Do Your Friends Ask You What Grounding Is And You Don’t Know What To Say?

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If so, here is the best resource to forward to them.

Just forward this email or share the YouTube link and let me explain it for you.

I was recently asked to give the keynote speech at a Carico International convention, and into this 30 minute presentation I packed everything I love about grounding, all of the medical research about grounding, and exactly what grounding can do to support the health and resiliency of the human body… and why.

Most people don’t know why grounding works, but in this video I’ll tell you.

I’ll also tell you why I’ve spent the last 20 years focusing on holistic health, instead of practicing conventional medicine.

And if you do nothing else, fast forward to the last 2 minutes of the video, and get a two sentence way to explain to all of your friends and loved ones exactly what grounding does for you.

In the last two minutes I give you an easy analogy that you can keep in your back pocket when someone wants to know why you enjoy grounding, and why it’s important for our long term health.

If you’ve ever wanted to come listen to a grounding presentation given by me, live… at least this video is the next best thing:






I present this material for the Carico company, so of course I reference their wonderful grounded mattresses.

But you can sleep grounded much less expensively than buying a whole mattress. So if a grounded mattress that is several thousands of dollars is out of your budget (and heck, it’s definitely out of mine…) you can absolutely ground your own mattress for much much less, simply by laying an organic grounding mattress panel right on top of your own bed.



Or use a (limited edition) grounding bed roll. Either one of these options is a fraction the cost, is custom hand sewn in the USA, uses natural materials, and grounds you every bit as powerfully as the highest priced grounding tool in all the world.

Or possibly even more so, as I choose medical grade stainless steel fibers to ground my sleeping systems, so that you can wash them without fear of degrading the ground connection (like the easily degraded silver fibers that other companies choose.)



And if you use a PureGround ground cord with your grounding tool, it’s even better than the world’s most expensive grounding systems because this cord will also filter and shield your ground connection for you, something other ground cords just can not do.



I hope you enjoyed the video, and learned some new tools for talking about grounding to all your favorite people as well!

Enjoy grounding and recharging your internal health every single night!

xoxox, Laura