Earthing And Your Chakras: which chakra type are you?

You CAN feel better!

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If you have ever asked yourself:

  • Why don’t I feel anything when I connect to the earth like everyone else seems to?

  • I’ve been using Earthing products for weeks… why don’t I feel any different?

  • Is Earthing working for me if I don’t feel anything?

OR… the opposite:

  • Why do I feel SO OVERWHELMINGLY DIFFERENT the very moment my feet touch ground?

  • Why does sleeping grounded make me feel so much better?

  • Why such a dramatic energy shift?


The answer, my dear friends, is in your chakra energy flow.


Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I’ll explain to you (in the video below) exactly why some people can feel such a dramatic shift when they connect to the earth and why others do not.


Both types of peeps are healing.

Both are connecting to the Earth and both enter into a state of Well Being.

But some *feel* this instantly and some don’t *feel* it even after months of grounding.


Here’s why:

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xoxoxo, Laura