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As we previously talked about here, probiotics have been found to be so powerful in stabilizing the mind/gut axis that they are actually a treatment for depression.

Add to that, a new study that shows taking probiotics for only one month reduces stress, decreases anxiety and even improves memory!



Researchers looked at the strain of Bifidobacterium longum and followed what effect this probiotic had when used as a “psychobiotic” — looking at mood, stress, and even cognitive performance.

Turns out, not only does the gut play an essential role in your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients…

…and not only does the gut play an enormous role in our immune function…

… and not only does the gut play a clearly defined role in mood…

…but it is now shown to play a roll in COGNITION, memory, and the ability to retain healthy thought function under stress.


The study details:


  • 22 healthy men ingested probiotic B. Longum daily for 4 weeks (results presented Oct 18, 2015 at the Society For Neuroscience annual meeting.)
  • Researchers assessed cognitive performance, mood, memory, acute stress (both subjectively and by measuring cortisol output) and neurological activity (using an EEG and other tests.)

The results:


Within one month, B. Longum statisitcally and significantly:

  • reduced the cumulative output of the stress hormone cortisol
  • decreased subjective reports of anxiety in response to acute stress
  • improved memory and improved EEG output.


It’s exciting to focus on treating stress, anxiety, depression, and memory disturbances through enhancing the gut biome,
because this is a low cost, easily accessible, all natural, non-prescription, healthy and fabulous intervention than we can ALL be doing to become resilient to stress
… not just right now during the holidays, but all year long!


We can’t change genetic conditions we are predisposed to, or prevent certain life events that may cause trauma and result in increased anxiety or depression, but one thing we do have the power to modify is that we can support our gut microbiome better so that we can boost mood and support brain function.


Changes in diet and using probiotic supplementations can do all of this… in only one month!

  • Add probiotic containing foods such as fermented foods, kefir, komubcha and organic whole fat yogurt to your diet routinely
  • Take a high quality probiotic supplement that includes strains (such as b. longum and b. bifidum) that have been medically proven to affect brain function and support the gut/mind axis.


To a stress free holiday, my friends!

xoxo, Laura




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