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Skin Happiness eBook
How to naturally support and care for your skin, without the toxic drugstore and department store products. Ten chapters chock full of in-depth info, delivered right into your in-box. The topics include cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, lip care, sunscreen, hair care, deodorant, nutrition and more!

Skin Happiness



Female Health and Empowerment
This book is designed to walk you through the mystery and the magic of the female divine… from first menarche to menopause and beyond. Come with me as we explore why menstruation is a time of personal power and find ways to come into this power. I cover everything… from organic solutions to dealing with menstrual flow, to bloating, fatigue, mood swings, acne, cramps, perimenopausal symptoms, and the huge energetic shift that occurs at menopause. Feel more powerful as a woman then you’ve ever felt before!

Female Health & Empowerment



Gentle Detox
A detox gentle enough for any body, this 5 day detox will have you flushing out your body and starting fresh from the inside out! eBook comes with a goodie bag that supports your detox with vitamins, a loofah, candle and other goodies, so that you have a new item to play with every day of the course! Feel new again in only 5 days!

Gentle Detox



Heart Centered Parenting eBook
A fun and positive heart centered parenting course designed for a parent to share with their child. Fifteen chapters that help address health and life in a positive and re-affirming manner for children, designed by intuitive physician and homeschooling mother Laura Koniver, MD. I share my 15 most important parenting principles, including nutrition, sleep, creativity, the power of intention, and many other ways to support your child’s natural well being.

Heart Centered Parenting




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