Align All 7 Chakras In Under One Minute Using This Technique

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Life is hard enough to navigate.

It helps to meet all external stressors with internal core strength.

Chakra alignment is an invaluable tool to sustaining your health and remaining centered during life’s storms.


I’ve seen over and over that patients with strong internal chakra alignment affect powerful external change in their life.

Today’s video will give you a very simple tool you can use any time to increase your resiliency in the face of stress or challenge.

In under one minute, you can run through all 7 of your chakras to be certain you are maximally centered and find immediate relief if you are not.

In this way, you become instantly empowered to tackle whatever it is you are facing.

Running through your chakras before entering a job interview, before sitting down for a serious conversation with your partner, before heading into your doctor’s office to get the results to your labwork, before making a big life decision about where to move or whether to buy a home or not or quit your job or not… you get the idea.

Taking a moment today to learn this simple technique can absolutely give you a hand’s on tool you can reach for no matter what you face each day.

So let me help you run through this right now with this quick video — it’s a tool you can use for the rest of your life to boost your internal alignment whenever you could use some extra support.


7 Tips To Quickly Align Your Chakras:



Let’s go so much further and deeper with this concept, immersing ourselves in optimizing your energy flow… in my online Chakra Healing Class.

Everything you experience throughout your day… any obstacle and any blessing… feels so much more powerful when you are meeting it from a place of deep internal balance.

I’ll help you get there. Together we can take the next 7 weeks in class together and align your core chakra by chakra, building upon your inner strengths and releasing any resistance you have built at each level.
Many of my patients take this online course once a year, every year, to get an internal tune up that just makes everything about the rest of your life run more smoothly.


It starts next in just three weeks on August 1st!


I can’t wait to work together with you to have you feeling centered and aligned… all the way to your core.


I’d love you to join me by clicking over here to sign up and reserve your spot today.

xoxoxo, Laura