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Is It Safe To Ground Indoors Around Dirty Electricity and EMFs?




The safest way to sleep grounded at night… the stainless steel based Grounding Mattress Panel.

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7 Steps To Quickly Aligning Your Chakras:


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How To Use Intuition To Make Your Next Medical Decision Easier:


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How Quickly Does Earthing Boost Your Health?

Free Earthing Idea Book — change your body’s health TODAY!



Earthing and Your Chakras:

Why you might NOT be feeling the effects of Earthing right away…


Chakra Healing Online Class — reserve your spot in the next Chakra class right now!


You Are Self-Healing!

It’s in your innate design… here is why:


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Behind the scenes filming “The Grounded” and “Heal For Free”…

…See what drove filmmaker Steve Kroschel to spend 5 years documenting how the healing practice of grounding transformed his life, his hometown, and the world:



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The Most Effective Way To Ground Your Body Indoors?

Bearfoot Mattress Panels:


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As Seen In “The Grounded” Motion Picture:

My Full Length Earthing Video…



Getting Enough Barefoot Time?

Check The Health Of Your Feet In Under Two Minutes Flat:



The World’s First Earthing Book For Children!

Get An Inside Look:


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Prevent Osteoporosis Without a Rx using these 6 Tips! …


Female Holistic Health book — tips on osteoporosis and hundreds of other medically proven, safe and effective ways to boost your health naturally!




The Energy of Headaches… What Is The Message Your Body Is Giving You?

Find Headache Relief, Right Now:



How To Use The Internet To Look Up Medical Information…

Feel Empowered (Not Overwhelmed) By Your Next Google Search:



5 Effective Ways To Help Navigate A Medical Crisis:




Attachment Parenting Bedtime Picture Book…

Support Your Little One’s Best Night Sleep Ever!


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