Earth Day Ideas That Will Also Improve Your Health

You CAN feel better!

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thank you earthThis Wednesday is Earth Day!

And the ultimate celebration for this?

Let’s get Earthing!

This Wednesday, we can connect to the planet with gratitude *and* improve our health — simultaneously.

Combining health and harmony with the earth and your own Well Being… it’s a natural fit all the way around.

So today, for you, here are a few fun Earth Day Ideas:


Idea #1: Make Earth Day into a Personal Healing Retreat


Intuitive Medical Consultation PlansYou can use the healing power of connecting directly to the Earth for as long as possible this Wednesday and finish the day feeling better than you ever did when the day started.

Imaging studies and blood tests and common sense and ancient wisdom all agree… the earth is ever there for you, ever supporting you, ever washing away the inflammation from your day and the damage done to your body, ever renewing you and ever ready.

Some days within 1 second of touching the earth I can feel the relief washing over me.

My headache soaks down into the ground or my shoulder tension melts away while I sit on a rock or my nausea vanishes while I lay in the grass or whatever stress I am holding onto that day subsides as I lean against a tree.

There is nothing that the earth can’t hold.

From the tallest skyscraper to the smallest blade of grass.

From your joyful dancing under the sun to your sacred whispered secrets into the ground to your tears soaking in under the nighttime sky.




You don’t need permission from the government and you don’t need to know the latest medical news and you don’t need to read the scary headlines and you don’t need to double-check the label and you don’t need a pharmacy to hand it to you and you don’t need a doctor to recommend it… although I’m doing just that!

The one thing you can always turn to is the earth.

The one thing that reaches every organ system and every cell in your body is the earth.

The one thing in our entire universe that supports life and exists to allow life to blossom all over it’s entire being is our earth.

When you are out of contact with the earth your body feels the build up of inflammation and free radical damage and feels stressed and out of sorts.

When you come back in contact with the earth your body feels intense relief — and there is no better day to gift that to yourself than on Earth Day.

Don’t know exactly what to do?


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Idea #2: Host an Earth Day Film Screening!


heal for freeMovie nights are always fun, and you can up the meaning behind our connection to Mother Earth by hosting a film screening to share the healing practice of Earthing with your family and friends.

You can grab your own copy of Heal For Free right here, or if you want instant gratification, you can watch the original documentary that started it all, The Grounded, right here.

Pop some popcorn and click play… and share this truth with the people that you love:

The only thing limiting Mother Earth’s support of us is our willingness to connect or our willingness to disconnect.

To the extent that we seek out a connection to our Mother Earth, that’s the exact extent that we receive that healing from her.

She is always, always, ever available to us.


And this Earth Day, let’s turn this celebration of our planet into one that acknowledges the deep connection we all have — one that goes beyond recognizing the existence of this planet to recognizing the divine interconnection we have with her.

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More ideas:


  • Idea #3: Go outside and go heart spotting!!! Nature is sending you love notes every single day. Take your camera and grab some pics of them… I love finding hearts in nature, here are some of my favs:


heart tree stump

heart in sidewalkhearts3

heart in kitchenheart rocklifehearts6hearts4hearts6hearts7heart on bricksheartshearts1lifehearts1row of hearts

















  • Earthingâ„¢: A Healing Children's Book

Idea #4: Share the healing practice of earthing with your children!

Get out there and muck around the yard barefoot, wade through a stream, play flashlight tag at night…

…there are so many ways to surprise and delight your children this Earth Day by getting them connecting to the earth and starting a life long habit that supports their vibrant health.

Want more ideas that you can do with the kids all year long?

I’ve got you covered — this is why I published the world’s first children’s book about Earthing!

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Happy Earth Day my friends!!!

xoxoxo, Laura