Don’t Let A Doctor (Or A Google Search) Limit Your Healing Potential

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The entire model of medicine is backwards

and needs a major re-do.



The way the current medical model is set up is to test and report the outcome of a medication or surgery or intervention in the scientific literature, and to use these statistics as the standard of care.


I’m very familiar with the scientific method of research not only through keeping on top of the current scientific literature to as a licensed physician… but also because growing up as the daughter of one of the lead scientists at the National Institutes of Health I attended international scientific meetings since I could walk… and went on to join a lab at the National Cancer Institute throughout my college years where we conducted leukemia research.


And what I can tell you is: the entire thing is messed up.



Here’s basically what happens:

A study collects data on a group of people — half of who get the drug (or surgery/intervention/etc…) and half who receive placebo in a double blinded study.

The results are collected which basically tell us what the outcome was for this particular group of people at this particular point in time in this particular location and with this particular modality.

Your doctor reads this and then sees you in his or her office.

When you are diagnosed with an illness, your doctor reviews the current standard of practice for that disease and based on these studies he tells you some statistics that are likely for you if you take this medicine or have that procedure done.

Your doctor unknowingly limits your healing potential with what

has been most probable in the past for others.



Many times, these statistics are frightening, scary, and deflating.

And often they change the outlook of the patient for the worse… because as we know in medicine: Outlook changes Outcome. 

And even when the statistic or intervention offered has favorable odds of working, you are now being defined and limited in the doctor’s mind (which is then transferred to your mind) of what is standard, what is probable, what happened in the past to others.


What this model of healthcare never ever allows for is POSSIBILITY.

It never shows you what is POSSIBLE FOR YOU.



It brings you down to the lowest common denominator.

It never lifts you up and reveals to you the unlimited healing potential of your body.



new health

You have unlimited healing potential.


You should *know* THAT.


Every cell in your body has unlimited potential to heal.


What we do in modern medicine right now is collect data from around the world on what we are limited to, on what is probable.


What we SHOULD be doing, is scouring the entire world to find all the anecdotal evidence, all the case reports, all the best outcomes, all of the miracles that happen all over the world every single day in every sort of condition in every type of person with every intervention ever dreamed up… and studying THOSE.


We should be finding out WHY some folks heal fully..

…why some invite miracles…

…why some never get a disease in the first place…

…why some are predicted to have a very poor outcome and they fully heal anyway.


Because these experiences —

of people getting the illness that YOU HAVE

and surviving and thriving and fully healing from it

— are PROOF of what is POSSIBLE.


I am not interested in reducing a patient’s healing to a pre-set outcome.



new rx


I want physicians to look through the medical literature like an encyclopedia, filled with all kinds of beautiful outcomes from all kinds of amazing interventions and treatments, both holistic and conventional…


…and I want them to go through this information together with their patients as an IDEA BOOK OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE…


…and together come up with a treatment plant that feels right to TO THAT SPECIFIC PATIENT.


Instead of sitting down and pulling out a study that tells me what percentage of people do poorly with this condition and what percentage of healing will or won’t happen and having my patient walk away with a statistic or a number…

I want them actively choosing inspired action!


I want the medical literature to be an encyclopedia of

what has gone right for others and what is POSSIBLE FOR THEM.


Because if it is possible…

…if it has happened even one single time to one other person on this planet…

…than it can absolutely happen to you.


It absolutely is proven POSSIBLE.

Let’s switch the focus from probable, to possible.


If even one other person has had this illness and experienced a complete recovery, than that is documented and possible for YOU too.

Even if it has never ever happened to anyone else, it can happen to YOU.

Anything is possible!



But especially if healing has happened to even one other person, than for sure it’s been proven:

it can happen.

And it can happen to you too.


I don’t want the standard of care to be that we sit patients down and look at the spectrum of outcomes in the past and we limit our patient’s future healing by overlaying the mass failure of others to heal onto them.



I want physicians to sit patients down and look at the spectrum of WHAT IS POSSIBLE in healing…

…and lay out all the possible paths back to Well Being for them…

and together reach for THAT.


Because that’s what health care should be!

A journey back to Wellness!


I think if we can shift the medical literature

from Probable To Possible

we’d experience a shift in the well being of people everywhere.



Visiting a doctor should be a wonderful uplifting experience, a chance to get all kinds of healing possibilities and inspiration and ideas collected from the medical literature from all over the world offered to us by someone who is our healing advocate.


And we should walk away from every doctor’s appointment feeling full of possibility.


So… the next time your physician talks to you about a treatment plan and gives you outcome percentages and probabilities, just remember: this is simply a mass marketed number.

It doesn’t tell you what is possible with this condition and it doesn’t tell you what is possible FOR YOU.



There is a path unfolding for you and leading you right towards wholeness,

healing and Well Being.

All you need to do is follow your own intuition.

But if Google searches, and medical studies, and statistics and scary worst-case-scenario stories are overwhelming you and adding to your health anxiety instead of alleviating it… there is a better way.

Today I will literally walk you through EXACTLY how to use the internet to your advantage when you are trying to find answers.


Give the video below a listen and share it with loved ones who tend to do internet searches to find health care answers.

(Click here to watch this video on YouTube)


To your unlimited healing potential…

xoxoxo, Laura



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