Balloons, balloons, balloons!!!

You CAN feel better!

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Wow Audrey, your peeps just love you!!!! I hope it makes you smile when you see the pics from the big release next week! I’ll share them here on Wed the 26th. I’ve got lots of orders and close to 200 balloons filling my home and I’m psyched!


Why would I fill my house with 200 balloons, you ask? Check out Audrey’s story here and donate another balloon to the giveaway here! Bring it on!


Audrey is certainly an inspiration and I’m so excited to be doing this benefit for her. I was thinking, though… instead of spending the money on the mylar balloons, why not just get the simple latex type and give Audrey all of the proceeds… she’ll receive nearly twice as much money if we go with the latex kind.

The only drawback is that the balloons won’t last as long, so they will come down within a day or two instead of a month or two. Wait a minute… did I say that was a drawback? Now that it’s so many balloons, I think living with them for a day or two would be plenty crazy. Mylar filling my ceiling for a month or two might just push me to bonkers.

What do you all say? I feel sort of bad switching to latex without your permission, so somebody speak up and give me the green light. I doubt anyone would have a problem with more of the donation money going straight to Audrey, but I’d love to make sure.


Live In Possibility” necklace

And speaking of inspirational, here are a few necklace designs that I have been adding to my collection lately. I love them. If you win the balloon giveaway, they could be yours for free!

And heck, if you can’t wait that long… go check them out in my shop here right now! xoxo



“One With Spirit” necklace


Wearing the “One With Spirit” necklace, so you can see the longer length of this style


“You Are Loved” necklace



“Create Your Own Truth” necklace