Do You Know All 4 Of These Ways To Receive Healing Earth Energy?

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thank you earth

We all know that we depend on the physical presence and life supporting gifts from Mother Earth in order to be alive.


Food, Air, Water, and directly physical contact in the form of Grounding are all essential to Well Being.



In addition to eating well, hydrating fully, and breathing deeply, we can simply touch the earth directly to be electrically connected to this powerful and life changing healing energy flow.

But beyond simply touching the earth, did you know there were other, less well known ways to resonate more deeply with the earth and to expedite your healing?

Today I offer you four additional healing modalities to use Mother Earth’s healing energy to your advantage:


1. Tuning fork


Like a baby being held near the heartbeat of the mother that carried her, listening to and feeling the vibration that Mother Earth holds us in is a womb like, nurturing, deeply healing state.

In the documentary The Grounded, director and naturalist Steve Kroschel shows the heartbeat of the earth — the Schumann Frequency — visually using a cymascope in a faraday cage for the very first time:



Click here to order The Grounded and see the earth’s heartbeat in stunning, beautiful motion!


Just like astronauts use a Schumann Resonance device to *play* the earth’s 7.83 Hz heartbeat as a grounding healing frequency to keep them feeling centered and calm in outer space, you can hold the earth’s resonance in your hand by striking a tuning fork and placing it directly on your body to soak in the healing vibration… or hold to your ears to soak in the healing sound.

Find out more here.



2. Meditation


Deep, relaxed yet attentive states like those achieved through prolonged meditation changes the electrical activity of the brain to enhance alpha waves.

Alpha waves of the brain are the exact same frequency as the heartbeat of the earth… the same as for the tuning fork above… showing up as a frequency of (you guessed it) 7.83 Hz on EEG.

Meaning, that when our brains are relaxed, open, alert but non-directed, they are in complete sync with Mother Earth and this resonance is what allows the state of meditation to be a deeply healing state.

Like touching the earth, allowing our brains to open, fall silent, awaken into the Earth’s frequency by getting into the alpha frequency allows us to be in the state of pure positive Well Being.

Many studies have shown alpha brain frequency to be the frequency of deep relaxation, which allows for spontaneous information in the mind to process and making room for spontaneous information that is not from external sensory input or cognitive, directed reasoning but from — my favorite — a deeper intuitive state of wholeness.

If you want to get into a healing state that allows for a deeper resonance of our central nervous system with Mother Earth… practice mindful meditation.

This state of relaxed, open attentiveness *IS* the ultimate healing state. It is the state of having our entire brain resonate with Mother Earth.



3. Sleep


Sleeping well allows for our brains to cycle through this beautiful healing resonance with the earth during REM sleep, where our brains are primarily in those beautiful alpha patterns as measured by EEG.

It’s no coincidence that REM sleep, the sleep where we are dreaming, processing information, integrating the events of the day and releasing that which we do not need so that we can move forward into the next day — in short: HEALING — is the same frequency as the healing energy of Mother Earth.

While we sleep, we cycle through several stages of REM sleep and each time we are held in beautiful resonance with the Earth’s healing energy.

This is one reason why getting a good night’s sleep impacts our entire body from head to toe… high quality sleep does everything from preserve our brain volume and function to accelerating weight loss!

To take your sleep resonance to the next level, you can combine your brain’s healing alpha state with the Earth’s energy directly, not just through resonance of frequency but by directly grounding the body when sleeping on a Grounding Mattress Panel. These mattress panels are so effective, you can use even put a fitted sheet on top of them and wear pajamas and still be grounded to Mother Earth’s healing flow!

Find out more about sleeping powerfully grounded here.


4. Grounding + heat + water:

Grounded Hot Water Bottle.


For decades one of my favorite go-to healing recommendations for patients has been a hot water bottle, which combines the healing properties of water (the most intuitive medium on Earth!) with heat to help relax, repair, increase blood flow and soothe aches and pains from head-to-toe!

A hot water bottle significantly helps support the energetic repair and realignment of any discomfort you are experiencing — headaches, muscle tension, soreness, cramps, back pain, neck pain, growing pains, sinus pressure, earaches, etc… because of the healing power of water combined with the energetic support of warmth increases circulation and speeds delivery of the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


Now you can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the force of Mother Earth’s natural healing flow to introduce three different, synergistic ways to exponentially support vibrant health and expedite your body’s natural recovery process by adding the element of Grounding to the traditional use of a hot water bottle.

Applying this grounding healing flow from the earth exponentially sky rockets these effects by increasing localized blood flow (via warmth) and surrounding the area with intuitive energy release (via water) and decreasing inflammation and pain (via grounding) so you can give your body the best possible avenue for full and quick repair.

Find out more about combining all three healing modalities here.


While I’m always going to be a big fan (first-and-foremost!) of just going outside and directly touching the earth…

…you can still make sure you are taking full advantage of all the other ways the Earth’s healing energy can support your natural Well Being.


From sound therapy to meditation to sleep to first aid treatments like a grounded hot water bottle, you can stay connected to the healing frequency of the earth whether you are indoors, outdoors, awake, asleep… and every state in between!




To your natural innate healing ability…

xoxoxo, Laura



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