Decreasing Health Anxiety

You CAN feel better!

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One of my missions in life is to help decrease your health anxiety!!!!


Anxiety over health is one of the biggest obstacles in healing.

I see it in my patients time and time again — and whenever we can work together to reduce their health anxiety… even just by 1 degree… healing begins.

Even in chronic conditions patients have had their entire lives…

if they can decrease their health anxiety by one small bit

it’s like breathing new life into old conditions

and things begin to shift and release.


So I’m going to be doing a series of health videos to address this pervasive problem and I hope you’ll enjoy this first one and pass it along to any of your loved ones who are anxious about their health.

I’d treasure any feedback or comments you’d like to share with me below!

What are areas of health that bring you the most anxiety?


Tell me about it in the comments below and I will personally answer each and every question! Or I may even create the next video around your topic!

So let me know what triggers your health anxiety and let’s get you feeling better ASAP!

xoxox, Laura