How Manmade EMFs Have The Opposite Effect That Grounding Does

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This is a fundamental truth in medicine: the basis of how our body functions is through it’s conductivity.

Every single cell in your body is conductive, every single organelle inside of each cell, every single cell membrane, the extracellular fluid around each cell, the intracellular fluid inside of each cell… yep, it’s all conductive.

Which is why grounding is so powerful — the moment one single cell in your body touches the earth, this amazing conductivity grounds your entire body from head to toe, just like flipping on a light switch — in one instant — ahhh…. you are grounded.

But exactly what makes our body grounded — the fact that we are highly conductive — is why we need to protect that exquisite conductivity, and also explains why you may literally feel the affects of ambient EMF fields around you.



Everything from your thoughts to your feelings to your sensory experiences to your heartbeat to your breath to your speech to your digestion to every blink of your eyes is all only possible because you are conductive.

So while natural earth EMFs soothe and heal you, bathing your conductive body in the supportive energy field of the earth, manmade EMFs disrupt and sicken you, artificially imposing polarized disruptive radiation fields around you.

Many people — I’d say maybe even most people — feel uncomfortable sensations when they are in the presence of strong EMF fields.

Do you notice you ever feel these symptoms after being on your computer, or cell phone, or near your router, or in an area with wifi?

  • stinging or tingling
  • headache
  • decreased concentration
  • vertigo/dizziness
  • disorientation
  • tinnitus/ringing in the ears
  • skin sensitivity or reactions
  • restlesness
  • insomnia
  • mood changes, including anxiety or depression
  • fatigue
  • heart palpitations
  • muscle pain/tension



Recent medical research has found this to be true: millions of people are affected by electrohypersensitivty and in population-based surveys, the prevalence of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) ranges from 1.5% of the population (found in Sweden) up to 13.3% (found in Taiwan.)

Even going with the lowest commonly agreed upon prevalence of perception (0.1% of the population, or 7 million people) this is roughly the same worldwide incidence of many other illnesses that no one would ever brush off… a quick look through the WHO Global Burden of Disease report shows that this incidence is similar to the incidence of stroke, for example.

Electrosensitivity is more common than congestive heart failure.

It is more common than Parkinson’s disease.

It is more common than breast, lung, prostate and colon cancer combined.

So yeah, let’s not ignore this huge population of electrosensitive individuals and instead let’s address the fact that we are all highly conductive (whether we feel symptoms from it or not) and take steps to protect our conductive health.

How?  It’s simple.



The natural opposite of man-made EMFs are the natural earth made EMFs… and you can easily access these through grounding.

Grounding helps mitigate the effects of EMFs and rebalance your conductive health. It gives you results you can feel… grounding helps to:

  • boost mood
  • decrease anxiety
  • deepen sleep
  • decrease pain
  • decrease inflammation
  • decrease blood pressure
  • boost cardiac function
  • decrease muscle tension
  • improve digestion
  • improve immune function
  • and on and on… pretty much the exact opposite effect that manmade EMFs have on our body

Today I want to share a free printable for you. I created this for my electrosensitivity class, and I’m sharing it freely with you here today. So be sure to take advantage of this and forward it to everyone you know who could benefit from seeing directly how manmade EMFs and natural grounding are connected and why!

Simply click the button below for a free printable version that you can study and even tape to your door, reminding you to go outside daily to get grounded!



Manmade EMFs and Earthing EMFs are Yin & Yang to each other, each one affecting our body because of our highly conductive living tissues.

So today, and every day, head outside for at least a few minutes to rebalance your conductive health.

It doesn’t have to be for long — grounding is as instantaneous as flipping on a light switch. When you turn on a light, the entire room is illuminated — and that’s exactly what happens when one cell in your body becomes grounded: your entire body becomes grounded.

While there are cumulative benefits over time to grounding, there is really no time that is too little for grounding, either. I never want you to miss an opportunity to be grounded just because it’s might only be for 30 seconds while you stop at a street crossing, or lean against a tree while you take a break during lunchtime, or when you stop for a second to pull a weed out from a garden bed.

