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Organic Lifestyle

The Last Possible Date To Order Holiday Gifts From My Shop + The Best Holistic Healing Gifts

    My holiday deadline this year is Nov 15th because I am moving to a new office (yay!) in early December, which means I will be closing my shop to new orders for the first half of December.  I need any orders that you want to gift for the holidays to be placed by November 15th please!!!  Orders placed after Nov 15th are not assured to arrive for December holiday gift giving. Speaking of gift giving, need some unique gift ideas?  Want to be sure you are giving something that no one else will give the people in your life
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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

The Fourth Leading Cause Of Death: Your Medicine Cabinet?

    I just returned from a medical conference where I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Ankur Patel, MD present on the risk of taking multiple medications. I was shocked to hear : that adverse drug interactions is the 4th leading cause of death in the United States, and someone dies from a drug interaction every 5 minutes in the United States alone. that if you are on 5 or more Rx medications, your risk of an adverse drug reaction is 58% that if you are on 7 or more Rx medications, your risk of an adverse drug reaction
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Medical Reports

Winter Sleep: 12 Ways To Hibernate Now For A Deep Reset Before Spring

    One of my main goals in writing free healing articles for you every single week year after year after year is to help link your body to the natural seasonal rhythms of the world around you — taking the seasonal variations into account in your healing journey allows you to more easily get an instant health boost — and long term being in a season rhythm is much less stressful on our body. Similar to eating seasonally available fresh foods in rotation throughout the year for your gut health, your sleep needs also fluctuate throughout the year.  In
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GroundingMedical Reports

Everything You Need To Know About Sleeping Grounded This Winter

    I get asked every single day about the best ways to sleep grounded, and what to do and what not to do when sleeping grounded, so today I’m sharing all my thoughts in a free blog post so in the future I can direct inquires to this article! Here is everything you ever needed to know about sleeping grounded.     Benefits From Sleeping Grounded:   What do we know from the medical literature on the health benefits of sleeping grounded? Getting into the relaxed but alert alpha brain wave pattern, which is seen in deep meditative states
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Healthy MindframeMedical Reports

How To Protect Your Mental Health From Work Related Stress

        Because we are headed into cooler months, most of us will be spending more time indoors.  When we are inside for most of the day, it affects our levels of stress and our mental health.  In fact, job stress may cause as many as one out of every seven new cases of depression, anxiety and other common mental disorders, suggests a study  published in Lancet Psychiatry. Researchers looked at over 6,800 participants, ranking job strain at age 45 with risk of mental illness at age 50. The results were astounding. Having a job that is highly
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GroundingMedical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

How To Heal Your Skin From Summer’s Sun Damage & Protect It From Winter’s Cold

  Well it’s officially cold outside where I live, and there is no way I’m wearing a sundress or a bathing suit for the rest of the year.  Which means it’s time to repair my skin from this past summer’s sun damage as well as protect it for the upcoming winter. To that end, today I’m going to share with you my 12 holistic skincare tips for the fall transition.  Here we go: 12 Effective Tips To Repair And Protect Your Skin:   1. Get Your Body Grounded:   This first tip will be no surprise to folks who already
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Immediate Answers To All Of Your Most Urgent Grounding Questions

    I’m right in the middle of my online grounding class and I’ve gotten so many fabulous questions. So today I wanted to share with you, dear reader, the answers to some of the most popular questions I get asked year after year after year, class after class after class, in case you are not in my grounding class right now but still have some questions on how to get grounded to see the health benefits you want to see. Have you ever wondered about any of these questions: Is there anything I can do to make my body
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My Favorite Grounding Shoes + A Dozen Ways To Ground Outside When It’s Cold

  As we move towards the cooler months of fall and winter, my inbox always gets overflowed with folks asking me if there is any way to keep grounding outside when the weather turns cold… and even bitterly cold. It’s so important to get outside, even in the darkness of winter, to keep you sleeping deeply at night and as I wrote about here, thinking more clearly during the day. Thankfully, there are tons of fabulous options to stay warm while still grounding outside.  And I’ve thoroughly tested them all for you — literally confirming that these grounding options work
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Medical ReportsOrganic Lifestyle

12 Questions To Ask Yourself To Make Sure You’re Ready For Fall

  The fall Equinox is this week, so we are officially headed into fall now!  And for so many of us, shorter days and longer nights means a dip in our mood. Fortunately, there are lots of great things to do to get prepared as the seasons change. Of course there are things like pulling out your sweaters and boots and knitting a scarf or two and planting a winter garden and getting the fireplace cleaned that you might look forward to this fall. But one thing that I get every year, and absolutely never look forward to, is a drop
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About Laura Koniver
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Tons Of Holistic Health Ideas To Help You Move Through Grief

    A few years ago I became a Death Doula. You would think as a physician we would be taught in detail about the death and dying process in medical school, but we weren’t. Not at all. We were taught how to pronounce someone dead, how to preform advanced life support to try to stave off death, how to sign a death certificate… but never about the intricacies of it: what the body feels and experiences as the soul prepares to leave it, what the dying process looks like, what order the organ systems shut down in and how
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