The Healing Vortex… Step 5

The final step — are you ready? Only, it isn’t the final step, not truly… it’s all a continuous loop of massive upleveling!

You are constantly healing and releasing… which brings you up to the next level of healing, which brings up new health issues and energetic dynamics to release, which only serves to opens up your energy flow even more, which brings you to a new level of connection… and so on FOREVER!

You get the idea. Even though the 5 Steps recycle, YOU — my lovely soul — are at a new level, with a whole new layer of health and healing potential awaiting you.

Picture yourself walking up a beautiful spiral staircase, each step revolving around and around in a circle and yet you are never stepping on the same step twice… instead you are ascending into your highest healing potential. Every loop through the cycle brings you farther and farther up the staircase.

It’s the same with your healing energy flow. Today I’m going to tell you all about this powerful 5th Step, and I’m going to share with you a full color poster of the entire cycle so that you can see the beautiful Healing Vortex for yourself.

Step 5 awaits… let’s do it!


Enjoy this full color poster of The Healing Vortex… all 5 steps and remember… you are constantly being swept up in a powerful Vortex of HEALING… just enjoy each step as you take it and know that you are moving along and upleveling your flow the entire time.

Armed with this visual map of how healing energy flows through the body, you never need to feel stuck or knocked off path or back at square one every again. It’s all a glorious vortex meant to heal you as it pulls you up towards your highest good.

Never hesitate to contact me if I can help you with this process in any way. That’s what I’m here for… that’s what I love to do!
xoxo, Laura