Core Peeps Annual Breakthrough

You’ve read my blog, or you’ve gone through several of my books and courses, and you know I am speaking your language and can really help move things for you in your life.

Or maybe you’ve already worked with me one-on-one for a private consultation and you know that we figured out some pretty amazing dynamics in your life, but it’s going to take a longer term focused commitment in order to make sustainable change.

  • Maybe you are working on the *big* health changes in your life and you are ready to make that commitment to your body and your soul to feel better.
  • Maybe it is the type of stuff that works better with a gentle, long range plan… something we can ease into and touch base on all year long, formulating new and reachable goals as we go along through the seasons.
  • Maybe it is a weight loss goal, a chronic condition or disease, or a pattern you’ve had since childhood.
  • Maybe you need more intensive support as you navigate a big transition in life… finding the career that brings you meaning, releasing an old or unhealthy relationship, moving, graduating, releasing grief, releasing guilt, finding your heartsong.
  • Maybe you are ready for a positive change… to open up to your full potential, awaken your own creativity, step into the full glory of unleashed energy, or deepen your own intuition.


Whatever your goals, I can help you rocket out of your current health reality and into a place of deeper vitality, if you are ready to make that commitment to your own well being.

I can only take a handful of peeps in my annual plan. Even though we go at the pace you feel comfortable, it can be intense and requires that you really commit to releasing the old and allowing in the flow of the new.
I’ll be spending hours and hours and hours directly connecting to you and talking with you throughout the year and cultivating the perfect program specific only to you and your energy.

The Core Peeps Annual Breakthrough Plan includes:

  • 6 annual one-on-one private consultationsjust me and you
  • Specific and reachable plans after each consultation, tailored directly to you. Each plan designed to get you moving towards and achieving your health goals in do-able, achievable two month increments throughout the year
  • Unlimited email access to me every single day of the year, touching base with you as often as you need so that you never ever feel alone and you always know how to handle any issue that comes up for you throughout the journey
  • 10% off the cost of individual consultations, plus free and unlimited email support all year long, directly from me


You know I hold a high level of passion and honor and support for you, and you know it is authentic and true.

You know I want nothing but the best for you and I deeply believe in your ability to get all the way to where you want to be and even further, to where you nave never dreamed!

I can only work with a small handful of people at this level all year long, but if this listing is available at checkout then that means I have one more spot just for you and I would be absolutely honored to align with you and start the journey. It is my commitment to you that I hold you in a healing light for the entire year that we work together, manifesting change and really celebrating the results we see over the course of the year.

Peeps who work in an annual breakthrough plan with me always get priority to renew over incoming peeps, so by securing your spot today we can begin to build a therapeutic relationship that is unlimited in potential.

If you are ready to get started changing your life, having me coach you through to your health goals and beyond, let’s get started today.

I’m A Core Peep!