5 Ways To Transform A Health Crisis

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Today I have a new video for you!


After sharing with my readers about the huge life transition I had to walk through in 2013, I have gotten calls and emails from readers and patients all over the world…

*** literally! ***

…folks who are experiencing a similar life change that they did not expect, did not want, do not have control over.

There are a lot of people going through huge challenges and life transitions… both expected and unexpected… all over the world right now.

And everyone wants to know… how can they regain their own sense of self in the midst of a crisis?

I really want to help… so I created today’s video…

…the 5 things that worked best for me in the middle of a crisis.


Sometimes you can’t prevent a crisis from happening to you.

Sometimes you can’t control the outcome and you can’t make it resolve more quickly.

But you always always ALWAYS can change your energy in any given situation…

…and by changing the energy you approach the situation with, you change your experience of it.

Changing your experience of a situation can change everything… can transform a crisis into an opportunity for growth.

Here is how:



If this video is not clickable from the newsletter, simply view it on my blog here.


I hope that helps you or one of your loved ones facing a big life change or an unexpected health crisis!

Any questions, and comments, any tips to add?


Leave them for me in the comments below and I will get back to you personally!

xoxoxox, Laura