3 Easy Ways to Heal Your Root Chakra

You CAN feel better!

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On Monday I gave examples of how you may be feeling and what health issues may be a concern for you if you have a first chakra imbalance.


Today — let’s launch right into some of the solutions.

Your old theme was “needing to control circumstances to feel safe.”


Your new theme? Focusing on feeling connected at all times.

It goes like this: “I am connected, therefore I AM SAFE.

I am lovingly held by not only the people and relationships in my life but also more deeply by the earth as it supports our growth and holds us, and ultimately by God as we are forever connected spiritually and can never be disconnected.”

1. Your new mantra: “I am a soul and therefore I am safe.”

Seek out the Divine.

Remember, Chakra 1 peeps find comfort through connection. Working hard to deepen connections to the spiritual world, you can help open up your base chakra and stop relying so much on controlling circumstances to feel safe.

Just by existing and being aware of existing, you know are never disconnected from source energy or the Divine.

Finding comfort in religion, prayer, mediation, and seeing the interconnection of your soul with the Divine can help you loosen your grip on the tangible people and items around you and help you find a deeper comfort that is lacking when you get anxious about surface circumstances.

  • find a religious or spiritual support group
  • pray
  • meditate
  • affirmations: this video is full of 1st chakra lovin’ affirmations. So if you need a little 6 minute something to help you feeling more comforted and grounded… give it a try:

2. The best way for base chakra peeps to find support for their physical symptoms? Mother Earth.


Grounding will take the inflammation away from your autoimmune and allergic hyper-responses, soothe joint inflammation, calm fears and boost your mood, along with a host of other medically documented things like speed metabolism, stabilize blood sugar, decrease insomnia, lower cortisol, and more!

I know that being outside isn’t always fun for 1st chakra peeps… you can not quite control nature or insects or weather or trees the way you can control indoor conditions, and on top of it you are likely to have seasonal allergies.

But your disconnection to the earth is part of why you ultimately are not feeling safe and part of why your body is over-reacting physically.

It has built up way too many free radicals, too much inflammation, and too much cortisol and other stress hormones pumping through your veins.

Don’t want to spend a long time outside? You don’t have to. Literally TEN MINUTES will soothe you from head-to-toe, and is enough to get you feeling connected (always the goal with 1st chakra peeps) and safe.

Don’t know what to do out there? I’ve got you covered.


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3. Mix spirituality and grounding to the earth by one of the most ancient holistic practices of all time: Yoga


Yep, you first chakra peeps are the ones MOST likely to benefit from developing a yoga practice.

Even doing a few dozen Kegels counts towards stimulating your base chakra, increasing energy flow and balancing the first chakra. Seriously! I’m not kidding!


But want to take it up a notch? Try these three simple yoga poses you can do right now (yes even in the office) or outside while you are grounding this evening.


My fav of those three is the Warrior 1 pose, demonstrated in this simple 1 minute video (I recommend holding a few minutes longer then she does in the video, but this will give you guidance on how to get in and out of the pose!)


Are there a million other ways to support and balance your base chakra? You bet. And if you have a fav to share with my readers, you know I’d absolutely LOVE for you to leave me a comment below.

But until I connect with you personally, see your gorgeous soul energy shining bright and hear your story… I can’t customize my recommendations for your situation, your life, and your path. Ready to have some more personalized help in releasing your health challenges and unleashing health? Connect with me here.

xoxo, Laura

Bonus Video:

Healing Your Root Chakra…

…let me walk you through assessing your root chakra right in this very moment:



Bonus idea: READ!

This book is a fabulous resource for stopping fear from dictating how you act and react to various triggers and I highly recommend this for anyone suffering from fear. The original cover of this book was solid bright RED, which I thought was perfect for these 1st chakra peeps as the first chakra is red. But they changed the cover, however the words are as powerful as ever.


Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway by Susan J. Jeffers



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