Best Of The Best: 2017 Healing Holiday Gift Guide

You CAN feel better!

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Because it’s Cyber Monday, I want to share with you my very favorite holiday gift ideas, so that you can support the health and happiness of your very favorite people.


We all know someone who gives so much of themselves they are getting burnt out, run down.

Or someone facing a health challenge that could use a fun and uplifting healing gift.

So often in dealing with a medical condition, journeying through illness and healing, or watching someone you dearly love go through it (which can be waaaayyy worse than going through it yourself) is exhausting.

But healing does not have to be stressful all of the time, there are lots of ways to encourage your loved ones to take a break in a way that support their health goals.

And healing gifts certainly don’t have to be boring either.

Let’s give all our caregivers, family members and loved ones gifts that uplift and nurture them every single day.


Top 3 Caregiver Gifts:


For caregivers who exhaust themselves supporting others, a thoughtful gift is any gift that reminds them to nurture themselves as well. Here are three ways to do it:


Dr. Laura's Daily Healing Focus Cards: A Daily Dose Of Health


1. Daily Health Tip Card Deck:


This is a stack of 68 different awesome, uplifting, positive supportive ideas that offer a simple healing focus of the day. Choose a new card each day and read the holistic health tip it offers. So easy and something that even the most busy caregiver in the world can do to support their own Well Being.


2. Heal-All Year Calendar:


The only calendar in the world create by an intuitive-based physician… and customized by YOU!

Add in your specific healing goals to each month.

Designed to positively support you all year long, uplifting and affirming your health intentions as you reach all of your personal healing goals!

Let these healing prompts get you there!




3. Let-It-Go Daily Organizer


Start each day on the right foot:

You do not have to do it all,

and you do not have to do it alone.

Each day, release the illusion that you have to control outcomes and just do the best you can. If you can write down a *reasonable* to do list for yourself, then you can release everything beyond that to the Universe. And lastly, remind yourself what you are looking forward to for tomorrow so that you can go to sleep uplifted!


Top 3 Fun Gifts:


For loved ones who are facing a health challenge, they could truly use a fun uplifting gift more than anything else. Here are my top 3 choices for healing gifts that will bring a smile to their face!


1. Temporary Tattoos


As a holistic physician, I often recommend that my patients write healing intentions directly on the part of their body that is in need of healing.

So I was beyond thrilled to find these gorgeous temporary tattoos that can do this exact same thing but even more beautifully — using nontoxic ink, which is much safer than ink found in permanent markers. Now my patients have a healing tool they actually want to show off!


2. Movie + Popcorn


Everyone loves a movie night, and this one will absolutely change their lives.

Heal For Free delves deeply into the science of what grounding does to the human body, and faces what critics try to do to discredit this astoundingly simple solution to pain and suffering.

From the elderly in nursing homes to patients affected by overwhelming EMF exposure… even those on the brink of death are revitalized by the life-saving practice of Grounding.

Every DVD ordered during November and December comes with a free bag of organic popcorn, and you can add on a grounding tool to make a very unique, custom gift… so that your loved ones can start grounding the moment they watch the film!



3. Monthly Gift Subscription


Know someone who already loves grounding? Or want to have a super fun, truly exciting way to introduce them to it?

Grounding Box is a fun monthly care package that arrives on your doorstep filled with medical grade, eco-friendly items that keep you grounding to the earth in fresh and fun new ways, month after month after month!

Give a gift subscription to your very favorite loved ones and they will be constantly delighted and nurtured long after the holidays are over!



Stocking Stuffers Galore


Looking for something small you can tuck into their stocking, mail in the mail, or travel with to surprise them on their doorstep? Here are some of my very favorite holistic healing tools that make giving a little surprise super fun and easy:


Grounding Wrist & Ankle Strap -- One Item, Two Ways To Ground

1. A Grounding Wrist & Ankle Band


There is no easier way to get grounding than to simply slip this band right on your wrist!

Easy on, easy off… easy peasy.



Conductive Grounding Socks: lower extremity healing

2. Grounding Socks


Keep those toes warm without blocking the healing flow! Can be used indoors or outside with your grounding heel strap and you stay warm, and grounded!

It’s win-win!

3. Grounding Gloves


Did you know you could wear gloves outside and still get direct healing from the earth just by wearing conductive gloves?

Hands stay warm, you stay grounded. Can be used indoors as well.


Dr. Laura's Shiny & Strong Holistic Hair Care Kit

4. Dr. Laura’s Shiny & Strong Holistic Hair Kit


There are millions of hair care products out there — I’ve scoured them all and put together this healthy holistic 7 piece hair care kit so that you can jump start your hair’s health, shine and strength… naturally! Comes in a reusable travel tote, ready to gift!


Dr. Laura's Vibrant Glow Anti-Aging Complete Face Care Kit

5. Dr. Laura’s Anti-Aging Holistic Face Care Kit


Did you know there are ingredients out there that turn back the hands of time so powerfully they can actually reduce your risk of skin cancer? It’s true.

These are the products I personally use every single day. And I want you to have them too. This kit includes 8 full sized products that last a long time and truly work… all in a reusable eco friendly tote and with a free face mask included!

Dr. Laura's Healthy Body Ethically Crafted Holistic Body Care Set


6. Dr. Laura’s All Natural Body Care Kit


Did you know that skin is constantly surrounding us with love… a physical layer of loving protection at all times? Your skin is a living miracle. Without it, we absolutely could not survive. So let’s treat our body’s covering with respect, love and healthy supportive products that release our innate well being. To that end, I’ve pulled together this 10 piece body care kit for you and your loved ones!

Dr. Laura's Healthy Smile Holistic Oral Complete Care Kit


7. Dr. Laura’s Bright Smile Oral Care Kit


I’ve pulled together all of my very favorite, ethically crafted, cruelty free, holistic, healthy, all natural oral care products into one awesome 10 piece kit so that you can remake over the health and vibrancy of your smile quickly and easily! To your healthy sparkling smile and the smile of those you love…

To a simple, safe, healthy, loving, supportive holiday season full of connecting with those that you love and giving gifts that truly make the recipient feel better than they ever did before…

xoxoxo, Laura