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… that’s my daughter. Intense yet gentle… deep yet easy going… wise yet playful.

She is turning 10 tomorrow. She saved my life one day, you know. The day she was born. Literally saved my life. Changed me into the person I always wanted to be… loving, nurturing, full of faith and aware of spirit. Never was able to reach for those things before she came into our lives, and now each day is bathed in spirit and soul, love and faith, tenderness and fun.

Thank you so much for blessing us with your life these past 10 years. A decade you’ve been on the earth and you’ve changed it so much for the better that I can hardly recognize this world we live in. It’s truly a new world. I love you and your father and brother love you too… all of us… truly obsessed with you.

I’m going to share a poem I wrote about you a few months after you were born… called Angel In My Home.





Angel In My Home

Come in with me and watch
I have proof of grace.
Divinity lies asleep in my arms,
Gentle spirit floated into our world,
And rests now inside my child.
With one first breath
She made me believe in eternal
Beings and golden gates.
Opening her eyes to me,
With total trust she pinned on
An honorary badge.
I wear it proudly, shining
Silver deputy crest across my chest.

I’m appointed her guardian angel now.
I mostly live down here to
Raise my little girl,
But flicker up to visit heaven
With every one of her giggling kisses,
Each time she leans in
With her warm breath,
Arms reaching out like wings,
She swoops in
Presses her face against my neck
Giving me baby blessings.

Translucent skin presses on tiny blue veins.
Sweet glow
What’s in there?
Cells, organs, tissue – impossible! When
Everything’s a circle
Sloped forehead freefalls into
Droplet of nose
Upward turning top of lip
Swooping, drooping bottom lip
Presses onto a soft chin.
Chest curves into
High arching belly
Rushing downward
Puddles at pudgy knees,
Padded toes.
Unaccustomed to the force of gravity,
Pools into droplets, lakes,
Edges softened into semicircles,
Freeform spirits
Coalesce into a soft pink round
Little bundle
We call daughter.

Happy Birthday, Clara!!!! xoxo