Life Is Simply: Take The Very Next Step

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I had an idea for my next painting.

So I got busy drawing it and then I got busy painting it.

Because that’s all life really is…

…having an idea and taking the next logical step towards it, and then the next.


Life is all about just taking the next step.

And the next one.

And the next.

And then the one after that.


Even when it feels like you are looping around in the same pattern over and over and over again… you are not.

It’s not possible.

Just as it is impossible to breathe the same breath twice, or stand in the same stream of water twice…

…you are always moving forward in your endless spiral of progression and forward movement.



And what feels like a repeat pattern is actually a beautiful spiral staircase…

…one that you are climbing ever higher in.




Each time you circle back around, you are looking at it from a different perspective, having a different experience and experiencing a different vantage point and a different outcome.

And for me, it turns out that life just means taking the next logical step, which is the one step that is standing right in front of you…

…and doing that one step as best as you can.

This painting is the visual story of that.

Not knowing exactly where your spiral staircase is leading you, but taking the next step anyway.



And over a lifetime, even without seeing the end of the spiral staircase or knowing exactly where it leads, you have pieced together a meaningful, beautiful, never-ending journey that has carried you from one level of existence to the next.



So even when you are standing in the shadows of a twisting path, view blocked, only able to see the next step ahead of you…

…like this goddess who is unsure of her journey…

…keep stepping.


Take that next step and then the one after that.




Keep going step by step by step, knowing you are ultimately journeying through the sacred spiral of space and time…

…and you are exactly where you need to be each moment along the way.

What does this have to do with health?

Everything, because this idea is the exact same approach that I use to healing.



I find it extremely healing and a big relief to remember that the truth about patterns is that you are still moving FORWARD so they are not vicious loops but rather a continual process of upleveling.

Just because you are repeating a pattern (say breaking up with your second alcoholic partner!) you are a different age, a different person, with different needs, learning different things from each experience, and with different physical perspectives and different spiritual perspectives.

And in medicine, the same absolutely goes for a medical condition that feels like you are stuck on a loop pattern with.

You are NOT stuck.

That 4th bladder infection that you feel incredibly sick of getting or that chronic pain you are so *done* with experiencing is a actually new off gassing, a new healing each time, with new bacteria causing the infection and a new layer of energy lifting off through the pain and your experience of it is different from all others.

It is an illusion that you are stuck — you are actually walking up the spiral staircase of your life… and with each spiral you loop around, you see the same landscape if you look down, but even that is from a new perspective each time, one layer higher and higher.

And if you look UP — that’s where the magic is!

Look UP and realize you are moving higher and higher along your spiritual journey.

Healing Vortex Free Course


I call this pattern, in health issues and in life experiences, THE HEALING VORTEX.


If you haven’t yet worked with my Healing Vortex pattern (or if it’s been a while since you have worked through it) I highly encourage you to give it a try!
It’s so much easier and more comforting and lighter work to hop through a familiar pattern if you understand where you are in the process and you understand that each time you loop through it you get higher and higher and more and more whole.

Your patterns might actually be healing you!

Let me help you with this by walking you through the Healing Vortex free video series here.
I have 5 videos, each one explaining each of the 5 layers of health patterns that I have identified after 15+ years of working as an intuitive physician.



It’s waiting for you right here. ((((xoxoxo))))


Journey on, my friend.

xoxox, Laura

P.S. Original canvas and prints of this artwork available here.