  • Within seconds your brain wave patterns have shifted out of stress mode and your muscle tension has decreased.
  • As seconds turn to minutes, your internal organs have gotten a calming boost from grounding as vagal tone is boosted, and you might notice pain decreases and mood lifts.
  • Over time, as minutes turn to hours, your metabolic processes get a boost and your circulation (which supports every single organ system in your body) is running more smoothly.
  • Grounding day after day means nighttime sleep is more restorative, stress hormones normalize, inflammation decreases, and health benefits begin to accumulate, often resulting in noticeable health benefits on a large scale.

Grounding daily to reset the conductive health of your body is essential — it is not enough simply to remove EMF insults, you must replace those toxic frequencies with the natural healing frequency from the earth.

Luckily, the human body is an incredibly resilient force of nature and we naturally go back to vibrant health when we allow our body to bounce back by giving it time to heal between insults. Often by making a few small changes, you can feel relief … literally overnight.

The basis of life is a natural ability to repair and recover and a natural adaptability as well.

Your body simply needs time and space, away from a constant toxic onslaught, to do so.

This is even more crucial for those of us who are electrosensitive.

I truly hope today’s article helps to reassure you exactly what you are feeling when you notice symptoms of electrosensitivity, as well as get you started with one simple solution to help you feel better than you’ve ever felt: get grounded outside.



Need more support?

If your in person physician is not able or willing to offer guidance on how to use conductivity to help heal you (grounding) and how to protect your conductivity to minimize damage (electrosensitivity) I am here to help.

Next week, I am running a class to teach you everything you need to know to protect your conductive health and lower your EMF exposures.

I don’t know why we are so late to formally diagnose and treat EHS in the USA, but throughout Europe and in Canada you can get a formal diagnosis and even disability support, including letters from your physician to request employers and schools to accommodate your needs (and your children’s needs) to reduce EMF exposure and safeguard your health.

Physicians can write:

  • letters requiring employers to provide you with a hardwired ethernet connection
  • recommendations to your employer to have you work in a place that is furthest from the wifi router
  • letters to school educators to seat children in the class seat that is furthest from router
  • letters to school educators to create a cell phone free classroom, with all cell phones put on airplane mode at the beginning of class
  • letter to school educators requesting they allow students intermittent times to go outside and ground to the natural energy of the earth to help offset EHS symptoms

You don’t have to wait for your local health care professional to get on board with diagnosing and treating electrosensitivity, I’ll show you how you can advocate for yourself and protect yourself regardless.

I developed this class to teach you everything you need to know about your conductive health — including both positive ways to boost your conductive health through safe grounding practices, as well as ways to protect your conductive health through lowering your EMF exposures.

In this online class I will even walk you through how to get your own, in person physician comfortable with diagnosing EHS and writing those recommendations listed above on a Rx for you to hand to your employer or you child’s teacher.



It’s absolutely possible to be EHS and safeguard your health, while still living in the modern world. I walk you through exactly how to do it, starting with a self assessment tool that will help you figure out if you are electrohypersensitive (EHS) and walk you, step by step, through all of your living spaces to making them safer for you and your entire family.

Plus I give you tons of encouragement and additional tools to boost your health, decrease the reactivity and inflammation in your body, as well free printables and worksheets that you can keep forever, as well as lots of medical literature to validate exactly what you are experiencing and why.

No longer will you be brushed aside and told that your legitimate, valid ability to perceive electrical currents and EMF fields imposed on your body are simply a “grounding detox” to ignore.

Nope. In this 7 day online class we will go over together:

  • Day 1: What is electrosensitivity and how to assess if you are electrosensitive
  • Day 2: Removing the exposures you can remove (I’ll walk you through it!)
  • Day 3: Reducing the exposures you can further reduce (let’s do it together!)
  • Day 4: Shielding from any remaining exposures: key concepts & actions to take
  • Day 5: Grounding to rebalance your conductive health with natural earth EMFs
  • Day 6: Boosting your body’s resiliency to mitigate the symptoms you may already be feeling
  • Day 7: How to talk to your physician about further in person diagnosing & treatment of EHS
  • BONUS: Custom recorded class Q&A session


Reserve your spot today — class starts next week and this is the last week to sign up — and take action to protect your well being (and forward this to your family and loved ones so they can take it with you!)

Taking this with an accountability buddy is a great idea so you can encourage each other and stick with it. And I’ll be your ultimate accountability partner, walking beside you the entire way:



It absolutely doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

I’ll make sure you feel empowered by this information, not scared.

To your incredibly resilient health!

xoxo, Laura Koniver, MD