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While we figure out new ways to support our innate health, to survive and thrive despite new dynamics in our daily life, and to prioritize health and wellness during this pandemic, many small businesses are dramatically impacted, even closing permanently.

Animals don’t understand this.



Especially endangered animals that are in the midst of rehabilitation from being injured or orphaned.

The Kroschel wildlife park rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned Alaskan animals and is the only place in the world that provides a unique hands on experience to visitors, providing a one-in-a-lifetime, unprecedented peek into arctic animal behavior for park guests.



People from all over the world come to interact with disappearing species of animals, getting not only an educational show but a live interaction with animals indigenous to the arctic circle. Grizzly bears, snowy owls, arctic foxes, ermines, wolverines and many other animals depend on the Kroschel Wildlife Park for their survival.

Normally, the park depends on funding from visitors to care for and rehabilitate these endangered animals, but with the pandemic bringing the travel industry to a halt, no visitors means the wildlife park must depend entirely on donations for support.




Caring for these innocent animals is an enormous undertaking that requires around the clock diligence to provide veterinary care, food, bedding, habitat maintenance, loving interactions and more to each animal, to ensure their well being.

Please consider a donation to support the care of your favorite animal:


Kitty the Bear

Aquila the Porcupine

Lennox the Lynx

Garrett the Pine Martin

Banff the Wolverine

Isis the Wolf

Karen the Moose


Every penny supports wildlife immediately and directly through the Kroschel Wildlife Center (instead of large mega-corporations that spends most of their money on advertising to get more money!) Please consider gifting what you can to support the species of animal that touches your heart most.

Simply click here to donate.

As a thank you, I’m giving away 10 autographed book sets of the The Earth Prescription, coupled with my children’s book From The Ground Up, selected at random to gift as a thank you for supporting the wellness of these innocent animals.

And whether you can or can’t enter this giveaway, please consider adding grounding to your daily health care routine. Just as important as drinking water, eating fresh foods, and getting restorative sleep at night, grounding daily support every cell in your body to function optimally.

Now is the perfect time to make space in your life to introduce grounding. A simple practice to help you thrive, feel your best, release stress, sleep deeply, relieve tension, lift mood… all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Not sure how?

I’ll explain exactly how and why grounding works instantly to protect your health — even boosting your immune system — in my new book The Earth Prescription, which released just this month.



Uplifting and incredibly hands-on practical, this book quickly became a #1 best selling new release in Holistic Medicine and has received enthusiastic reviews from readers, is being featured in Spirituality & Health magazine, was featured at the 2019 Science and Non-Duality (SAND) Conference and is even being translated into Japanese right now for a new edition! Woot!

If you are not interested or able to make a donation to support animal care but would like to check out how The Earth Prescription can support your family’s wellness in an instant, hop over here to check it out on:






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And thank you so much for considering any amount of support for these animals that are totally dependent on the kindness of humans… to help them not just survive, but thrive!

xoxo, Laura