Balloons For Audrey, Filling Our Home!

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Balloons filled our living room Friday and Saturday!

This weekend was our Balloons For Audrey event, and we filled our home with 157 balloons!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated a balloon, it really warmed my heart every single time a donation came through… seeing the love an support you all have for Audrey was amazing. We forwarded every cent of the proceeds to Audrey and she was touched… thank you guys so much for making this event such a success.

So Friday evening, the Charlestons Balloon Company delivered the balloons… and if you are a local reader needing balloons for an event, I highly recommend them.

They delivered for FREE… and were extremely gracious about it, driving through rush hour traffic to get us the balloons in time for the weekend. Check out their website here and give them a call for your next event.

Not only was the price unbeatably low (allowing us to give as much money as possible right to Audrey) but they were professional and kind as well.

My husband and children are actually underneath, holding all these balloons! If you look close, you can see my son’s foot!

Once I got the balloons, I started scribbling names on them like a mad woman with a Sharpie marker.

Then, with all the names on, it was time to let them fly!

And the winner is…. Megan!

Megan, your name was on the last balloon to stay up… it was between your yellow balloon and another red balloon… but the red balloon floated down a minute before yours!

You have two gift credits to use in both my Heartsong Art Shop and my husband’s on-line Organic Medicine Now shop… we’ll be emailing you to work out the details and get your goodies to you!

Thanks again to everyone. I think I will be making this an annual event every October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness… it was really fun to have the balloons coming down all around us and we actually slept on the floor in the living room Friday night, under the balloons so that we could watch them float down. It was magical.

My kids were hilarious… each time a balloon would come down they would scream “John is down… no wait… he’s going back up!” or “Pat has landed!” or “It’s Jill!” as the balloons would come down and float around, sometimes going back up and down many times… we were having so much fun with the named balloons and we send all that joy right to Audrey.

Thank you so much Audrey for sharing your story on my blog and we send you tons of love and support.

((((big hugs)))))

xoxo, Laura