15 Things You Walk By Every Day That Would Ground You If You Touched It

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Hello! I recently received a great question from a reader asking me to demonstrate with a ground test meter that I was truly grounded while touching cement.

Good idea.

Not only do I show you that you absolutely are grounded when touching cement in the video below, but I show you 15 different surfaces — besides just grass — that you probably walk by each day and didn’t know could ground you.

At the end, I show you the very strongest way to ground out of them all — yes, an even stronger ground connection than standing barefoot on grass… can you guess what it is?

Watch this quick video and I’ll show you!






Hopefully that will get you inspired to reach out and touch the earth in different ways, instead of just waiting for the grass to green up again this spring.


Grass is kind of hard to find in winter and even if I do see some living grass that looks inviting… um no thanks, I’m way too cold for that.

But you can keep your feet toasty inside of thick socks and winter boots on and simply wear these wool fingerless gloves, alternating one hand inside a pocket at a time, and you’ll be surprised how long you can stay grounded directly to the earth outside.



To recap, here are all the different surfaces that will get you grounded, beyond the “just walk barefoot on grass” tired old advice.

Not that there is anything wrong with grass.

It’s just that most of us (myself included) are not lucky enough to have a lovely backyard full of grass… and who knows what is sprayed on the grass in public parks… so more often than not it is a sidewalk or a rock that will tempt me to reach out and touch it more than grass will.


So here you go…

15 Alternative Grounded Surfaces Just Waiting For You Outside:



1. Gravel.

Yep, that gravel road, that gravel parking lot, that pea gravel patio… it’ll all ground you.



2. Ferns.

I seem to be able to find these even when most other smaller plants have gone dormant or died in the winter… long after the grass is brown, I usually can find a fern on my winter walks. And yep, any rooted living thing, ferns included, growing out of the ground will ground you.



3. Moss.

Even moss growing on a tree, even moss growing on thick bark (which would typically block a ground connection) as I show in the video above, will get you grounded and feels oh-so-good. So if you are trying to ground through a tree that has a lot of thick bark on it, see if you can find moss growing on it to touch instead.



4. Slate.

Slate walkways are my favorite thing to walk barefoot on, I’ve had my hubby put slate walkways in for me leading up to my front door because I love them that much… and yes you are grounded the entire time you stand or walk on one.



5. Tile.

This might be a good solution for indoor grounding too. If you have bare tile placed on a cement floor in your home, you might want to grab a ground test meter here and see if you can ground by touching the tile, inside the comfort of your own home!

Just be sure there is no paint on the tile, it will seal the ground connection away from you.



6. Sidewalk.

The sidewalks around your home, the shopping mall, your office, that restaurant you are eating lunch in… they are all grounded and waiting to support your health, even in the most urban of environments!



7. Cement.

This is another great way to ground indoors directly to the earth — do you have a cement floor on your basement? Or your garage? Or your driveway? Or your patio? In the basement of your office building? Or your parking garage? It’s all deliciously grounded!




8. Pavers.

Similar to slate and cement and sidewalks mentioned above — pavers will ground you. In fact, most natural walkways (everything I can think of except dried wood walkways) will ground you!



9. Brick.

Did you know that brick will ground you as well, as long as it is directly on the earth?



10. Rock.

Yep, you can just sit on a rock and touch it and it will ground you.



11. Sand.

Sand is really just a collection of mini rocks, and so yes… sand will ground you (especially if the sand is wet, as you’ll see in #15 below!)



12. Flowers.

All flowers that are rooted and growing out of the ground outside will ground you just by touching their stems, leaves or petals!



13. Trees.

The moist parts on trees (like the leaves and inner wood) will ground you, no matter how high up in the air they reach!

Just be aware that thick bark insulates you from the moist, grounded inner wood (the “circulation” of the tree, the vascular cambium, is what carries the ground connection up to the leaves) so if the tree has a layer of dry, thick bark, it’s better to touch a leaf, look for moss growing on the tree (like I show you in the above video) or find areas where the bark is thin to get grounded.



14. Weeds.

Yep just like the fern and flowers I show you in the video above, anything that is rooted in the ground — even a pesky dandelion or a thistle or thorn or other unwanted underbrush — it will all ground you just the same as soft grass would, no matter how gnarly or uninviting the weeds seem!



15. Water.

This is the most impressive, strong ground connection you can make — water. Just having one cell in your body touch one drop of water on the earth will powerfully ground you from head to toe.

One fingertip touching the very top of a stream, lake, pond, river, puddle, or ocean will do the trick!


What won’t ground you?


(Does anyone want me to make of video of these too? I’m happy to just let me know.)

  • Thick dry bark on a tree
  • asphalt on the road
  • thick layers of dry powdery snow or ice
  • painted anything (painted tile, painted cement, painted metal)
  • any dead dried out wood (like wood used to build a deck or a picnic table or a bench or a dried out branch that you might use for a walking stick)

…none of these things will ground you.


Want to test all the surfaces that are out and about where you live?



You can grab the same test meter I show you in the video above right here.

I have a special cord custom made, by hand right here in the USA, to use specifically with these test meters, so as far as I know, my Grounding Boutique is the only place to find the complete set up. I even install a battery in them for you myself before shipping them out. I’d love to send one your way!


To your natural, grounded, ever-resilient state of health!

xoxox, Laura