How Long Does It Take For Earthing Help Your Body?

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Barefoot Is Best

I notice in medicine and healthcare in general there is a lot of pressure on the patient to do things a certain way.


It causes undue stress that is just NOT necessary.



The classic example is exercise — patients are told to exercise three times a week for an hour each time and as a result, when they simply can’t find an hour to exercise they don’t do it at all.

And that’s so wrong, because as I reported here, *anything* is sooo much better than nothing.

Literally, just standing up from your chair and sitting right back down is better than not standing up at all.

If that’s all you can do — stand up and then sit back down at your office chair — then that’s fabulous!

And helpful!

And healthy for you to do!


Same goes for gluten free — it’s a hard diet to switch to. So many never ever try.

But if you can reduce gluten in your diet by half, or even by 10%, or even just on the weekends… do it!

That’s so awesome!

That is so helpful!

And healthy for you to do!


So today’s video is about Earthing.

Some people think that if they can’t afford an expensive earthing product to sleep grounded on all night long… or if they can’t go outside and spend two hours barefoot… that they just shouldn’t bother at all.

Hell no.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.


Because Earthing has **instantaneous** and overwhelmingly beneficial effects even if all you do is touch one leaf on one tree for one single second.

Earthing is for ALL of us, and is free, and is



And the medical literature supports this.

So in this 7 minute video below, I will run you through the last two decades of medical literature and tell you exactly why every single person on earth can benefit from just 1 second of Earthing.

And why everyone with any type of health concern — from diabetes to heart disease to insomnia to chronic pain — can benefit from earthing… whether it is for a few seconds, a few minutes, or yes… a few hours.


Exactly How Long It Take For Earthing To Support Your Health?



I hope you find that helpful and if you have any questions about earthing, leave them for me in the comments below and I’ll answer you ASAP.



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Love your way… xoxox, Laura