8 Ways To Make Grounding Instantly Easier, More Powerful

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Today I want to share with you a super informal video I made for you.

It’s perfect for anyone who is sick of hearing:

just go barefoot!


Well what if you don’t want to go barefoot?

What if the ground outside your home is littered, hazardous, sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, full of fire ant mounds or rocks or broken glass?

What if you have mobility issues, what if you can’t stand or walk, what if you are recovering from a major illness and the thought of going barefoot is so overwhelming you’d rather not ground at all?

Or what if you work all day every day and can’t get your feet dirty? What if your break is only 5 minutes a day and it’s not enough time to even take off your shoes?


There are alternatives.


You can ground through your hands, you can ground through other outdoor items beside the ground, and you can also prep your body so that you are actually more conductive.

Here are 8 alternative ways — that I demonstrate myself for you — to get grounded… how many of these tips and tricks do you already know?



(to watch video on YouTube, click here!)



Here are a few of the take away points of the video, plus helpful links:


1. All Skin Grounds You!


This means, it absolutely does not have to be through your feet at all. A fingertip touching a rock, a bare shoulder resting against a tree in the shade, your nose touching a flower petal as you breathe it in… all of these instantly ground you from head to toe.

Even if you are on a blanket or a towel, just trailing one fingertip over the edge grounds your entire body every bit as much as if you were standing fully barefoot in grass:





2. A Small Surface Area Is As Grounding As A Large Surface Area!


If you don’t believe me, you can grab a grounding test meter right here and test it for yourself.

If you touch the smallest bit of skin to the earth you are grounded throughout your entire body instantly, just as much as if you were rolling around naked in the dirt with full body contact.

That’s because your entire body is conductive through and through — every single cell — so grounding is just as simple as turning on a light switch. The instant you flip the light on, you instantly fill the room with light. That’s what grounding one part of your body does to your entire body… immediately, your entire body is grounded.

Because one small millimeter of skin can fully ground you inside and out, through and through, this means you can stay fully covered and shielded from UV rays in the summer (and insulated and warm from frostbite in the winter) simply by leaving one little fingertip or toe out.

So consider wearing fingerless gloves in the winter to utilize your hands, and toeless socks in the summer (so you can quickly slip off a shoe to ground on a lunch break at work) to get your grounding fix directly with the earth:


Find fingerless gloves here.



Find toeless socks in a variety of colors here.


3. The Entire Earth Can Ground You!


It’s not just dirt and grass that can ground you, everything rooted and living on the crust of the earth is grounded. And so are many surfaces that are lying on top of the earth, like water, rocks, and cement.

So if you don’t feel like getting your feet muddy and dirty and sandy, you don’t have to.

The tree you walked past, the rock you are sitting on, the cement sidewalk you are standing on, the flower you just smelled, the bushes you trailed your fingertips along… these are all clean grounding sources.

Everything grounding and rooted in the earth is grounded, all rocks and cement surfaces that are poured on the earth are fully grounded, and all beautiful clean fresh water sources on the ground are grounded too!

Clean, simple, easy to touch, and feet stay fresh! Think about your living and work areas each day. Do you have any access to directly touch:

  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Flowers
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Sidewalks
  • Rocks
  • Water


Here are some pictures of me touching the earth without getting dirty in mud, sand or dirt. All of these surfaces are grounding me even though I’m not getting dirty…

…maybe some will give you an idea to grab some quick clean grounding moments today:




4. You Can Prep Your Body To Maximize Grounding!


By removing any dead skin, making sure your skin is moist and hydrated, making sure you are not mineral depleted, and making sure you drink a big glass of water so you are well hydrated internally before grounding, you can maximize how quickly and how easily your body gets grounded through contact with the earth outdoors.

Here are some of the helpful grounding body tools I demonstrate for you in the video above, all in one place:




A file to remove thick calluses, a dry brush to remove dead skin from body, mineral lotion to boost skin conductivity, and more! (If you are looking for the mineral lotion separately, click here.)




The best water filter I’ve ever used… to keep your body hydrated and pure without all the fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, perchlorate, lead, mercury, pesticides, drugs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes that are common in public drinking water.

Many of these (like perchlorate and teflon) are not ever tested for in the public water supply, and some are even added directly by the water treatment facility (like fluoride, trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids.).

You definitely don’t want that in your body, or in your child’s body. Here’s how I filter out these chemicals and contents for my own family.



Lastly, my online dispensary has the Mineral Drops I recommend most, waiting to remineralize you and boost your body’s conductivity!


I hope this list of alternative tips and tricks, beyond just “go barefoot!” (which is all I ever hear all over the internet in grounding circles,) was super helpful…

…and that you share it with everyone you know who resists grounding because they don’t like to, can’t, or won’t go barefoot!

xoxox, Laura