8 Unusual Grounding Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Organic, hand sewn, eco-friendly grounding bed roll


I get asked all the time about alternatives to the cheap plastic grounding mats and bed pads, from folks wondering if there are more eco-friendly alternatives to the synthetic, hot, sticky mats and polyester synthetic sheets that eventually sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.

The answer is yes!  There are eco-friendly, all natural, organic, hand crafted and locally made grounding mats and bed pads (you can check them out right here.)

But when I also tell folks there are other eco-friendly ways to get grounded — ways that utilize items you already own, for example: making your own grounding hiking stick, or sewing a grounding ribbon onto sheets you already have, or placing grounding stickers on shoes you already own, or grounding an indoor plant and simply touching that plant to get grounded — most folks have never heard of those options!

So today I’m running through a list of the top 8 grounding tools that I recommend that are lesser known, in case one of these can help you stay grounded this winter or be that perfect holiday gift for a loved one looking to improve their health.

Here we go:




1.  Grounding Cane:


Keep your feet toasty warm and protected inside your hiking boots, and simply ground through your hands while using this stainless steal walking stick/hiking cane.  Hands are a great way for those who want to keep their feet inside warm protective shoes, or for those in a wheelchair or scooter which keeps them up off the earth, ungrounded.

Simply use cane to touch the earth near you and get grounded from head to toe right through your hands!  Ground while sitting at a park bench, all warm and bundled up.  Ground from your wheelchair without needing to use your feet at all.  A great way to get grounded while rehabilitating from an injury or just for those that prefer a way to ground cleanly through their hands instead of going barefoot.




2.  DIY Grounding Hiking Stick Kit:


Want to make your own hiking stick?  Have a stick you already love, or a cane or crutches you want to ground?  This grounding kit includes conductive tape and a steel crampon to create your own conductive hiking stick using any cane, pole or hiking stick you already have.  You can even create a grounding walking stick out of a broom handle!

Want to see how simple it is to make?  In the second half of this video (at 5 min 40 seconds) I show you how to use this DIY kit to easily create your own grounded walking stick:





3.  Grounding Ribbon:


This grounding kit allows DIYers to simply and easily add grounding to anything they already love and use in their home, office, wardrobe, for travel — really anything.  You can sew or pin it along sheets you have, your kitchen bath mat, the seat of your office chair, the waistband of your pants, a throw pillow on your sofa, across your yoga mat, your pet’s bed, the floor of your tent, inside your sleeping bag… truly any item you can dream up to create a grounding tool out of… sky’s the limit!

My conductive grounding ribbon is made from 100% medical grade stainless steel and is super conductive… yet cuts and sews just like regular ribbon.  Cut ribbon to desired length, sew onto any fabric (or simply place on the floor to rest bare feet directly on, or lay across bed to sleep on — just pin into place on your mattress, no sewing necessary).  Then clip your ground cord to either end or anywhere along the ribbon you like, and you are powerfully grounded!  Ribbon can be cut, washed, sewn like any fabric… even ironed.  Watch me work with it below to see how truly simple it is:






4.  Grounding Hot Water Bottle:


A hot water bottle significantly helps support the release of any discomfort you are experiencing — headaches, muscle tension, soreness, cramps, back pain, neck pain, growing pains, sinus pressure, earaches, etc… because of the healing power of water combined with the energetic support of warmth, which increase circulation and speeds repair of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Now you can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the healing power of grounding to introduce three different, synergistic ways to exponentially support vibrant health and expedite your body’s natural recovery process.  For years a hot water bottle was one of my favorite go-to recommendations for supporting healing, so I created the world’s first Grounded Hot Water Bottle, made out of organic hemp fleece!!

The hot water bottle cozy is removable and hand or machine washable, and can be used even without the water bottle inside, many folks use cozy as a great travel mini grounding pad and/or across their pillow or under foot!


“First night, using the water bottle cover across my pillow, I slept 11 hrs. Good heavens.  Laura, thank you. ”   – M.L

“I have a variety of grounding items from you, but the water bottle is by far my favorite.  I am so comforted by this product.  It has improved my sleep tremendously and I feel so good when I wake up! Filling the bottle and slipping it into my bed has become part of my bedtime ritual that I look forward to every night.”  -K.K.

“The hot water bottle cover is the best product you make!   We use it daily.  It moves around the house!  Either with the water bottle or without.  The water bottle cover doubles as a pillow cover.  Or wraps around shoulders.  I love how versatile it is!” – S.L.




