How Grounding Supports Your Muscles, Joints And Bones

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Over the next five weeks, I’m going to be running a series of detailed videos and helpful information on exactly how grounding supports our body —

…from cardiovascular support to metabolic support to hormone support and more.


I’ve noticed there just isn’t a lot of concrete information disseminated on exactly how grounding works.

So I decided to change that.

Starting today.

Over the next month and a half I’m giving away all of the information that I taught in my Earth Rx online health class… for free!
The first topic in the course is all about how our bones, our connective tissue, our muscles, and everything that holds our body together (like our fascia, ligaments, tendons) is actually a grounding conduit — all of our connective tissue is actually a grounding conductor that brings healing immediately to all areas of our body, even scar tissue, even dense bones, even injured muscles.

So today I am going to walk you through several amazing studies that focus on the profound effect that grounding has on our muscles, reducing muscle tension immediately and reducing the severity and duration of soreness after exercising…

…as well as the amazing effect grounding has on our protecting our bone health and joint health.


One of the most immediate ways that grounding supports our health is by reducing inflammation in such a profound way that it directly decreases whole body inflammation — let me tell you how direct this support is in the 15 minute video below.

This decrease in inflammation is what is responsible for the immediate reduction in pain that is felt when grounding.


Our connective tissue actually is a conductor, speeding anti-inflammatory support directly to all the areas of our body that need it the most.


Even walled off pockets of inflammations are immediately affected because grounding is not something we absorb through our digestive tract and have to deliver through circulation like an ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medication or supplement… No.

This is DIRECT whole body access through our connective tissues electrically.

Let me tell you more:




Watch the video on YouTube here.


And click the link below if you want to read or print out a PDF of the “Grounding and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” study I referenced in the video:

Grounding & Reduced Muscle Soreness Medical Study





Maintaining your living matrix… your intracellular electrical gel — with a bounty of ever available free electrons means your body can adapt and respond instantaneously to any stress in the environment, trauma, illness, toxins, allergens, injury and more…

…actually PREVENTING the full extent of damage that would be seen without grounding.


Not only that, but it shortens recovery time from any damage that does occur as well as prevents it from turning into a chronic, smoldering, life long situation. Absorbing and mitigating damage in real time… as it occurs.

Have you ever noticed that minor injuries are more commonly turning into long term health issues?

Chronic fatigue?

Chronic infections?

Chronic join pain?

Chronic back issues?

Chronic sleep issues?

Chronic allergies?

Chronic food intolerance?

This is because we are all living totally depleted and cut off from our reservoir of healing… touching the earth.

Keep your healing reservoir full and ready to respond to protect your short term healing *and* long term health. Because grounding is not only protective… but anti-aging!

Aging, especially of joints and bone and skin and connective tissue and muscle tissue, is a function of cumulative inflammatory damage over time. Arthritis, skin changes, many cancers, heart disease, metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes, even dementia is a result of sustained inflammatory damage. We will go into these studies through the next few weeks!

If we keep our living matrix in a prepared state of anti-oxidant rich electron reserves, we have already taken away the basis of age related change over time. So today, I have a very simple suggestion for you:

Go outside and directly touch the earth for 20 minutes or longer today.



See how you feel.

Notice any changes in your energy, pain levels, mood.

And if you want to do more to support your body’s muscle recovery and bone health other than grounding, try these ideas as well:



1. Turmeric Supplements — turmeric is anti-inflammatory to the whole body, decreasing pain very effectively.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids Supplements — fish oil (or krill oil) is one of the most whole body supportive supplements you can take — decreasing inflammation and protecting your brain, joints and skin from aging.

3. Vit D Supplements — Vitamin D is essential to prevent disease in healthy aging. Have your levels checked and make sure you supplement with a fat emulsified formula for the best absorption.

4. Magnesium Supplements or Epsom Bath Soaks — magnesium is essential for proper muscle function and recovery… I highly recommend supplementing with trace mineral drops in your daily drinking water to keep your mineral balance strong. Also, soaking in a warm bath with a cup of Epsom salts in it will help reduce muscle soreness after exercising and help relax muscles deeply before bedtime.

5. Topical Magnesium Oil — alternatively to the Epsom bath soak, you can soothe sore muscles directly by spraying or massaging on a topical magnesium lotion.

6. Decrease Gluten and Sugar Consumption — gluten is a neurotoxin and over a lifetime incites cellular damage… and sugar is pro-inflammatory. Both decrease your body’s ability to fight infections and decrease inflammation. I recommend reducing your intake of gluten and of sugar as much as you can tolerate. We will be talking more about this in an upcoming blog post, and I’ll give you some tips to get past those sugar cravings too!

7. Alternating Ice and Heat — this helps stimulate blood flow and alleviate muscle pain, soreness and stiffness after working out or injury.

Exponentially sky rocket the healing power of heat and/or ice with the worlds only Grounding Hot & Cold Pack. Combine grounding and hot & cold therapy for triple action musculoskeletal support!

One of the most powerful holistic healing modality of all time, heat helps loosen stiff muscles, increase blood flow to the area of application, decreasing soreness and pain, keeps the body warm and limber, relieves cramps, abdominal pain, muscle tension and tension headaches, and much much more.

Cold is every bit as healing, helping to decrease inflammation, cool down painful injured areas of swelling, decrease joint pain and pain associated with pinched nerves, arthritis, inflammation, trauma, contusions, over use injuries and much much more.

Alternating ice and heat on an area of pain or injury allows the body to recover more quickly and significantly decreases pain and swelling.

You can take all of these positive healing aspects and make the effects exponentially more powerful by grounding the body at the application site as well, because grounding independently has been medically proven to decrease pain, decrease muscle tension, decrease muscle soreness, increase circulation and much much more.

Using these two healing modalities together could not be any simpler than with my grounding cozy slipped over a gel pack that has been cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave in just seconds.

These grounded hot & cold packs are essential for every first aid kit!

Next week we review the impact that grounding has on our Neurology and Sleep!

Until then…

xoxox, Laura


P.S. Bonus Video:

Strong Bones for a lifetime… holistic ways to decrease your osteoporosis risk:



Watch the video on YouTube here.