Why Work With Intuition?

In·tu·i·tion [in-too-ish-uhn, -tyoo-] noun
  1. direct perception of truth, fact; immediate comprehension.
  2. the quality or ability of having such direct perception or quick insight.
  3. pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge.



Medical knowledge is amazing… knowing physically what is going on inside the body helps us figure out how to help treat it and alleviate symptoms.

But the truth is, that among the miracles and breakthroughs and life-saving medications and surgical interventions that modern medicine provides, there are many… many… many gaps.


So much left unknown.


In medical school I became painfully aware of how little modern medicine really knows about any single illness.

  • That often there are no drugs that can fix everything.

  • That sometime there are no operations that can magically cure everything.

  • There is often no lab test that can accurately say what is truth for you and why this is happening right now and in exactly this way

  • That out beyond the miracles of modern medicine, there are other miracles miracles brought on by spirit and faith.

  • That there are healings and cures that happen all the time even without medical intervention.

  • And that there is a dark side, too, of modern medicine… that there are interventions that harm, that there are side effects that do not fix the problem and worse yet, cause other ones.


I began to understand and deeply appreciate that medicine has limitations,

whereas intuition does not.

That medicine can harm, whereas spirit does not.




So I appreciate medicine for what it offers

and I honor intuition for what it adds.


Both medical knowledge and intuitive information provide different but equally important answers to what is going on inside our body.



If we think all we are is a body, than medicine is likely to meet your needs well enough.


But at the point when it becomes obvious to us that there is more going on in here then just a linear biochemical process…

…that there is a movement of energy and a flow of spirit through us that goes well beyond how one cell reacts to another…

… it is no longer satisfying to merely attempt to treat a health challenge with a label or a medication.


Intuitive information combined with medical knowledge

is always more powerful than either standing alone.

Both are factual. Both are healing. Both are relevant.


Both are necessary to pull it all together and figure out the bigger picture of why you are on the journey you are on.


Reaching for guidance

Once you know why you are going through this particular health condition, the entire condition becomes meaningful.

And with meaning, comes healing.


Deep, soulful healing.


Going more deeply into your health journey and answering the bigger questions of “why this disease” and “why now” and “why in this exact way” requires that we go deeper then lab results and prescription medications.


Full understanding requires that we access information that is not printed out in your medical record.

It requires that we access intuition.


It requires taking the intuitions we receive and viewing them through the lens of medical knowledge.


This is exactly what I do and what I love to do.


I run your current health challenges through my medical knowledge as well as through heart open intuition to place your situation into a deeper context then medicine is ever able to on its own.


Using intuition I can see not only your illness but your unique health strengths as well… and we can use these strengths to heal faster.



The bottom line is you get a deeper meaning and understanding of what you are going through and why, along with powerful relief and real, sustainable results.

All Is Well

Let me help you find the relief of seeing the depth and meaning of your health journey from both angles.


Whether it is through Private Consultations, Online Health Classes, Grounding Tools, or simply by reading my weekly newsletter (just sign up here!)… I know that working together we can get you the answers you need to find relief and move towards healing and well being.


xoxo, Laura

Laura Koniver, MD

The Intuition Physician