Find Out If You Are Going Barefoot Enough With This Simple Test

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Are you getting excited for Spring to arrive?

I sure am!


I just ordered all of my organic heirloom seeds to start my garden seedlings, and for me this means tons of barefoot time outdoors is just around the corner.

So today’s question is… are your feet ready for spring?


To find out, I made a quick, fun, hands-on video for you to help you answer these questions:

  • Are you getting enough barefoot time?

  • Are your feet properly aligned?

  • Is the alignment of your foot giving you knee, hip and back pain?

  • Are the shoes you are wearing causing foot issues?

  • How can you reverse damage shoes have caused your feet?


With the two very simple tests that I demonstrate for you in this video, you can test your own feet right now and you’ll know the answer to all of these questions!


A Quick Way To Know If You Are Going Barefoot Enough





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This video can be very motivating to get your loved ones to kick of their shoes and get grounded!

So if you have friends or family who you’ve been encouraging to get barefoot and grounding outside but they’ve been resisting… forward them this video and at least let them determine for themselves if they getting enough time barefoot!



If you are interested in grabbing some foot alignment socks that allow you to ground and correct your toe spacing all at the same time…

…you can find the exact socks I am wearing in this video right here.


To your foot health, and a spring and summer full of barefoot grounding! It’s blessedly just around the corner, so now is the time to get your feet ready!

xoxoxo, Laura