5.  Grounding Ice Packs:


Prefer cold?  You can easily store these gel packs in the freezer for instant cooling relief, or even pop them in the microwave for soothing heat.  The smaller size also makes it perfect for use as a grounding beauty treatment — just rest grounded ice packs over eyes to reduce puffiness while grounding goes to work increasing skin circulation and radiance!  Helps relieve migraine pain (just  place on forehead and relax) place over sinuses to relieve sinus pressure, apply to abdomen to sooth cramping and nausea, ideal as a first aid treatment for injuries… the applications are endless.

“I have sprained my ankle 3 times and the first two times I used Arnica gel and homeopathic pills and prickly pear cactus to heal it. It took months of awkward walking. This third sprain I used your grounding hot and cold pack and this one healed in 2 1/2 weeks… so I am very happy!”   – J.H.





6.  Grounding Shoe Stickers:


I can’t think of much more eco-friendly than to continue to use shoes you already own. And if you love them, and they support your foot function best, why not convert your favorite pair of sneakers, running shoes, hiking shoes, or even sports cleats into grounding shoes? A grounding shoe sticker is the way to go.  Get all the benefits of wearing your favorite footwear — warmth, protection, even orthotic inserts to help with alignment — while still connecting to the earth below your feet.

The sticker is fully conductive and runs the grounding energy from the earth beneath you up and around your shoe and into the sole of your shoe where your feet are. By touching the sticker, you bypass the rubber sole entirely and are basically standing barefoot on the ground, conductively speaking.  I can’t even feel these stickers on my shoes. Find them here.




7.  Indoor Plant Grounding Kit:


I’ve had so many folks ask me if touching a potted plant indoors (or putting feet on a bucket of soil indoors or even on a bed of grass grown indoors) will ground them. Sadly, the answer is normally no, since the plant or soil is not in contact with the earth.

But, happily — my answer can now be yes, if you use a ground stake system to ground your potted plant!  Now, not only will your plant grow bigger & bloom longer (watch The Grounded and Heal For Free films to see tons of evidence of the benefits of grounding to plants) but if you touch your grounded plant, you can directly earth indoors through it as well!

Plant grounding kit is so easy to use: simply push the stainless steel stake easily into any potting soil then clip on the included grounding cord and your plant (and soil) is completely grounded.  And so are you, when you touch any leaf on that plant or the soil it’s grounded in.  Watch the video below where I demonstrate you can be grounded simply by just touching a leaf on a potted plant that has been grounded:







8.  Organic Grounding Mat — for your Pet!


I wanted to create an eco-ethically crafted mat that was hand sewn using medical grade stainless steel (so you can wash it over and over and it will last for years) + backed with eco-friendly soft organic cotton, dye free & chemical free so it is sensitive enough for use by those who have multiple chemical or environmental sensitivities.  This double thick, conductive grounding mat is soft, lays flat under foot, and is plenty large enough to use on a chair, a recliner, a sofa, as a floor mat, or even to sleep on.

Because it is washable, it’s great for using with your pets.  For a great article on why you might want to get your pet grounded, and pictures of pets using these organic grounding mats, hop over here.   I choose awesome stainless steel conductive fabric because stainless steel lasts infinitely longer than silver based grounding tools, and because biodegradable fabric is infinitely preferable to ‘leatherette’ plastic for both humans and the earth.  An alligator clip on the grounding cords gives you the flexibility to clip the ground cord onto any edge of the mat, so you can attach the cord in any position that works best for where you want to put it.

A phenomenal way to experience grounding with a long lasting, eco-ethically hand crafted grounding tool that can be used in dozens of different ways around your home or work space.  Watch this video below for an example of how I love to use this mat during my morning meditation:






Those are the lesser known grounding tools — did you know them all?  Were their any new ideas here that interested you?

For tons more grounding tools that boost your connection to the earth, including grounding idea books and grounding journals to track your grounding practice, to grounding gloves, grounding socks, organic grounding throw blankets… as well as tons of innovative products to shield you from artificial manmade EMFs like router guards, shielding clothing, outlet timers and outlet kill switches, EMF test meters and more… hop over here:



Why do you want to boost your connection to natural EMFs through grounding, and decrease your exposure to artificial EMFs in the first place?

This infographic I created for you helps show you that these two are basically opposites, swinging your health one way or the other.  You can utilize grounding to help swing it back in a more healing direction if you are experiencing symptoms of electrosensitivity from your artificial EMF exposures:



Feel free to share this infographic the help others become more aware that all EMFs affect every part of the body, as our entire human body is conductive!  Every single cell!   So just as artificial manmade EMFs are stressful to the body, natural earth produced EMFs are very comforting and healing to the body.

Use grounding to help de-stress and alleviate the effects of artificial EMF exposures each day. Hopefully these products can help make that a little easier.

xoxo, Laura Koniver MD