Breathe Deeply

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Breathe Deeply… healing artwork



Is your doctor thinking outside the box?

This is what I’d love them to know… that what we were taught in med school only scratches the surface of the magic and potential that we hold in our bodies.


Here is the perfect example… your lungs.

Yes, they take in air, provide the surface area for oxygen to reach our bloodstream, and exhale out the by-products of this exchange.


But is that all that goes on when you take a deep breath?

  • Does anything change for you when you stop and take a deep breath?
  • Does your heart rate slow down, you thinking slow, and your mood calm?
  • Does the air flowing in and out past your lips help you talk, express yourself, sing, whistle or hum?
  • Does taking that breath help you center and go inwards?
  • Does it help you speak and connect outwards?


We all know that taking a deep breath does all this and more.


I took my old medical school anatomy lab textbook and altered the pages using paint and inks to illustrate this in a very visual way.

There are two ways to use your lungs… one way is to just breathe automatically in and out.

The second way, and by far the more interesting way, to use your lungs to breathe deeply.

Breathing in compassion and feeling the energy of the universe filling and supporting your body… then exhaling fully and breathing out gratitude and joy… seeing how your breath connects with the entire universal rhythm… using this connection to stand in awe and gratitude at how magnificent it is just to be alive.

Well, that’s the way I want to breathe and so I created this work of art to remind me.

xoxo, Laura
P.S. — find this original altered text page and my other inspirational artwork here!