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Getting in shape and losing weight are both popular New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve gotten multiple emails from folks asking my opinion on what programs out there offer the best support to achieve these goals.

Today I’m going to share with you an on-line resource for supporting your weight goals… and at the end of the article, I’ll share a quick tip that you can use right now to decrease any binge cravings you may get and feel more satisfied when you eat! Instantly!

  • If you are like me you are sick of trying to stick to a diet (doesn’t work) and tired of feeling guilty about not exercising enough (or at all.)
  • I don’t believe in eating in a way that makes food negative, and I don’t believe in exercising in a way that makes me feel bad about my body.

As far as I’m concerned, our bodies are precious, beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that hold our souls. Point blank.

I don’t want any part of a diet or exercise program that boils these miraculous bodies down to calories in vs. calories out.

We are so much more than that… we are souls that all need different things from our bodies.



  • We eat for different reasons, our bodies move in different ways, we feel different emotions and we process energy through our bodies in different ways.
  • We have different health needs and we have different physical limitations.
  • We have different amounts of time to invest and different goals we would like to get out of it.
A one-size-fits-all diet and exercise program just doesn’t cut it.
I’ve finally discovered a program that I feel really really good recommending to my patients… and the best part is that it’s online.

So anyone can connect to this program, no matter where they live, and find success.


The Good Life Coalition Lighten-Up Program.

The Good Life Coalition runs a 6 week program that really supports the mind, body and soul of the participants.
I invited the Co-Founders, Tamarah Bartmess and McKenna Gordon, over here today because I truly feel that this program can help so many people reach their health goals and release excess weight through this program… full of inspiration, positivity and fun.


Friendship, great ideas, solutions and help are always available around the clock in the on-line group and they are 100% supportive, NEVER negative, even through set backs and challenges.


Tamara Bartmass ( founder of The Lightsome Life, Co-Founder of The Good Life Coalition, certified SimplyHealed® Practitioner and author of the book series “Weight Loss Affirmations.”) explains:

“Lighten-Up is about lightening up your food, lightening up your movement (making it fun!), lightening up your surroundings, your mood, your energy, and your entire self.

With the proper tools and supports we were both able to reverse our own personal health diagnoses and live very healthy lives.

Most weight loss programs approach diet and exercise individually.

While these two things are very important, we saw a greater need.


People are not making the kinds of lasting changes they are seeking, often because of the emotions involved in changing eating and exercise habits, and also the stress of other major areas in their lives that influence weight gain and overall health.

We have designed a comprehensive program that focuses not only on nutrition and fitness, but also:

  • energy

  • mindset

  • emotions

  • how to deal with cravings

  • clutter control

  • healthy relationships

  • and many other areas of life that can “get in the way” of a smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle.

All of these things affect our health and our weight in some way, so addressing them all together can bring balance to the whole self, and bring about amazing (and more long-term) changes.



It’s so extremely important to surround yourself with like-minded people who can encourage you, celebrate with you, and share ideas.

Tamara and McKenna have created exactly this with their unique program.


Click over to the Lighten Up website to find out more about this 6 week program and find a tribe of friends and experts waiting for you, walking the same path you are walking, joining you to find your healthiest you in 2013.


Now, let me tell you about a medical study that was just published on January 2, 2013 in JAMA — you’ll be the first of your friends to know this one!


Researchers at Yale tested the effect of consuming fructose and sucrose on the brain.

When study participants drank glucose, the brain blood flow increased in the centers of the brain that signal feeling full, satiated, satisfied and rewarded. Basically, the body was able to signal when in felt satisfied and gave the feedback naturally to stop consuming.

But… when study participants drank fructose, there was actually no effect to these areas of the brain, which tricks your brain into thinking that you haven’t even consumed anything. No feeling full. No feeling quenched.

No satisfaction and no urge to stop consuming.


Considering fructose is added the vast majority of the sugary drinks we drink on the market (sodas and fruit juices and sports drinks alike) it is yet another reason to put down those beverages when you are trying to lose weight.

(Fructose has also been shown in previous studies to promote insulin resistance, insulin intolerance, and abnormal fatty deposits in the liver! Yuck!)

Sucrose is a 50/50 blend of glucose and fructose… so take care to avoid sucrose as well as any high-fructose corn syrups in the ingredient list.


When you are drinking a soda with fructose or sucrose in it and eating a snack — guess what?

Your brain is being selectively numbed to the fact that you are consuming.

So you over-consume beyond what would normally satisfy you. You can’t even feel it!


It’s not your fault AT ALL — your brain literally can NOT alert you when it is full, nor give you normal, natural feeling to stop eating.



If you make only this ONE CHANGE, starting today, of decreasing or eliminating fructose and sucrose from your diet, you begin to retrain your body to let you know when it is full.

You get yourself back in touch with your own desires.

It’s a great place to start.


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And for more help realizing your weight loss goals this year, click over to the Lighten Up on-line weight loss retreat to sign up!




xoxo, Laura


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