in Clinical Neuroscience, researchers found that the how much affection a mommy rat showed to her babies in their first week of life protected them from future stress later on in life — decreasing their stress response and even lowering stress hormone production. Researchers compared two different types of mom rats, separating them
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Healthy Weight

Are Your Weight Struggles From Subclinical Hypothyroidism? Probably, Here’s Help

      What to do if counting calories, exercising, and making the environmental changes I suggested last week are not making any difference to your metabolism? What if you still feel sluggish, tired, and your weight just won’t budge?  It could be subclinical hypothryoidism and adrenal fatigue.  This super common condition is poorly understood and can literally simply be caused by prolonged stress. Ask yourself: have you been through a stressful period recently?  Or have you been living under stress for a long period of time — months, years, even decades?  If so, focusing on boosting thyroid and adrenal
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Healthy WeightMedical Reports

How Our Environment Can Cause Weight Gain & What You Can Do About It

  Although the traditional approach to weight loss focuses on calories in vs. calories burned, we are starting to become more and more aware about how our environment actually impacts our weight.  There are many contributing factors, well beyond diet and exercise, that cause significant issues in our metabolism. In fact, the environment has such an impact on our weight that there is an entire category of environmental chemicals that are now considered obesogens — chemicals directly responsible for contributing to obesity.  Obesogens increase fat has, modify our basal metabolic rate, alter our gut microbiota, promote chronic inflammation, interfere with
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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

It’s Planting Season! 10 Reasons To Grow At Least One Plant

    I love watching the earth wake up more and more each day, because even though there are plenty of ways to get grounded in the winter — even outside — it’s undeniably easier when the weather is warm and bright green leaves and fresh green grass wait for you outside.  I’ve already written you a bunch of blog posts to help you get excited for the spring season. Posts like: Why You Think More Clearly When You Spend Time Outside Sick Of Winter? Here’s Why Hearing Birds Will Instantly Help You Feel Better 10 Activities You’ll Probably Do
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