Earthing and Weight Loss… appear in The Grounded movie with me!

You CAN feel better!

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For my local peeps… let’s hang out in person on June 14th and I’ll explain an exciting new study I’m conducting that I want you to be a part of!

Effortless weight loss.

No diet.

No exercise.

Just plug into the soothing awesome power of the earth and let Mother Earth reset your weight.

If you have between 15 to 30 lbs to lose, come find out more at my informational meeting in Mount Pleasant on June 14th at 6PM.


I’ll be explaining my new study, which looks at the connection between the earth and weight: how connecting to the earth not only feels good, but decreases cravings (as you are satisfied on a much deeper level) and effortlessly reduces weight.

Animal studies have shown that just by grounding and by nothing else… no other changes to diet or activity level… being grounded reduces body weight by up to 15%… that would be an effortless 22 lb weight loss in a 150 lb person… resetting weight from 150 lbs to 128 lbs.


So I’m going to be explaining more about how you can get grounded and join me on tracking how fabulous you feel and how your body responds to being grounded this summer.

Not only that, but if you opt to do this, you may be selected to join me in the next filming session of The Grounded! How fabulous is that!?!?

That’s right… the director is coming back into town for another movie shoot and I will be presenting my weight loss study to him live. If you experience fabulous, life changing results, you can talk about them on the movie set with me and potentially be a part of this ground breaking movie!!!!


Sign up to attend my fun informational meeting here! and I will email you a reminder with directions a few days before the event.


  • This is a no commitment meeting, so come on over and hang out with me for a little while and ask any questions you like.
  • And if you have a friend or loved one who would like to lose between 15 to 30 lbs this summer, bring them too!!! Just forward this blog post to anyone you like and I will see you in two weeks at the meeting!


xoxox, Laura