A peek into our animal world

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This weekend, lots of time was spent (as always) caring for our pets. I love all of them, and there a quite a few. I thought I’d start the week by giving you a small glimpse into our world of animals, and the joy they brought us this weekend.

My favorites are the guinea pigs… by far. I’ve had guinea pigs my entire life, and just never get sick of looking at their unique adorableness… I mean, they are like walking, living, “mmwweeeet”ing stuffed animals. Just balls of fluff! They are so silly they make me laugh without fail, every time. Go on, I *dare* you to look at this picture and not at least smile!

My daughter’s favorite is the cockatiel, and my hubby and son both love the dogs the most. I’ll start with that selection, although we have quite a few more pets to star in this blog at other points along the way.

Oh my, all our our pets are quite spoiled… but none as much as our cockatiel. I’ve snuck that bird into every hotel we’ve ever stayed at because my daughter doesn’t want to leave him home for a night. He even gets brought out in a travel carrier to spend time by our pool, for goodness sake! It’s a pet spa over here, I’m telling you.

And while we are on the subject, am I the only mama out there who cooks up extra bacon slices each morning so that our cat can have her own slice? I know you thought I was going to say dog… and yes, they get all the extra crumbles plus the bacon grease drizzled all over their kibble… but really, our cat Jenny is *obsessed* with bacon. I’ve never heard of that before, I’d love to know I’m not alone here… anyone? Awkward silence? Anyone?

Check back later this week, as my new line of note cards is being launched and I am going to have a free give-a-way of a set of 8 cards! See you here soon… xoxo