Custom Canvas, from start to finish!

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I have, literally, just created one of the most fun custom paintings I have ever had the pleasure of painting!

This one was so fun for me, I almost passed out a few times from the sheer cuteness of it all while I painted.


The original sketch of the artwork…


I love painting custom pet portraits. I offer that here in my Etsy shop.

A fabulous woman over in the UK wanted me to paint some of her pets for her… pets past and present, all gathered together in a field. This is right up my alley, because I love love love the idea of all of her favorite animals having a party together, what could bring more joy then that?

She had three much loved guinea pigs that have passed away, and three current beloved guinea pigs that she wanted to celebrate together on canvas! She also has two parakeets (one past and one present) that wanted to join in on the fun.

The first thing she did was email me pictures of them all.

They are the most lovely pigs I’ve ever seen… I honestly did not even know that guinea pigs could have the crazy fluffy hair that her pigs have. I mean, check out the gorgeous fluffly *tail* on Daisy… it’s absolutely fabulous!



And check out Agnes’s white powder puff behind!



And have you ever, and I mean EVER, seen such a fabulous rodent as Peggy. OMG. That hair!!!! THAT HAIR!!! I didn’t know guinea pigs could even grow hair like that. It was such an honor to paint these souls I can’t even tell you.


So first things first, I started with a sketch, shown at the top of this post.

Getting all these pigs to meet up, alongside two ‘keets on a stalk of grass, was so much fun. I emailed this sketch to the customer for her approval, she gave me a few last ideas, and we were off!


Sketching the image over again onto canvas…

…painting in the background…


the pigs get flipped upside down while I finish the grass!



Filling in the background of the guinea pigs…



…and here it is, the finished painting!

Here is Agnes looking up at the parakeets… she’s so cute!


Getting to translate this (the lovely pig Elsie…)

into this (Elsie next to the ever-fabulous Daisy!) is what makes pet portraits so much fun!


Thank you so much Louise for allowing me to capture your precious pets on canvas.

I loved every minute of it and and am so grateful for all of the joy they brought into my home for the past month of creative fun.


If you have a fabbo pet you’d like captured on canvas, I’d be honored! Click here to find out more. It makes a fabulous gift for that special animal lover in your life as well… all I need are some pics and we can work together to co-create the canvas that is perfect for you!


Come back on Friday to see my first foray into… gulp… self-portraiture! xoxo