An Easy Way To Boost Your Daily Healing

You CAN feel better!

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Today I am excited to share with you a new healing tool I just developed…

Daily Healing Focus Cards!


I created this simple tool to help patients have a simple way, each and every day, to align with Well Being.

Filled with fun, uplifting and simple tips and techniques… these are things that are easy to fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle.


I am often asked by patients…

…what one thing can I do to support my health each and every day?




Well… I can think of dozens and dozens of ways to support a natural alignment with Well Being!

So I started writing them all down and pairing each one up with an image I had captured for my blog articles or a painting I had painted from my intuition and before you know it, this healing focus-of-the-day card deck was born.

Each card in this Daily Healing Card Deck prompts you to examine a different way to reach for increased Wellness and healing.

These cards feature some of my very favorite healing ideas… ones I use often in my own medical practice with my patients!

I filled these cards with uplifting holistic healing tips, to give you a quick and easy tool to reach for on a daily basis to improve your health.


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Each day, you can intuitively pick a new card and get a new healing prompt that will boost your alignment with Well Being.

  • Simply shuffle through the cards until you feel drawn to pull a particular one.
  • Use the words and images on the card you pull to give yourself a healing focus for the day… the cards will prompt you to take a moment to examine an aspect of your life that can dramatically boost your health.
  • Post the card in a place where you will see it throughout the day and be reminded of your healing intention for that day.




Because I created these to be totally and completely uplifting, they make a very thoughtful gift for someone in need of a healing pick-me-up.


Click here to pre-order your deck (I have a limited supply of this first edition!) and orders will ship within 2 weeks!

xoxoxo, Laura