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Okay my friends, as I blogged about on Monday… I’m a solar plexus type of gal.


This is a painting I painted of me… re-balancing my solar plexus.


This is the one chakra I have to constantly balance and re-balance in order to keep it open. So I’m a pro at this and I’ve got lots of tips for those of you who may benefit from a little solar plexus balancing yourself.



Do any of these sound like you?

  • irritable bowel issues
  • constipation
  • weight struggles (either over or underweight)
  • binge eating
  • addictions
  • diabetes
  • self-worth issues
  • stomach ulcers
  • reflux issues
  • hepatitis
  • gallstones
  • pancreatitis

If so, let’s jump right into some easy ways to re-balance your solar plexus chakra right now:


1. Choices.

It comes down to this — you can feel empowered through the choices you make.

Solar Plexus peeps tend to struggle between feeling very powerful and self-assured to feeling worthless and hesitant.

When in those hesitant times, focus on making empowered choices.

Instead of making choices based on nerves or fear, consider answering this questions “Which option will empower me more?” If it will empower you, force yourself to go in that direction.

This is a critical thing I’ve learned along the way: if I am making choices based on the knot of worry in my stomach, I stay stuck.

If I ask the hard questions of what would be the most empowering choice… often times I come up with something that isn’t the easiest path or the most comforting option, but I find I discover the path of greater healing… the path that ultimately feels best as my self-worth grows and the knot in my stomach holds less power.



2. Leadership.

It may seem counter-intuitive… as solar plexus peeps often are the ones that feel the most introverted or shy.

But solar plexus peeps often have fantastic leadership skills that can only rise to the surface when their solar plexus is feeling open and free.

If you struggle with solar plexus issues, I can pretty much guarantee you that you’d feel better if you stepped out further into leadership roles.

It is a wonderful cycle of self-empowerment and growth. You step out into the forefront where it is uncomfortable, and that boosts your confidence which in turns allows you to take on larger and larger roles.

Pretty soon you are so empowered you are on fire!!!

Solar plexus peeps are often the ones that really love to shine when they are comfortable, taking the lead in friendships and intimate relationships and really adding their strengths to the team when they are feeling confident.

So you know you have those gifts to give… now try letting them shine in areas where you are not so confident.

Perhaps taking that step of becomins self-employed instead of working for someone else. Or giving a lecture or leading a meeting or asserting your ideas at work. Or starting up a social group, craft night, co-ed sports club. Teaching a night-time class at your local community outreach center.

You get the idea. Step out a little and let your hidden strengths shine… I guarantee you will feel stronger after you’ve done it then you did going into it.



3. Solitude

Solitude can be a great way to self-soothe when you need the space to off-gas some chakra imbalance.

Often for solar plexus peeps, solitude is bliss.

Especially if you combine solitude with Earthing (grab my free eBook about Earthing in the sidebar to the right for instructions on how!) you will feel supported and empowered on a level that runs much more deeply then you are used to.



4. Trying New Things.

Oh crap.

I hate this one but it is true.

Much like the “leadership” idea, trying new things leads to feeling empowered and knowing your true self-worth and adaptability.

It gives you confidence in your own resilience, which is the bottom line NEED for all solar plexus peeps. Often this is what we resist most.

But the truth is you can’t wait to magically *feel* empowered enough to try new things… you try new things first and feel empowered as a result.

I need to tattoo this one across my forehead 🙂



5. Core Strengthening — Pilates

Anything that strengthens your core muscle group will strengthen your solar plexus chakra — the classic for this is pilates.

Since I am too lazy for pilates I do the next best thing, yoga and some sit ups.

But don’t be like me… go for the pilates and you’ll have your core strengthened in no time and your solar plexus breezing right along with that inner strength.



6. Martial Arts

Similar to pilates, this is a great core strengthener that also happens to be self-empowering as well.

I did karate with my family all through high school (thank you mom and dad!!!) and got up to my green belt 🙂 It really helped me feel stronger during those self-conscious teenage years.

You don’t have to be a kid or a teen to take karate — both my parents started in their 40’s and loved it too!!!

Seek out your local martial arts center and give your solar plexus a boost!



7. Honor your Gut Knowings

The solar plexus is where we receive some of our most powerful intuitions — those gut “knowings”.

In retrospect, the reason I had such a solar plexus blockage growing up is that I was holding back some extremely powerful intuitive mojo — I just wasn’t ready to handle the power of my intuition yet.

I needed to get through the conventional world of medicine and clinical training before I could unleash and really process the good stuff, those intuitive knowings.

If your solar plexus is blocked, there is a good chance you are intuitively powerful too.

Honor your gut knowings for the factual and dependable and powerful information that they give you — never brush off your intuitive understandings.

To me, intuitive understanding is more reliable and more solid then any other factual or mental reasoning one can do.



8. Praise Your Poop

I’m serious! Most solar plexus peeps have either constipation or diarrhea or both (IBS.)

It took me years to release chronic constipation… and here’s how I did it: an energy healer once told me to give yourself a mental “high-5” every time you poop because you are literally DUMPING off old unwanted emotional baggage.

Out with the old, in with the new.

It’s so true. Every time you poop, know you are unloading outdated baggage, old mind-frames that no longer serve you, and allowing room for the new. Go you!

Ever notice that when you exercise more regularly you poop more regularly? That’s the power of getting that solar plexus area mobilized! Look at pooping as the powerful release that it is!



9. Visual Arts — Painting, Drawing, Photography

Visual arts and creativity feel very empowering.

Do you think it is a coincidence that I am an artist as well as a physician, and that the solar plexus just happens to be my weakest link? It’s not.

Creating art and painting has always been incredibly soothing to me and a way for me to express myself and not shy away from my inner power.

Painting canvas after canvas all through med school, motherhood and beyond has helped balance my solar plexus chakra as well as anything else I have ever done. Here is how.

Grab a canvas, some paint, a pencil, a pen, a camera… doesn’t matter what you do, just do it!



10. Gems: Citrine and Tiger’s Eye.

Citrine and Tiger’s eye gemstones resonate with the solar plexus chakra and can help mobilize and balance it.

Just having these powerful gems in the room with you, on your desk at work, or holding it while you earth, relax, or read (or even placing it on your solar plexus while you meditate!) are all fabulous ways to increase the flow of energy through your solar plexus chakra.

Pop on over to Hibiscus Moon’s shop to see what she has in stock… this is the one I’m drooling over!



11. Fiber

Solar plexus issues can work either way — either you are nauseous and don’t want to eat or craving comfort and could eat all day long.

Either way, the name of the game is to regulate these imbalances and the best way to do that is to eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water, so that you feel full and have stuff for your bowels to process and release excess energy without it impacting your appetite as much.



12. Water

Ditto to the above… keeping your body and your bowels well hydrated will help regulate your pooping, give your gut plenty of healthy stuff to process while off gassing any energetic imbalances.

Fresh fruit, veggies, fiber supplements, water — these are your bowels best friends.




Bonus Video:

Healing Your Solar Plexus Chakra…

…let me walk you through assessing your third chakra

right in this very moment:




I hope this helps!

Of course, this advice is great for any and all solar plexus peeps– but I can only go so far with the generic advice.

If you want to find out if you truly are a solar plexus person or not (I can tell just by connecting to your energy!)

and have a detailed plan on how you would best release any imbalances and open up your gorgeous leadership potential and intuitive capabilities…

contact me for private one-on-one consultations!


xoxox, Laura



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