A New Way For Me To Support You Directly

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meI’ve been asked repeatedly by both patients and online class participants to have a way to continue getting unlimited email support from me even after our live or online work has concluded.

To this, I say YES!


I love my patients and I love emailing them and being able to respond instantaneously to their health care concerns, changing life situations, and daily journey.


I know that it’s not always possible or practical to schedule in frequent phone consultations and sometimes folks really want a connection and support from me more often than is possible with consultation plans.


Whether you want to have frequent access to daily email support from me because you are:

… going through a huge life shift and you want to keep in constant communication through changes…

… or whether you simply do better with more frequent infusions of advocacy and support from me…

… or whether phone consultations just don’t work with your current life situation

… or whether you live in a different country and don’t want to deal with time zone changes and long distance charges…

… or whether your soul just wants the freedom and the option — day or night — to be able to send that private email directly to me and know that I will read your words and get back to you ASAP…

…no matter what your reason, I understand that email is sometimes easier or more preferable to live work.


  • Because I want to be the very best health care advocate for you that is possible on this planet, I want you to have that access to me.


  • Because I want to give you every intuitive knowing I have about you, every possible angle of feedback and support I can give you, and quicker turn-around than I can offer through scheduling phone consultations, I want to offer this email plan to you.


  • Because I want to take your life’s journey and reflect on it through the eyes of my medical training and education — as well as through my heart chakra through the eyes of my intuition and love — I want to have this email plan available to you at all times.


The only rules here are that I am always your advocate,

that I want the best for you,

and that I believe in your ultimate and forever expanding possibility of health.



Each email that comes into my inbox is read by me and only me, so you can be as candid and vulnerable as you desire and I will meet you there with love and respect.


You will never have to wait long to hear back from me as we journey through your health and life paths together.


You can send as many emails as you like, day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Click here for more information and start emailing me TODAY!



I will be there for you every step of the way.

From my heart to yours… xoxo, Laura