Dr. Sinatra Shatters Everything You Thought You Knew To Stay Heart Healthy

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The month of love, February, is Heart Month on my website!


All this month I’ll be releasing information to keep your heart healthy.

Today I have some extremely important information that you MUST KNOW to protect the longevity of your heart.

  • Have you been told your high cholesterol level is bad for your heart?
  • Are you on medication to treat high cholesterol?


You may want to reconsider your medication and that outdated advice.

Our cholesterol information is based on studies that are over 40 years old, so most of what we were taught about cholesterol is in medical school is indeed wrong.

Dr. Sinatra — America’s #1 Integrative Cardiologist — is passionate about debunking the cholesterol myth: it’s not cholesterol that causes heart disease, but inflammation.

The main culprit, he says, is sugar.


I had the pleasure of filming the motion picture The Grounded with Dr. Sinatra… he flew to my hometown in SC with his wife and actually spent his birthday filming in my home!


Dr. Steve Sinatra in Dr. Laura Koniver's hometown
Dr. Sinatra filming The Grounded with Dr. Westen and Dr. Koniver in Charleston, SC


It was quite an honor to spend time with him and his amazing wife Jan, and I can tell you after being right next to him, speaking with him personally about health and feeling his authentic vibe, that he is in incredibly experienced and gifted cardiologist and I trust him and his advice.


But you can see for yourself by watching his important interview on the Dr. Oz show to find out more:



So what can you do to nurture your heart, instead of relying on possibly harmful Rx meds?

Plenty. Here is a list to get you started:


1. Exercise — keep your heart strong by keeping it active and moving… simple as that. Walking is one of the most natural things a human being can do… get out there and get moving and you’ll be doing your mindframe, your muscles — AND YOUR HEART — a service.


2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods — Especially foods with fatty acids such as fish, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds…. brightly colored fruits and veggies… fresh juices and smoothies… nuts… and tea are all among heart healthy, anti-inflammatory foods you can consume daily to protect your heart.


3. Plenty of Vitamin D — getting some incidental sun exposure daily to naturally boost Vit D levels as well as taking supplemental Vit D


4. Reduce sugar consumption — one of the main culprits of inflammation, highly refined, processed, preserved foods and large amounts of sugar in the diet cause your body to be chronically inflamed. Try to limit processed foods and sugar daily.


5. Earthingâ„¢ — as you know if you follow my blog, connecting to the earth is one of the very best things you can do to support the health of your entire body, and your heart is no exception.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging both inside and out, connect with the earth every day.

Want some more info on this and some specific examples on how to do it?

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6. Fish Oil supplementation — a great way to support your heart and your brain (and your skin and your muscles and your entire body…) fish oil is anti-inflammatory.

I use fish oil daily to decrease the muscle soreness/tension I have in my shoulders and to prevent tension headaches (I highly recommend fish oil to my fibromyalgia patients!!!) it’s nice to know it’s also doing it’s part to protect my heart as well.


7. Read Dr. Sinatra’s book The Great Cholesterol Myth for a more in depth look at why cholesterol is NOT the bad guy and for a detailed heart healthy plan to come off your statin drugs, live healthier and live longer!



Today we looked at the medical side of heart health.

But what about the intuitive side?

What is the energetic health of the heart and what things can you do to support your heart from an intuitive stand point?

That’s next… see you here next Monday for the intuitive side of heart healing.

xoxo, Laura