Return Policy



Please understand that my shop is a hand crafted boutique, not a factory. I offfer artisan hand crafted items that are made specifically for you, upon ordering. Because of that, items generally take 2 – 3 weeks to ship. I purposefully don’t carry inventory, instead I have all of my grounding tools, shielding tools, and artwork custom hand made just for you when you place your order.

I prefer this boutique style shopping so that together we can:

1. Reduce unnecessary or throw away items. Because I don’t need to stock multiple items in multiple sizes for dozens of different healing tools, it is much better for the environment — producing less and not making items without knowing if they will get sold. Large companies, chains and franchises fill our landfills with unnecessarily created, unsold items that go to waste — one of the top harms created by consumerism. I eliminate this by eliminating any possibility of waste.

2. Hand crafted means I offer items custom hand sewn locally by artisans, instead of bulk manufactured in off shore factories. This means each order directly supports multiple small businesses in our local economy.

3. A boutique style shop allows me to personally inspect the raw materials as well as the finished product, ensuring it meets my highest medical grade standards and allows me to personally test each product by hand, as well as personally package and ship it directly from me to you, no middle man.

4. It also ensures that each artisan is paid an ethical wage and works under ethical conditions, so not only are my items eco-friendly (healthy for you and healthy for the environment!) but they are also ethically manufactured as well… making them eco-ethical (there are no other eco-ethical grounding tools on the market so I create my own!)



Since each item is specifically made for the person ordering it (yes even my cords are custom made just for my customers) I can’t accept returns on custom orders. On top of that, since these are health care tools, I am not comfortable reselling a returned item, as I am sure no one would want to receive a used health care item someone else had sent back.

Custom orders that are not returnable are any items that I have created just for you, including:

  • all grounding tools
  • all shielding tools
  • and all artwork.

Returnable items are items that are not hand crafted, include:

  • books
  • journals
  • water filtration units
  • and light boxes.

These items must be returned in unused, original condition in original packaging. All return duties and customs are the responsibility of the customer. Returns and exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of delivery date.

If you would like to return a water filtration unit or a light box, please return these directly to the manufacturer in original packaging, and once they have your return they will notify me. For returns on other returnable items you can ship them to the address below, and once I have the unused item in hand, I will refund you in full!

Laura Koniver, MD

201 Tom Hall St

Suite #1856

Fort Mill SC 29716

One more note: I intentionally run this entire business all by myself — no employees — so that I can personally attend to each and every order, including yours!) That means that every single order is literally processed, crafted, packed and shipped by me, to you!

But on top of running the shop and processing and shipping orders, I also run my website, create and test new product designs and development, create online health classes, conduct consultations, write tons of free articles (for my own website as well as several magazines,) write books, create free holistic health videos and podcasts for you, do interviews, and personally attend to all customer and patient emails. It is a lot but I love it!


So please be patient if you are trying to contact me about an order.

Simply email me at

and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


Please keep in mind I can not give medical advice and that purchasing a healing tool from my website does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. You must receive all diagnosis and treatment guidance from your in-person physician.

Thank you so much for choosing an eco-ethically hand crafted healing tools and I promise to put 100% of my love, care, and attention-to-detail into creating your order and shipping it directly to you. My goal is to support your health, delight you when you open your package, provide uplifting healing tools for your mind, body and spirit, and make every single item I offer well worth the wait.

With much love… xoxox, Laura Koniver, MD