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MarcoToday it is my great pleasure to interview composer and musician Marco Missinato.

From the first moment I heard his music I knew that he was an incredibly gifted, intuitive based musician and I wanted to help support his vision by having him stop by my blog today share his recent work, “Unfolding Secrets, A Symphony Of The Heart.”


Anything heart based, anything intuitive, anything healing… I want to learn more about it and I want to share it with as many people as I can.


When I listened to Marco’s music, I felt a great calling in my heart chakra and a great opening and expansiveness.

I full believe in the power of music to soothe, to lift the spirit, to heal.

It is my hope that by sharing Marco’s vision and a sample of his music on my blog today, I might reach some readers who find this music heart expanding and heart healing as well.

So without further ado, here is Marco:

Marco, how did you discover that you were a musician?

My connection with music was purely intuitive. It was coming from intuition. It was coming from some mysterious place.

When my closest family noticed my tendency to go towards the music, they actually for a moment entertained the idea of me having some lessons or learning something. But I felt immediately a resistance towards any kind of education. Seems like I almost hear a voice . . . “you already learned this music some other time and this time you do not need to do that.”

It is almost like a part of me really wanted to maintain a state of pureness, as much purity as possible when I approach myself towards music so that I can have an innocence or child-like kind of approach . . . I just become a container.

I love that you honored this knowing within you that understood you did not need a traditional education in music. I feel this very much with art and painting, I feel the rules of traditional art would be limiting to me if I knew them! I prefer not to know them.

I feel pure passion from you when I listen to your music and I know that using your intuition you have found the most pure way to express yourself… that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to feature you on my blog today.

How do you feel music and intuition are related?

Music is the fastest conduit to your higher self, to our higher self. First of all, that is my personal perception. That might not be true for someone else. But my sense about the idea of music is that we are coming from sound. We are coming from vibration. Our vessel our blueprint is just vibration. Naturally music is the conduit that immediately takes us to where we come from. That is what I meant when I said that music is the fastest conduit to our higher self.

Music for me is just the best way to go back home. Music for me is a way to expand my sense of self. And then as an extra bonus it is an opportunity to uplift the audience or whoever is going to listen, to provoke and actually support the process of awakening that right now on the planet is occurring.

What inspires you when you create music?

The inspiration for my music, it is always very constant. It is just a profound sense of love, a profound sense of oneness with everything that exists, whether humans or children, animals, plants. It’s just this wonderful sense of communion and connection with Earth. And from there the creative process gets started.

DVDIs that how Unfolding Secrets began?

Unfolding Secrets is a part of a vision I had ever since I was a little boy.

This vision, again, is motivated by this dream that is always about creating oneness with the power of music and creating music that carries a message of peace, of love, of joy, of passion and being able to share that kind of experience globally with as many people as possible.

So music is a path towards healing… I can feel this when I listen to your work. A great heart opening and expansion. How do you feel music does this, how does music affect us so deeply?

Music has the ability to instantly dissipate the idea of separation.

That is the most powerful thing that music has to offer to this planet.

We all come from sounds. The whole existence is a big symphony. We as humans have been in sort of an artificially created reality that promoted the idea of scarcity, the idea of separation.

I believe at this time of big transition, music will play a major role in helping humans to pass through their necessary cleansing process in order to go back to the sense of Oneness, the idea of Oneness that we truly really are.

What do you most want to accomplish with Unfolding Secrets?

My biggest hope for the audience to experience is a completely open their heart, again a complete sense of oneness and peace, and joy.

That it will inspire them to finally acknowledge the gift that they carry within themself and inspire them to bring it up.

Because that is what we are here for, that is the only way for us to get to a better place is really taking responsibility for our gifts. So I really hope to inspire people to do that by expressing my own gift, which is music.


Interested in hearing Marco’s work?

Simply click the video below to see the music video to Unfolding Secrets:



and if you’d like to download the full feature, you can find that right here.
DVD“Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart” premiered this past summer in South America with a live concert series in Cuenca Ecuador.

The USA premiere concert event was held on October 10th in New York City to a sold-out, standing room only audience. Currently, preparations are being made for 2014 live concert tours to be held in additional US cities as well as, Canada, Europe and more locations in South America.

More information is available at

xoxox, Laura