3 Important New Findings That Will Help Protect Your Eyesight For A Lifetime

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I get asked quite a bit about how to protect against age related vision loss, like macular degeneration and glaucoma, so when I read this recent study in the medical literature, I just had to share it with you.

Turns out there is a dried berry you can eat that has actually been shown to protect your eyes — and I’m always looking through the medical literature to share with you uplifting, healthy, holistic ways to protect your health.

I’m going to tell you about this study, about another very interesting study on how to help prevent degenerative eye disease, plus share with you a classic technique that I’ve talked about a million times that supports healthy blood flow all the way to your retina.

Do all three of these and you’ve protected your vision in a very healthy, natural way that will actually help the health of your entire body too, not just your eyes!


3 Totally Natural Ways To Protect Your Eye Health:





1. Eat a handful of dried goji berries daily


A new medical study, literally just published a month ago in Nutrients, found that regularly eating a very small amount of dried goji berries might help prevent macular degeneration, or possibly slow down it’s development.

Age related macular degeneration affect more than 11 million folks in the US alone, making it one of the leading causes of vision loss (just behind cataracts) which means likely you know someone who could use this important information. Please forward it to them!

In this study, participants who ate 1 oz ( a small handful) of dried goji berries five days a week for three months, actually increased the density of protective pigments in their retina. Not just preventing deterioration, but actually improving the protective health of the eye! Participants who took an eye supplement with the same nutrients that are thought to be eye protective (lutein and zeaxanthin) for the same period of time did not have any increase in these protective pigments.

It’s believed that the naturally occurring lutein and zeaxanthin in the berries help protect the eye from blue light, similar to ‘sunscreen for your eyes” according to lead researcher Xiang Li. Yet supplementing with these two nutrients through a capsule did not provide the same protective benefit, showing that if you can get nutrition in through whole foods, it is a superior way to support the body.

Even folks with healthy eyes can increase the density of protective pigments in their retina by consuming a handful of goji berries daily, so it’s never too early to protect your eyes with this whole food source of nutrients.


2. Filter fluoride out of your water


This medical study, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, found that Fluoride exposure increased oxidative stress, impaired antioxidant activity, and contributes to degenerative eye disease, not limited to macular degeneration but also cataract formation and glaucoma.

The authors of this study state that “reducing Fluoride intake may lead to an overall reduction in the modifiable risk factors associated with degenerative eye diseases” and in fact go further to suggest that removing fluoride has other benefits… they “suggest a possible association between Fluoride exposure and other inflammatory diseases.”

Well we do already know that fluoride is whole-body toxic. It accumulates in bone, is a neurotoxin, is taken up by your cardiovascular walls, and is all around unsafe (that’s why you need to supervise children when brushing their teeth, to make sure they don’t swallow that fluoride!). If you receive my newsletter, you know I’ve written many free articles for you linking you to these studies (if you don’t get my newsletter and would like to, just sign up for it right here.)

What I suggest, even if you want to brush with fluoride toothpaste, is to make sure you are at least not drinking it. You can read more about why I advocate for filtering out fluoride from your drinking water if you want to, by clicking over to one of these medical articles, in addition to the one I am sharing with you today on protecting your eye health:


Bottom line you should filter your drinking water and this is the best water filter in the world (and I’ve tried them all.) It’s the only system that includes all of my “musts” when looking at water purity:

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3. Get Grounded Daily


Touching the earth, whether directly outside or though indoor grounding tools, boosts the health of your entire body, including your precious eyes.

Want to see it for yourself? In this documentary, you can literally watch a patient get grounded, through an indoor grounding tool, and how his retina responded with markedly better circulation — even re-perfusing the macula (which is almost unheard of!)

You watch it for yourself for free on YouTube right here.



Of course I think everyone should go outside and touch the earth every single day — even when it’s cold, even if you have no yard, even if you live in a city, even when it’s hot as heck out there.

But I know that can be hard. I don’t have a backyard myself, so I have become very creative in getting my time on the earth each day in ways that are safe and accessible, year round.

I wrote an entire book dedicated to helping you figure out ways to get grounded directly to the earth too, no matter what the season and no matter where you live. It’s called The Earth Prescription and I’d love to sign a copy and send it right to you to help support your daily grounding routine:



The Earth Prescription (signed by Dr. Laura Koniver)


But as the documentary Heal For Free shows, you can receive similar benefits even while comfortably inside, using an indoor grounding tool. I believe these grounding tools should be non-toxic, eco friendly, hand made, and ethically crafted.

After all, if we are seeking health support from the earth, shouldn’t we make sure the tools we are using are earth friendly? That’s why I make organic grounding tools and offer them to you right here.





I created this artwork out of my old med school anatomy book. It has sold, but you can find lots of other healing artwork that I have personally created right here.



So here’s your new eye care Rx!

  1. Eat a small handful of dried goji berries routinely – they are even better than eye supplements!
  2. Filter fluoride out of your drinking water
  3. Ground to the earth — either indoors or outside — daily.
  4. Bonus: to protect your eyes from cataracts, wear UV protective eyewear (aka sunglasses) while you are outside… UV light is one of the main culprits in age related cataract formation. You can read a medical study on that here.


Enjoy this empowering, totally natural and holistic information to keep your body feeling it’s best, and protecting your eyesight for a lifetime!


Laura Koniver, MD