Sneak Peek: Painting The Grounded 2 (and link to watch it free today!)

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In celebration of this special offer… it’s the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how I personally hand-painted the cover art for The Grounded 2…



I choose beautiful blues, mystical whites, and intuitive indigo colors in this artwork to represent the interconnection between mankind and the earth…

…the compliment of human beings to plants, the pull between the earth and the moon, the yin and yang of our Universe and our interconnectedness with it.

The moon affects the earth with its pull, the trees gift their oxygen to the atmosphere, and the earth offers it’s healing properties of grounding to us all.


Each relationship has a supportive dance to dance with the other.

Each is here to support us, love us, provide for us, care for us.


I tried to capture that deep interconnection on a canvas

…and here is what I came up with. I hope you love it!




First step: sketch out the basic picture onto the canvas.

Here, just like with the first movie cover, I choose to paint a woman grounded to the earth… this time gazing up at the Universe under a full moon…




Painting the first layer of nighttime sky…




… and the first layer of the earth below.



More layers of sky and earth swirl together



And more layers beyond that!




Begin to outline the tree…




… and the woman…



… and add swirling golden ratio leaves to the tree.



Add highlights and lowlights.



Add the swirling energy of interconnection…

healing energy flow…

grounding the tree, grounding the person, complimenting each other effortlessly…


To see the final artwork and Giclee prints, click here!


Add the final touches of moon shine, wind in the woman’s hair, movement and energy throughout the piece.


Did you know that simply touching a tree or walking barefoot is enough to set off a healing cascade that affects our bodies, inside and out, and draws healing energy into our being?


The energy of the woman barefoot on the earth swirls, compliments and mixes with the energy of the grounded, rooted tree.

As they both stand under the magic of the full moon, both play a small yet unique part in the history and existence of the Universe as a whole.

We are all connected.

We are all one.

We are all part of the mysterious dance of life and of existence.


Here is what the final artwork looks like on the movie poster…




And on the DVD cover!





From my soul to yours, my heart to yours, dancing right alongside of you in the mystery as we all take our place on this planet and in this Universe together…

xoxox, Laura

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