Private Medical Intuition Consultation

It is so disempowering to be seen as a simply a patient with a disease, a statistic, a test result, an imaging study or a prescription.

As a physician I refuse to see you for anything less then a unique soul with a lifetime of experiences. Your health blocks and obstacles are only one part of a fuller picture that includes well being. If you are ready to understand what is going on more fully then you ever have before, I’m here.


Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge is more powerful then either standing alone.

I run your current health challenges through my medical knowledge as well as through heart open intuition to place your situation into a deeper context then medicine is ever able to on its own. Using intuition I can see not only your illness but your unique health strengths as well, and we can use these strengths to heal faster.

As a result of looking at the entire picture, we heal the dynamic that created the illness, not just treat the resulting symptoms.

The bottom line is you get a deeper meaning and understanding of what you are going through and why, along with powerful relief and real, sustainable results. Let me help you find the relief of seeing the depth and meaning of your health journey from both angles.
  • one-on-one online private medical intuition counseling
  • email or phone options available
  • combining the best of both worlds… medical information from my experience as a physician alongside intuitive information with a heart centered approach
  • all future consultations are at a reduced price

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